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Is water melon healthy?

Posted by Peter on 8 September 2016
Is water melon healthy?

The history of the watermelon goes back many years. About 5000 years ago watermelons were in fact placed in the tombs of Egyptian kings to power the afterlife. Since then, the popularity of the watermelon is increasingly growing. China is now the largest producer of watermelons in the world. This is possible because merchants the inhabitants of this land in the 10th century have become acquainted with this kind of fruit. When the watermelon also Europe and America reached the fame spread even further, making it a popular specie around the world. In this blog you will find out what the various health benefits are such as healthier kidneys, less pain, improvement of heart health, a reduced risk of getting cancer and less likely to dehydration. Also look at whether eating a watermelon helps if you want to lose weight quickly. Tips to drink more water.

Why melon is healthy

Reduces muscle pain: Watermelon contains L-citrulline. This is an amino acid that makes the blood vessels to relax and promotes blood circulation. This can then help to reduce muscle soreness after exercise. A survey in the Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry has shown this. The participants for the sports drink used watermelon juice and 24 hours later had less muscle soreness than those who had not done this.

Improves the health of the heart: According to a study carried out at the Purdue University, Lycopene can reduce the risk of heart disease. Watermelons contain a large amount of this substance. Another study conducted has shown Arturo Figueroa at Florida University found that citrulline and arginine from watermelons can also have positive effects. Woman who were given six weeks within these substances, which is noticed an improvement of the heart and the blood vessels.

Promotes healthy skin and hair: Vitamin A is an important substance in watermelon that will make your hair stay hydrated. In addition, it also promotes the growth of hair. Vitamin A also contributes to the production of collagen, like vitamin C. Collagen ensures that the skin retains a healthy structure. Better health with Prestige Water.

Prevents dehydration: Because watermelon contains for 92% water, this fruit is very good for you if you try to avoid dehydration. Also, eating watermelon can lower body temperature and blood pressure, making it an effective remedy for heat stroke.

Ensures healthy kidneys: Potassium may have several positive effects on the kidneys. Because watermelon contains a large amount of this substance, eating this fruit can contribute to healthy kidneys. Firstly, potassium can reduce the amount of acid in the blood, which reduces the risk of kidney damage and the formation of kidney stones. In addition, potassium is also very important to remove harmful substances from the kidneys. Lemon water healthy and delicious.

Watermelon and losing weight

A serving of watermelon contains no fat, low calories and a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals. In addition, this kind of fruit also contains a large amount of water. This can ensure that you keep after eating a serving of watermelon longer full. This makes it a suitable kind of fruit to eat when you like to lose some weight. Yet this does not mean that eating watermelon only benefits entails. Like other fruits, watermelon contains sugar (fructose). When you eat a lot of watermelon, you also get a lot of these sugars. This could work against weight loss. By properly varying other healthy foods sugars in watermelon may have no adverse effects. When you are up to 2 servings of fruit per day, you eat namely too many of these sugars, but you can still enjoy the benefits of many vitamins and minerals. In this way, watermelon is a vet good addition to your diet if you want to lose weight. Watermelon fits well with a protein diet or a low carbohydrate diet. Also it is very important to drink 2 - 3 liters of filtered water every day. Look here to find out the best way to purify your own tap water: Prestige Water Cooler.

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