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Give your water a taste with fresh fruit

Fruit water. In warm weather it is important that you drink plenty of water. But perhaps you have been looking for a glass of water at one point. Fortunately, you can easily give your water a responsible and refreshing taste! Add to a carafe of water a combination of different types of fruit and / or herbs to give a natural flavor to your water. Healthy eating practices. Think of strawberries, citrus fruits and basil or watermelon with mint, but also a combination with cucumber, lemon and mint is refreshing in a day when the temperatures are high.

5x delicious water-with-fruit combinations

To inspire you, five more combinations below. There is one that you like. Actually I should drink more water. To make your water taste extra fruity, prepare it one day in advance.

Blueberries with lavender
Yes, really, lavender can be eaten and tastes surprisingly tasty in combination with blueberries.

Lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange
Add all citrus fruits to your water and you are guaranteed a delicious drink!

Pineapple, orange and a teaspoon of ginger
That pineapple and orange in combination tastes good, you knew for a long time. With a little bit of ginger you give the drink a bit more spice.

Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries
The eye wants something too. Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries form a beautiful color palette. And this combination also tastes surprisingly tasty!

Lemon, mint and lime
Fresher than fresh, this combination of lemon, mint and lime. Before you know it, the bottle is empty! Drinking water and losing weight.
Special water bottles

As you read, you can experiment with fruit and herbs to discover your perfect combination. If you want to bring such a nice drink on the go, the tritan bottles from Loooqs with a fruit infuser compartment are suitable. The use is simple: add fresh fruit and herbs in the compartment and fill the bottle with water. Tip: you can also use the compartment as a cooling element by adding ice cubes.

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