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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Cooler Alexandra Hills

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Give your water a taste with fresh fruit from your water cooler Alexandra Hills

Fruit water. In warm weather it is important that you drink plenty of water. Great tasting water made from your own tap with a Water Cooler Alexandra Hills. But perhaps you have been looking for a glass of water at one point. Fortunately, you can easily give your water a responsible and refreshing taste! Add to a carafe of water a combination of different types of fruit and / or herbs to give a natural flavor to your water. Healthy eating practices. Think of strawberries, citrus fruits and basil or watermelon with mint, but also a combination with cucumber, lemon and mint is refreshing in a day when the temperatures are high. Hot and cold filtered water from a Water Cooler Alexandra Hills.

5x delicious water-with-fruit combinations

To inspire you, five more combinations below. There is one that you like. Actually I should drink more water. To make your water taste extra fruity, prepare it one day in advance.

Blueberries with lavender
Yes, really, lavender can be eaten and tastes surprisingly tasty in combination with blueberries.

Lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange
Add all citrus fruits to your water and you are guaranteed a delicious drink! Use the cold water tap from a Water Cooler Alexandra Hills.

Pineapple, orange and a teaspoon of ginger
That pineapple and orange in combination tastes good, you knew for a long time. With a little bit of ginger you give the drink a bit more spice.

Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries
The eye wants something too. Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries form a beautiful color palette. And this combination also tastes surprisingly tasty!

Lemon, mint and lime
Fresher than fresh, this combination of lemon, mint and lime. Healthy drinking water from a Water Cooler Alexandra Hills. Before you know it, the bottle is empty! Drinking water and losing weight.
Special water bottles

As you read, you can experiment with fruit and herbs to discover your perfect combination. If you want to bring such a nice drink on the go, the tritan bottles from Loooqs with a fruit infuser compartment are suitable. The use is simple: add fresh fruit and herbs in the compartment and fill the bottle with water from your Water Cooler Alexandra Hills. Tip: you can also use the compartment as a cooling element by adding ice cubes.

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Make drinking water from your water cooler Alexandra Hills more fun? Make water with a taste.

With these temperatures it is a bit of a trick. You have to drink a lot. And preferably water because that is free, healthy and available everywhere via our water network. Now I have been trying to drink more water anyway for a while, this has more killer-body-like reasons. If you drink a lot of water from your water cooler Alexandra Hills with added minerals, the feeling of hunger is suppressed. And it is also good for your skin, the removal of waste, the functioning of your kidneys, etc. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs: Water.

Somehow I only half believed this. Because it seemed so overrated to me, all those good qualities, and you also have to pee so often when you drink a lot. Not handy at all. Until my grandmother of 94 lost her beauty secret. And seriously, people, I'm 33, but my grandmother has fewer wrinkles than me. I always thought it was a genius that she unfortunately did not pass on to me, but her method is, you guessed it: drinking lots of water. Moisture and drinking water. And my grandmother doesn't really put some expensive stuff on her face. She is outside a lot, because at the age of 94 she still feeds a number of animals on the farm. The last few years she has not jumped over barriers anymore. She has unfortunately forgotten to pass on the sporting genes.

Make fruit water from your water cooler Alexandra Hills

Now only water is so boring. Coincidentally, I recently met someone with those special water bottles with a fruit infusor twice. That gives the water a nice taste. I immediately purchased two different versions, and then three of them with different caps.

All this with the illusion that my children would also drink fruit-infused water. Well, you can forget that. It does not taste like lemonade and the water is possibly contaminated with vitamins so it is VIES. I don't want the kids, but I think the water with a taste is pretty tasty! Especially for you as loyal followers, I tested a few different fruit water bottles and I have some fruit water recipes.

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Fruit infused water

This is of course an expensive term for water in which you have spilled fruit. But, dude, I care what it's called, as long as you get it.

First of all my experiences with the water bottle with screw cap, on the right on the left photo. You have these under different names and with different cap colors. I think it is an advantage that he is BPA free, which already gives a healthy feeling. He also claims to be leak-free. Unfortunately that is by no means a success, the thing is leaking. Because I am not so much about returning (and buying more), I fished a nice pink cooler bag somewhere. This keeps my drink cool and if that bottle does leak, not my entire bag is covered. He leaks sometimes, not always. Very unpredictable. What does water do in your body.

Because I also wanted water bottles for my children, and absolutely no leaks, I bought them a water bottle with a click cap on the left in the photo. The advantage is that they can be opened easily and that you can take out the entire fruit filter and use it as a water bottle without fruit. But especially that he can be put in the dishwasher. I also aim the others in the dishwasher, of course, but whether it is also suitable for that was not mentioned. He has survived so far.

Tapping water

Finally, the water cooler from Prestige Water Alexandra Hills. This is not for on the road, but ideal to put on the counter at home. I notice that during a day at home, I drink a lot more water when it is on the counter. Well, tapping is something that I like anyway. The children also think the water cooler Alexandra Hills is very funny, which is why I immediately bought two: one for fruit water for me and one for lemonade for them.

Fruit water recipes

I often choose the take-away bottle with the twist cap, because you can take large, large sips of water with it. I often put water with lemon and mint in it, especially with these temperatures that is refreshing. But you can also drink water with orange, strawberry, lime, watermelon, cucumber, you can actually put anything in it. And in the summer water is delicious with frozen fruit! Drink more water from your hot and cold water cooler Alexandra Hills.

I also read the tip somewhere to first give fruit with a firm skin (such as lemons) a bath with water and baking soda. This is because the large supermarkets would wax the fruit with a chemical substance in the context of attractive packaging. Whether it is the truth I do not know, but it is better for the uncertainty. So I do that nicely.

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