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Why is drinking water so important for your skin

What does drinking water really does for your skin. Most of us have heard that you need to be hydrated to have healthy looking skin. And hydration is achieved with water, right? Well, yes and no. We are told that we can hydrate our body by drinking water, but after swimming or showering the skin can feel dry and rough. Why? Without becoming too technical, we must start by putting our terminology straight. Water chiller with filter. Although they are often used as synonyms, there is a fundamental difference between 'dry' and 'dehydrated'. 6 Facts about drinking water. A dehydrated skin lacks water and a dry skin mist in oils. A parched skin shows dull and feels tight, while dry skin can flake, rough or itchy.

What causes the dehydration of the skin?

Actually, everything that causes water to leave the body or evaporate from the skin:

  •     Humidity: (or rather lack of) can affect the hydration of the skin. When the air around us has a low humidity, it lacks moisture and the water will 'exit'.
  •     Sun: powerful UV rays can weaken the skin barrier, allowing water to escape.
  •     Temperature: the colder it gets, the lower the hydration of the skin. When the temperature drops, we usually raise the indoor heating, which, as you already know, leads to dehydration. Drink from a water chiller with filter.
  •     Sweating: during sports is always good for you, the water that leaves your body while sweating is not good news for your skin. (Please note, this is NOT an excuse for not exercising, it simply means that you have to take care of your skin and hydrate after exercise, but we'll get there).

What causes dry skin?

Well, almost everything that removes the natural oils from the skin, including cleaning. Ironically, the water that we so desperately try to retain in the skin, to maintain our hydration levels, can (and often) disappear after a cleansing routine. This is where water goes from best friend to enemy. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you.

Keep the skin hydrated and healthy

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. We are not here to spread despair. We like to approach life with a 'glass half full' (of water) attitude. So let's stop talking and look at the solutions! We know that we need to get more water into the skin and keep it there. Healthy water from a water chiller with filter. The only most efficient and easiest way to take water into the skin is to drink it. It will then spread in the body, perform different tasks and that which has not been used for other purposes will reach the skin. Now it is crucial to keep it there. This is achieved by 'locking up', with the aid of humectants (often found in serums), natural oils and locally applied creams containing oils or active ingredients that mimic the properties of oils.

So, how do we feel about water now?

Absolutely our friend, but as with every relationship, we have to shift a few boundaries. In this case a physical limit: the skin. Water should mainly be in the skin and used in moderation on the outside. This will lead to well-hydrated skin, which means that fine lines and wrinkles remain at a distance. Great tasting water chillers with filters.

Top tips for healthy, hydrated skin

  •     Drink lots of water from a water chiller with filter
  •     Use moisturizing serums that contain, for example, hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin or other humectants (ingredients that help to bind and retain the water) before hydration
  •     Use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type to retain water and moisture
  •     Look for treatments that are rich in active rehydrating and moisturizing ingredients that should not be rinsed
  •     Do not use excessive water when cleaning your face (look for lotion base or micellar cleaners)

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Lose weight with lemon juice and water from a water chiller with filter

Lemon is often mentioned as a means to lose weight. The fruit also has a cleansing effect for your body, so that toxins have less chance. The reason why lemon is suitable for weight loss is because the fruit stimulates the burning of fats. This has a positive effect on the digestion, so that food can be digested faster. Mineral water from a water chiller with filter. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.

Lemon has the additional advantage that it contains a lot of vitamin C. In addition, it lowers blood sugar levels and helps keep sugar levels constant. It is not unimportant that eating a lemon reduces the feeling of hunger, so you are less inclined to eat.

Lemon juice is very sour. Below we give a number of tips to make eating lemon easier:

  •     You can dilute lemon juice with cold water. You can optionally add honey to make the drink sweeter. Healthy drinks instead of water.
  •     You can use the lemon as a dressing in a green salad. It works especially well in combination with vinegar. Also drink heaps of healthy water from a water chiller with filter from Prestige Water.
  •     Add lemon to regular juice that you buy in the supermarket. This is often sweetened too much. You can give fruit drinks such as peach nectar a pleasant fresh taste with lemon juice.
  •     Add a whole or half lemon to your freshly squeezed orange juice and make your own fruit cocktail.
  •     Squeeze a few lemon drops over an apple before you put the apple in a salad. This way you prevent apple pieces from turning brown after half an hour. Use drinking water from a water chiller with filter. If you cut a lot of apples for a fruit salad, for example, you can marinate them in lemon juice so that they stay fresh longer. Lemon juice is often used as a preservative. Lose weight by drinking water.
  •     In some warm countries, eating a lemon as a whole, just like a mandarin, that not only gives you a fresh mouth but prevents you from getting thirsty quickly.
  •     Make ordinary lemon tea fresh lemon tea by adding a little lemon juice.

To encourage weight loss with lemon juice, many people opt for a combination of lemon juice and maple syrup. How many liter of water should you drink. This is a very intensive course. A long-term solution is to see lemon as part of a (different) diet or your normal diet. Minerals and water chiller with filter.

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