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WOW, our unique Ipswich Water Dispensers with a build-in 7-stage filtration system. Pour your own tap water in the top chamber of the filtration bottle. The water is filtered and purified by the 7-stage build-in filter cartridge. Now you can enjoy pure filtered water without all the chemicals you normally find in tap water. Prestige Water is the right place for your water cooler and water filtration solutions. Our 7-stage filter cartridge is one of the best available in the market. Please read more about our filtration system:

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Ipswich Water Dispensers from Prestige Water offers a high quality product. All our water coolers will have a cold water tap for refreshment. Also these is an option for hot water for all your hot water drinks such as tea, coffee, etc. If you do not require hot water, simply switch it off, and the hot water tap becomes room temperature water. You can refill the filtration bottle as often as you like. Never run out of great tasting drinking water again. We recommend to change the filter every 6, 9 or 12 months, all depending on the quantities of water you use. The Ipswich Water Dispenser from Prestige Water will advise you when your filter is due for changing. When you own one of our Ipswich Water Dispensers, you never will have to buy bottled water again. Why pay every day for your drinking water if you easily can make your own? Also our filter will add some very important minerals back to the water as well. Minerals are good for you and will give a nice taste to the water. So, now you can enjoy unlimited drinking water free from your own tap. Tap Water vs Filtered Water. Do you want to lose some weight? please read here to find out about Cold Water Diet.

We are pleased to bring the Ipswich Water Dispensers in the market at very competitive prices. Find out yourself and click on the link above.

Lose weight and drink more water with a Ipswich water dispenser

Secretly I think I'm doing pretty well. I pay a lot of attention to my diet and feel more comfortable in my skin than before. I have been busy for more than two weeks since I shared that I want to lose 20 kilos. I also have another goal, I have to drink more. It went so incredibly well, but I notice that the draft is coming. While I am typing this, there is no glass of water next to me. If it had been there, it would probably have been empty. In this article you can read all about it and I will tell you how much I have already lost. Hot and cold water from an Ipswich water dispenser.

Lose weight by watching your diet

Is it bad to drink water while eating. I told you earlier that I have very little time to exercise, but that I want to exercise enough. That's why I want to walk more. That went fantastic in the first week, because the weather was great. How different is this week ?! Still, I do my best and have cycled through the headwind several times with the cargo bike. When it is possible and dry, I go for a nice walk with Floris and I also try to move as much as possible in the weekends. Yet it is not comparable to going to the gym twice a week. Healthy water from a Ipswich water dispenser. Drink plenty of clean water. That would be much more effective, but the beginning is there.

So in fact I have to pay attention to the fact that I pay attention to my diet and get the most out of it. And that is sometimes difficult, but in general I am doing pretty well. I pay close attention to what I eat and the number of calories and I leave all bad things behind. I no longer eat cookies and chocolate at work and I also drink less coffee. We have delicious latte machiato with a lot of foam at work. Delicious, but oh so bad! I can only have one more of myself a week.

The evenings go well, but are still difficult. Isn't it wonderful to sit on the couch, turn on a series and grab some goodies? We no longer do that either. I still eat, but then for example two corn waffles with filet american instead of a bowl of chips. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.

Yet this all works, because in two weeks I have lost 2.1 kilos!

The question is whether that continues to go so well, but the beginning is there again and it motivates.

Drink more water and tea

Drink great tasting water with healthy minerals from an Ipswich water dispenser. I already said it in the intro, but I don't drink enough. I just don't allow myself time for it while there is of course. Time and time again I intend to do this. In the beginning it goes perfectly and then the draft comes in. Does one of you have tips for this? Dropping a bottle or a jug works in the office, but not at home, for example.

I hope very much for your tips! To help myself, and hopefully you too, get a little started, I made an image that you can immediately save on your phone. After every glass of water or cup of tea you can put a cross through the glass or color it. This way you can keep track of exactly how much you drank that day. You can save these images or make a screenshot of them and share them on your socials (it fits on Instagram Stories). That way you motivate others again! Call us to find out more about our Ipswich water dispenser. Drink more water in hot weather.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?