Hot and Cold Water Dispenser / Water Cooler

Hot and Cold filtered water available for the whole family of office

Bench Top Hot and Cold Water Dispensers     Bench Top hot and cold water dispenser

hot and cold water dispenser floorstanding     Floorstanding hot and cold water dispenser

The Bench Top and Floorstanding models both are fitted with 2 taps. The blue tap will dispense cold water while the red tap will dispense hot water. No need to boil the kettle anymore, you can have hot water on tap for coffee, tea, soup, cooking, and more. Both models are perfect for home or office. Safe time by not having to boil the kettle anymore. Hot water available whenever you need it. If you do not need hot water you can switch off the switch at the back of the water cooler. Now the red tap will dispense room temperature water. About Prestige Water coolers and filtration. The bench top water cooler has an elegant design and is designed for homes and small offices. It is equipped with the filtration bottles so you never will have to buy drinking water again. The floorstanding model will have the same filter bottle as the Bench Top model.

Our Filtration:

All our water cooler models will have a hot water tap and cold water tap. Also you find that all our models are fitted with a filtration bottle. Inside the filtration bottle you find our 7-stage filter cartridge. This means that you convert your own tap water into great tasting drinking water. This is how it works: Remove the lid from the bottle, poor in your own tap water, all the water will be filtered and purified by our filter cartridge. The bottom compartment will store your filtered water. When the water level is low, simply refill the bottle again and again. Tap water vs Filtered water. You will have unlimited, great tasting drinking water available for the whole family or office for FREE. Cold water for refreshment and hot water for all your hot water drinks.

Our hot and cold water dispensers is the perfect alternative of bottled water for just a fraction of the cost. Why buying bottled water and spend a fortune if you can make your own for free. Why wouldn't you choose to filter you tap water? Tap water is supplied to your home or office by your local council. It is safe to drink, but it contains some chemicals you want to remove before drinking. You can trust our 7-stage filtration system and you can be sure you will drink one of the best water available in the market today. Prestige Water is specialized in filtering and purifying tap water. So why not start saving money today and click on one of the pictures above to find out our low prices and how to own one of our hot and cold water dispensers. If you want to know more about our filtration system please click here: our filters

Calculate your saving if you own one of our hot and cold water dispensers here: filtered water benefits

The water industry is threatening ecosystems worldwide. Big water multinationals earn billions in water and thus threaten entire ecosystems. They draw well water on some nearby streams, wells and bringing farms at risk. Due to lack of groundwater buy local population in some cases. Local authorities have put a stop to the amount of water that bottled water companies may pump, but the control is minimal. Various brands that promise that the bottled water comes from a pure source high in the mountains, have already been discredited because their water seemed to come from a local water extraction. In these cases, the water in the bottle in which you pay the same as tap water in your area. The water is then filtered or otherwise treated, but is not different than your own tap water. Many Australian people use their plastic water bottles several times. Most water bottles are not BPA free and may issue at re-use plasticizers which are harmful to our health. It is therefore better to use reusable BPA-free water bottles. These last longer and are therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water from the supermarket. Bottled water is also very expensive. Just consider how many water bottles you buy every week from the supermarket. You carry it to your home. Start saving money and start filtering your own tap water. Tap water is basically for free and our filter system will do the work. It will save you a lot of time and money. Filtered tap water is clean, many times cheaper and better for the environment than bottled water. Our water filter removes chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities out of the tap water. Filtered water brings you the pure taste of water without the disadvantages of bottled water. Experience the difference today.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?