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Why is having a Cairns Awesome Water Cooler so important? Health experts recommend to drink six - ten glasses of water per day. It is reducing dehydration and also the ability to think more clearly. If dehydrated you can feel tired so therefore we recommend to drink more water and less soft drinks. What can you do to drink more water? Having a full glass of water all the time. Simple, install one of the Cairns Awesome Water Coolers at your home or office.

Having one of the Cairns Awesome Water Coolers at your office:

You would prefer one of the Cairns Awesome Water Coolers instead of a bottled water cooler. You OWN your water cooler and you never will pay any rent. Also you do NOT have to pay for your drinking water anymore. Our 7-stage filtration bottle is easily refilled with your own tap water as often as required. Never run out of water again! You only need to change the filter cartridge every 6 months. The cost for a filter change is only $55. This meant you have unlimited great drinking water for less than $10 per month. How great is that!

Cairns Awesome Water Coolers has a great range of water cooler systems. From the Bench Top model up to the Stainless Steel water cooler. We have you covered.

You can install your Cairns Awesome Water Coolers anywhere you like. In the office space, kitchen, conference room, etc. No plumbing is required just plug in the electrical cord into the power point and you and your staff can enjoy great tasting drinking water free from your own tap. You do not have to buy bottled water anymore and also no bills to pay. No storage area needed to store the full and empty bottles. 

All our models are integrated with a hot water system for all your hot water drinks. You can quickly make instantly a cup of coffee or tea. No need to boil the jug and you save an enormous amount of time by not having to wait for them to boil.

Are you drinking enough?

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Cairns Awesome Water Coolers FILTRATION BOTTLE

Filtration Bottle Cairns Awesome Water Coolers  More Info Cairns Awesome Water Filtration Bottle

This is the Cairns Awesome Water Coolers filtration bottle including the 7-stage filter cartridge. To read more about our filtration please click the above.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?