Are you drinking enough?

Written on the 26 October 2013 by Peter

Drinking Water and Dehydration

Our body consists for a large part out of water. It is important to drink enough water so you won't dehydrate especially in the warm summer months. 

When are you dehydrated?

When you are sweating profoundly, your body  will lose a lot of water but also the essential salts. You need to drink enough water so the body can perform well, physically and mentally. By replacing the lost fluids and salts, you won't dehydrate. Especially our kids are at risk.


When do you lose fluids?

The most common way to lose fluids is urinating, but also when you have diarrhea or have to vomit. During activities/exercise, the body will start to sweat and will lose fluids.Even while breathing

Now you probably wonder, does our body need water? The answer to that is YES, we do. Because our body consists of approximately 70% of water, it is very important when you lose fluids to replace the lost fluids in your body . How much water should I drink each day? Recommended is to drink 2 liters of water daily which is of course average. If you a person who is physically very active during the day, you need to drink more. But don't underestimate our climate and what it can do to you. A short walk or a bike ride in hot/ humid weather can cause problems. Also small children or babies are more at risk. Always protect your children from the heat, make sure they are in a cool, good ventilated area, out of the heat. You hear sometimes on the news that a baby is left in the car, only for a short moment to pick up some milk in the store. Imagine how quickly the temperature in the car will rise and to what kind of danger you expose your child.If a small kid or baby has diarrhea or needs to vomit you need to solve the issue as quickly as possible. The chance of dehydration gets bigger the longer the situation continues.


What are the indications of dehydration?Normally when you mouth starts to feel dry or you are thirsty, is one of the early signs that your body needs some fluids. At this stage it doesn't mean you are dehydrated. If you are starting to have symptoms like dizziness, cramped legs or your skin gets very red and hot, this can indicate the early stages of dehydration.But remember every person reacts differently. Some other symptoms are for example if you have to go less to the toilet to urinate, and when you go the urine will be very dark yellow colored, your pulse will be very quick, your face is red. These are mostly signs which you can see, but a lot of people get very irritated and confused when dehydrated.

But also our skin needs water to keep itself elastisch, soft and wrinkle-free. Benefits of drinking water.
So there are many reasons to keep your body hydrated. but make sure that if you get dehydrated cool yourself down by drinking water, get indoors defiantly out of the sun, a shady place will do, if this doesn't have the required results start cooling down your body with cool water, areas like the face, neck to start with. Most of the time this will resolve the problem after a while. If not call for medical help.


Hydralyte will help replace water and electrolytes lost during vomiting etc. Please read the instructions on the box before using.

What you can do to replace lost fluids in time?You always have to make sure that you drink water on a regular interval. Having a full glass of water all the time. If you are thirsty or feeling thirsty, you are basically too late. An easy way to fix this is, whenever you are about to eat a snack, get a glass of water as well. If you are on the phone, take a glass of water with you. You just need to make time for it!  
A lot of people think; O, I drink that much coffee/tea a day, I get enough fluids a day. No, defiantly no, water can't be replaced by soft drinks, coffee etc. Sometimes they do more harm than good. The best way to replenish your body is to drink  water. Prevention is better than cure. What can we do to prevent dehydration?Avoid the sun between 11AM-3PM if possible, the mornings and afternoons are the best times to be outdoors. Protect your body from the sun. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, put on sun scream and make sure your body is covered, preferable loose fitting clothing. What does your body do with water. Be aware of signs your body is telling you!


Avoid dehydration. Be aware of signs like sweating, dizziness, your heartbeat, your pulse etc. If affected; drink water, and only water, if desirable you can eat a salt tablet.
Listen to your body. Don't drink alcohol! Try to eat, something like toasted bread without anything on it, a simple biscuit.
Dehydration can be severe and result into shock, if affected seek medical help. Better health with Prestige Water.


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Author: Peter
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