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Are you still paying for your bottled water?

Why would you pay for drinking water? Still some companies or homes are getting water delivered and get it from the shop. You pay top dollar for just water! If you want to save on buying drinking water, please read here how you can convert regular tap water into clean and healthy drinking water, for free. Never have to pay for your drinking water and never run out of drinking water.

Bench Top Bottled Water Melbourne   Bench Top Bottled Water Melbourne   Bottled Water Coolers Melbourne Bench Top

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This is how you can make unlimited free drinking water just from your tap. Simply remove the lid from the bottle. Fill a jug with normal tap water and poor this into the top compartment of the filtration bottle. All the water will be filtered by our 7-stage filter cartridge. This filter cartridge will remove chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments, and other. Also some minerals will be added back to the water as well. Now you have made your own drinking water. Underneath the bottle you find a water cooler that dispenses chilled water and an option for hot water (for all your hot water drinks such as coffee, tea). If no hot water is required simply switch it off at the back and this tap will dispense room temperature water.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?