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Beautiful Benchtop Water Coolers Sydney from Prestige Water including the filtration bottle. 

Welcome to the Benchtop Water Coolers Sydney. We are specialized in converting your own tap water into great tasting drinking water. Click on one of the images below to get all the information you need:

Bench Top Water Coolers Sydney  Bench Top Water Dispensers Sydney     Benchtop water coolers Sydney

When did the cost of living become so expensive, when going to the park with your family costs an arm and a leg just to keep the children hydrated. Are you drinking enough? And the water from the fountains are never clean and taste like chlorine. How much water should I drink each day? Benchtop water coolers Sydney has the answer to your problem! Our water coolers not only introduce to a 7-stage filtration system, they are designed specifically to clean the toxins out of your tap water. The filter cartridge also add essential minerals to improve your health. The Benchtop water coolers Sydney are easy to install, only a power point is needed, no plumbing required and is cost effective. Never buy bottled water again. The water taste like it comes out of a cool spring on a hot summer day. 

You can free up your fridge of all the water bottles, poor your own tap water into your Benchtop water cooler Sydney, turn on the cold water for great tasting and healthy drinking water or the hot water for a quick cuppa on the go and all your other hot water drinks. Better health with Prestige Water. Stay healthy and become having a better health with the Benchtop water coolers Sydney today. Just think all the money you save by not having to buy bottled water, boiling the jug, ..... 

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Staying hydrated is essential, especially during the Australian summers. Drinking water straight from your tap doesn't taste that nice, so you will prob ally don't drink enough. By removing all these bad chemicals from your tap water, the taste will improve, and you will notice that you and your family or staff will drink more water during the day. You can stay hydrated by drinking 2 - 3 liters of water each day. By having a water cooler at your home or office you will immediately start drinking more water and your general health will improve. Also drinking water will help with losing weight. Why drinking water will help with Greater Health.

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Ginger tea with lemon and honey against colds

Today no food on the food blog, but a true classic in the "grandma knows how to handle" category as a cure for a cold: ginger tea with lemon and honey. Anyway I am a real tea lover. I drink it all day long. My favorite is fresh mint tea (very handy that our garden is full of mint), but also "normal" tea from a bag always goes in. But in recent days much of this ginger tea has been drunk in the Overcooked House. My sons and husband have had a cold with the change from still warm weather to cooler weather. Great tasting water from a benchtop water cooler Sydney. I myself have not escaped it either (therefore a somewhat later update than you are used to from me). Because the cold virus is circulating considerably and can also affect you with these autumnal days, I share this ginger tea with lemon and honey today!

Ginger tea with lemon and honey, a recipe?

No, you can't actually call it a recipe, this recipe for this ginger tea with lemon and honey. You can adjust the tea entirely to how you prefer to drink it yourself. I tell you how I drink it, but I encourage you to experiment with what you like. For example, you can add more honey (the children liked), or reduce it or omit it altogether for some more "spice" from the ginger (more in my husband's street). You could also try making an "infusion" by adding the lemon and ginger to an already drawn green tea and cooking it together. It is entirely up to you! Truth about drinking water. Benchtop water coolers Sydney will add minerals back to the water.

In addition to being good for a cold, entire websites have been written about how good this is not if you want to lose weight by drinking tea. Great tasting and healthy water straight from the benchtop water cooler Sydney. Or about how good it is for your skin and hair. That it is rich in antioxidants, especially if you also add turmeric as tipped by Pauline among others. And countless other benefits of this tea. The most important thing is that it is simply very tasty. Water cooler with or without filtration.

What do I use for this tea.

Per cup of tea:

  • Boiling water to fill your tea cup or take hot water from your benchtop water cooler Sydney
  • 1 centimeter grated ginger
  • 1 slice of lemon, make sure the skin is clean
  • a teaspoon of good honey
I myself received delicious honey from a friend who brought it to a French beekeeper. Maybe you can also find a beekeeper in your area that can offer you good honey? Alkaline water from a benchtop water cooler Sydney. Tap water vs filtered water.

I had banana-based oatmeal cake with tea

How do I make this tea?

    Mix the ingredients and let it draw well. At least five minutes.

Ready, ha ha! You can remove the ginger and lemon or simply leave it. I always enjoy drinking the tea warm. But the taste and effect are also great if you would like to use it as iced tea. Use filtered water from your benchtop water cooler Sydney.

Do you have good tips for eating or drinking in the fall? And which tea do you prefer to drink? Or something else from a nice cold drink? Let me know! Better health with Prestige Water.

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Drinking water from the benchtop water coolers Sydney is essential for your body

Drinking water is important for the functioning of your body. Calculate how much water you should drink. For example, did you know that drinking water keeps your body temperature at the right level? 86 percent of Australian consumers drink water on a daily basis and an increase in consumption can also be seen in the consumption figures for mineral and spring water. 6 Facts about water.

A healthy thirst quencher

Our body loses an average of 2.6 liters of fluid per day. We get an average of 1 liter of fluid from food every day. To supplement the remaining fluid loss it is important to drink enough. And water is the perfect thirst quencher without calories. In addition to the fact that drinking water from the benchtop water coolers Sydney contributes to maintaining a good body temperature, it also helps with various cognitive and physical functions of your body. What does drinking water really does for your skin.

Increase consumption of mineral and spring water

That water is a popular thirst quencher can be seen, among other things, in the consumption figures, which show an increase in the consumption of mineral and spring water. Mineral and spring water distinguishes itself from other types of water by the unique purification process. This is because the water is naturally purified by different layers of the earth during a process of several to many years. Did you know that the water is therefore immediately drinkable at the source? It does not undergo any additional treatment and the quality is therefore constant from the source to the consumer. Healthy drink water straight from the benchtop water coolers Sydney.

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Food and drink more water from the benchtop water coolers Sydney in warm weather

Drinking too little is one of the main causes of health problems on very hot days, together with being too hot. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.

Drinking in warm weather:

  • Drink more water than usual: at least 1.5 liters at rest. What does water do in your body.
  • Drink regularly and before you are thirsty. Does your urine turn dark or do you pee less than usual? Then you drink too little.
  • Avoid alcohol and sweetened drinks. Your body loses moisture faster if you drink alcohol. And you don't absorb sweetened drinks as quickly.

Special attention for the elderly:

  • Let the elder drink enough water from the benchtop water coolers Sydney and regularly, even if he is not thirsty. Do that a few days before the warm days. This is how he builds up a moisture reserve.
  • Offer options and variation such as coffee, tea and sugary drinks. This encourages you to drink.

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Special attention for children and babies:

  • A child is only thirsty when it has dried out. So don't wait until a child is thirsty to give it a drink from the benchtop water coolers Sydney.
  • Have a child drink several small quantities one after the other. That is better than a large quantity in one go. Avoid cold drinks to prevent stomach cramps.
  • Be alert for signs of dehydration. Less than four wet diapers in 24 hours, hollow eyes with dry circles around it, unusual skin color, extreme sleepiness or irritability, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and breathing difficulties are reasons to consult a doctor. 
  • Breastfeeding mothers also need to drink extra and have a baby more often.

Eating in warm weather:

  • Take advice for a healthy diet into account and let water prevail.
  • Eat light meals that are easy to digest, that requires less energy from your body
  • Eat enough vegetables and fruit. These are extra vitamins for your body.

Avoid dehydration, drink plenty from your benchtop water cooler Sydney

The human body consists of approximately 60 to 70% moisture. By sweating, breathing, peeing breaks, ... lose around two liters of moisture / water a day. So keep your fluid balance up to date, because otherwise you might get dehydration symptoms.
Dry mouth, thirst, headache, nausea and even muscle cramps are signs of dehydration. Confusion can be an indication of very serious dehydration, because brain cells in particular are very sensitive to this. In the worst case you can even be in shock. So drink enough alkaline water from our benchtop water cooler Sydney if you have any of these symptoms!

At home and on the road

At home or at work you generally drink a glass of water. That is often not enough. The problem is when you are often on the road. There is a cold water tap and a hot water tap from the benchtop water coolers. The solution for this is to ensure that you always have water in your car. If you are a little environmentally conscious, bring a nice water bottle! So you always have a drink to hand when you are thirsty and you will also absorb more fluid daily. With the warm weather (and any traffic jams) you will be happy that you have a water canister with you.

Drinking water has many benefits for your skin, hair and body.

- Skin
Water ensures that your skin becomes more elastic, so you have less chance of irritation and wrinkles. Water removes the toxins from your body, so say goodbye to pimples and "hello fresh skin". Note: if you stop drinking enough water, the signs of aging will become more visible again. So keep drinking water is the message.
Tighter skin ensures! Once you immerse your face in warm water, this will open your pores. Immediately afterwards you immerse your face in ice cold water! This makes the pores close again and your skin becomes tighter. This also helps against fatigue and the accompanying walls!
- Hair
Water is not only good for your skin but also for your hair! At the end of your shower it is best to rinse your hair with cold water, this will give you shiny and stronger hair.
- Body
Lots of water = lose pounds? Not quite. Water fills your stomach and will make you less hungry. In that sense, the kilos could decrease. Moreover, water ensures a good discharge of the toxins in the body. Finally, if you drink enough, you will become less tired and it is better for your muscles and your kidneys.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?