Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Bench Top, Floor standing and The Stainless Steel Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers including Water Filtration Bottle. 

Bench Top Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers     Bench Top Adelaide Filtered Water Dispensers     Bench Top Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

     Floor Standing Adelaide Filtered Water Dispensers     Floor standing Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Stainless Steel Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers     Stainless Steel Adelaide Filtered Water Dispensers     Stainless Steel Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers from Prestige Water supplies an extensive range of filtered water coolers for home, offices and businesses. All models have an unique 7-stage filtration and are easily filled from your own tap. Having bottled water delivered to your office or have a fridge stuffed with water bottles is a thing of the past. Switch now from bottled water to an Adelaide Filtered Water Cooler with great tasting drinking water made from your own tap. 

Own one of the above filtered water coolers and you never have to pay any rent, never have to pay for your drinking water, only need to change the cartridge 1 or 2 times per year. Never run out of drinking water, easy refill the bottle. So it is a filtered water cooler that never runs out of clean drinking water! 

Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers has over 20 years experience in water filtration so you can be assured you drink the best water available. 

Why is drinking water so important?

A walk through the supermarket. Sugary drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, too much to name. We all know that drinking too much sugar is not good for your general health and teeth. Too much of these sugary drinks can result in overweight especially in children. Try to drink more water and less soft drinks for the next 4 weeks and find out yourself if you start to feel better health! Better health with Prestige Water. You could be surprised with the results.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?