Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Benchtop, Floor standing and The Exclusive Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers including Water Filtration Bottle. 

Bench Top Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers     Bench Top Adelaide Filtered Water Dispensers     Benchtop Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Floor Standing Filtered Water Cooler     Floor Standing Adelaide Filtered Water Dispensers     Floor standing Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Stainless Steel Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers     Stainless Steel Adelaide Filtered Water Dispensers     Exclusive Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers from Prestige Water supplies an extensive range of filtered water coolers for homes, offices and businesses. All models have a unique 7-stage filtration and are easily filled from your own tap. Having bottled water delivered to your office or having a fridge stuffed with water bottles is a thing of the past. Switch now from bottled water to an Adelaide Filtered Water Cooler with great-tasting drinking water made from your own tap. 

Own one of the above-filtered water coolers and you never have to pay any rent, never have to pay for your drinking water, and only need to change the cartridge 1 or 2 times per year. Never run out of drinking water, easy refill the bottle. So it is a filtered water cooler that never runs out of clean drinking water! 

Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers has over 20 years of experience in water filtration so you can be assured you drink the best water available. 

Why is drinking water so important?

A walk through the supermarket. Sugary drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, too much to name. We all know that drinking too much sugar is not good for your general health and teeth. Too many of these sugary drinks can result in overweight, especially in children. Try to drink more water and less soft drinks for the next 4 weeks and find out for yourself if you start to feel better health! Better health with Prestige Water. You could be surprised by the results.

Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

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Is drinking water healthy? Water is very healthy!

We all drink it and nobody can do without water. But why do we hear everywhere that we have to drink it so much? Why is it so healthy? We sorted it out for you. Water Cooler with or without filtration.

Water is an essential element in our lives. About 70% of people are made of water and we cannot survive for long without getting in daily water. Water ensures that waste can leave our body (like urine), protects us from suffocation, cools our body, protects against external shocks and has many more essential functions. On a row:

Water is very healthy! We all drink it and nobody can do without water. But why do we hear everywhere that we have to drink it so much? Why is it so healthy? We sorted it out for you.

Water is an essential element in our lives. About 70% of people are made of water and we cannot survive for long without getting in daily water. Water ensures that waste can leave our body (like urine), protects us from suffocation, cools our body, protects against external shocks and has many more essential functions. On a row:

Water helps us lose weight

If you drink a generous amount of water every day (about 1.5 to 2 litres), this will help you a lot when you want to lose weight. The truth about drinking water. By drinking water, you lose the desire for other calorie-rich drinks such as fruit juices and coffee. This saves considerably! In addition, drinking enough water will ensure that your feeling of hunger will disappear, making it less likely that you will grab snacks. Drinking water, is the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.

Water protects you against diseases

Drinking enough water is important for good health. Studies show that the risk of cardiovascular disease is considerably reduced if you drink at least five glasses of water a day. Drink water from a water cooler from Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers.

Water gives energy

Drinking water gives you energy. If you drink too little, this can result in fatigue, preventing you from functioning properly. Drinking enough water prevents this. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

Headache? Drinking water!

If you have a headache this may mean that you have a fluid deficiency. Drinking water prevents this and ensures that the headache can disappear. Headache during a substantial hangover is also due to this fluid deficiency. The evening before you go to sleep drinking 2 glasses of water after an evening sinks helps against a hangover the next day. See our website for more information about our filtered water in Adelaide.

4 ideas for a healthy mind and body by drinking from your filtered water cooler Adelaide

If you would ask a healthy older person how he or she is like that.
When you have reached a healthy old age it is possible that you will often receive this as an answer.

  • Always keep smiling
  • Never lose heart.
  • A bit of healthy eating and a bit of exercise.

Simple, isn't it, and yet, how many elderly people do you not know?
have a moderate life, regularity in their lives and have a quiet day
take as it comes and so happy and healthy of a beautiful
enjoy old age. Why you must drink water when getting up in the morning.

Always keep smiling

It is winter, dark and gloomy and most people
lie down on the couch after work and undergo
a kind of hibernation. Choose a more positive 
perspective! Get off the couch and choose to
gain more inspiration. Make a commitment to
your surroundings to be sunshine. You will notice that you
soon also attract others to be hearty and cheerful
to be. Make a joke, give a compliment. Give
yourself a compliment! Look at the other person and smile.
Avoid nasty and gloomy things on television. Watch more often
programs that make you smile and notice how soon
you feel wonderful and relaxed. Opt for a tidy-up
and cheerful spirit and give the other the gift of laughter.

Never lose heart

Maybe for a moment, for a moment. Maybe you should
sleep on something overnight but have it the next day
you get back to it and have outlined positive strategies for it
what you have to do. But you keep hoping it's always good
coming! Adelaide filtered water coolers.

A bit of healthy food

Keep in mind that you treat your health with respect
and eat balanced. Seasonal vegetables and fruits
as our elderly did full of nutrients that were good
are for our well-being. Be moderate with meat and dairy
Colour your body with all the colours of the rainbow of vegetables
and fruit that helps your body to function properly. What does water do for your skin?

A little movement

With the good intentions of the new year, you can
It is no different that you now have a new skill
are learning. Don't give up! And hold on!
To a new gym where you meet other people
and learn to know. Maybe you are trying a salsa lesson
and it also likes it. A brisk walk on
its time. Or a total together with a friend
tries a different kind of sport, pilates, indoor climbing.
Go crazy! Adelaide filtered water coolers. But continue to surprise and surprise yourself
and just promise yourself that you will keep everything nice
and do what you intended!
Benchtop Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers
Floor Standing Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers
Exclusive Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers

Drinking water from the Adelaide Filtered Water Coolers and exercising

To live a healthy life, you have to move. And drink water. It seems obvious that drinking water is necessary before or after exercise. You lose a lot of fluid by sweating and those who don't drink on time will suffer from dehydration symptoms or cramps. Even more. Your blood gets thicker and it takes your heart more effort to pump it around, so you get less oxygen and energy. The message is better prevention than cure. But how much water do you drink best now? Do you do that before or after exercise? And do we stick to water or are sports drinks also useful? Try to add fruit to your water. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit?

How much water do I have to drink when I exercise?

Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. First this. The amount of water you need depends on the effort you are going to make. Those who climb Mont Ventoux at 30 ° C naturally have more water than they need for half an hour on the home trainer. A good rule of thumb is this: if you opt for a moderate activity such as a half-hour walk or a quiet jog, then your daily recommended amount of water of 1.5 litres is sufficient. However, most authorities also recommend drinking a glass of water before this effort.

Those who exercise intensively will therefore need more water. We then talk about efforts lasting more than half an hour. Extra moisture supply is a must for this anyway. Without enough fluid, your muscles cannot function as well and cramps can occur. Exactly how much you should drink is difficult to say. Everybody is different. But on average you lose a litre of fluid during one hour of exercise. So keep in mind that you drink enough before, during and after exercise.

Also, note the following factors. They affect the amount of moisture you need:

  •     Temperature: sun or freezing cold?
  •     Duration of the effort: half an hour or more?
  •     Exercise intensity: jogging or running?
  •     The clothing you wear: well-packed or moisture-absorbing fitness clothing?

Drinking water before exercise

In the case of a moderate sporting effort (half an hour of jogging), you should not, in principle, take extra water. Although a glass of water in advance will certainly not hurt. If you want to exercise more intensively, it is advisable to take some extra water before you exercise. After all, you must be thirsty. Thirst is a sign that your body already lacks water. Therefore, drink 250 to 500 ml half an hour before the start of the endurance effort. Do this for example during the warm-up. Of course, try to avoid having to go to the toilet constantly during exercise.

Drinking water during exercise

If you exercise longer and more intensively, ensure that you drink enough during exercise. It is important that you try to feel for yourself what you need. Those who sweat little during the effort need less water. Taking too much water can in turn cause stomach and intestinal problems. So try to find a good balance and do not take too large sips. At one sport you can of course take a drinking bottle more easily than in the other.

Drink water after exercise

After exercising it is important to bring your moisture level back to the required level. If you then have to get back to work quickly, it should naturally happen quickly. Because it is almost impossible to fully balance your fluid balance during exercise. That is why it must happen afterwards. The recommendation is to drink more water than you lost due to sweating. Logical, but not that easy to measure. On average, most people lose a litre of water during an hour's exercise. You can use that as a guide. Also, keep in mind that you also lose water after exercise. Your body does not cool down so quickly. So drink plenty of water after exercise. This way you also avoid muscle pain due to a fluid deficiency.

Also, pay attention to your urine after exercise. It may be an indicator to do it differently next time. Pale and watery urine indicates sufficient body fluid. If the urine looks yellow and "thick", you may be dehydrated and you have not drunk enough during or before exercise.
How much water do you have to drink in total?

Of course, there are no exact laws and one person is already sweating a little more than the other. but there are a number of rules of thumb that you can observe. With efforts of less than an hour, you only have to drink water. If you exercise longer, it is best to drink a sports drink that contains the necessary sugars. This way you avoid hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) and fatigue that occur when your energy reserves run out. Be careful not to drink too much, otherwise, you risk digestive problems. The drink must be fresh, but not ice cold (around 15 ° C is ideal).

Read also: 5 Helpful tips for losing weight by drinking water.

Great Tasting Alkaline water from your very own Benchtop or Floor Standing Filtered Water Cooler Adelaide with Filtration Bottle

More than half of the human body consists of water. The exact proportion varies according to gender, age, body weight and muscle or fat mass. In adults, for example, the proportion is 60%-70%. So water seems to be indispensable for us. But how much water do I have to drink a day exactly? And what happens if I drink too little?

How much water does a person need?

  • "We need at least 3 litres of water a day!"
  • "Little drinking makes you stupid."
  • "If you don't drink enough, you get wrinkles faster."
  • "You can only perform at your best if you drink enough."

What's wrong with statements like these? And how much water should you really drink to be healthy? And can you drink too much?

Why is Filtered Water so Important?