What Our Customers Say

Here are some reactions that our customers have to say about our Benchtop and Floor Standing Water Coolers:

Mr and Mrs K

"Our children drink lots of healthy water since Prestige Water placed a water cooler in our home. We love the Hot Water dispenser as well, it saves having to wait for the kettle to boil".

Mrs Stringer

Thank you, Peter! This is the best water we have ever had. After just a couple of months, we have no stomach bugs, feeling of being unwell and fewer headaches. Thank you!

Mrs G.O.

Only one word - "Thank you Prestige Water"

Mr G. Philip

I don't think you can improve your service. Prompt replies, items are delivered in good time and great advice is given as to how to maintain our Water Coolers.

Business Owner

"We were buying bottled water for the past 6 years. Since having the Prestige Water system installed, we have saved enormous costs and we don't have to buy our water ever again. Our staff love the taste. Thanks, Guys!

Mrs M Chong

I have been a customer for approx 10 years and have always found your service to be punctual and reliable.


Prestige Water is brilliant! Prestige Water has brilliant water coolers and water filters. Clean, filtered water is definitely the way to improve the taste compared to normal tap water in Brisbane. The service is second to none as Peter gives you personal, one-on-one attention. We would recommend them to anyone!

Mr Scott

"I ordered from Prestige Water a water cooler with the filter bottle which I must say has exceeded expectations. The water is very clean and tasty"


"I wanted to say thank you for your great customer service when you spoke to both Luke and myself. You were very lovely and it was a nice change from other people we have been dealing with. I have told my mum and she is very excited. We will be recommending you to others that are looking for water coolers"


"I just want to pass on how pleased we are with our water cooler. We have had our machine for about 7 years or so which we purchased when I was managing a store at Strathpine Westfield. Our kids grew up drinking a lot of water, now our grandkids will do the same! So good for our health and I don't think a time goes by where we don't drink when we walk past the water cooler. Great value! Great tasting! Well worth the cost! Thoroughly recommend it to everyone.


We love your Water Cooler

Mr R. Craig

We are more than happy to have Prestige Water as our provider of Water Coolers and products.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?