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Floor Standing Water Cooler Townsville

Clean, Pure, healthy drinking water with Prestige Water Coolers Townsville.

Are you sick of drinking tap water and do you really like the taste?  Water Coolers Townsville converts your regular tap water into healthy and great-tasting drinking water. Now you can enjoy drinking fresh, good-quality water straight from your one water cooler. The drinking water supply in Townville and all over Queensland contains a good amount of chlorine and some heavy metals. We all know that these chemicals are put in the water to supply you with "clean" drinking water. There is no need for you to drink these chemicals. You can easily remove these with our 7-stage filter. This filter is built into our filtration bottle. Fill the bottle with your own tap water and the filter will remove these chemicals. Now you can enjoy drinking clean and healthy water with water coolers in Townsville! Please read more if you are interested here: more info how to make healthy drinking water

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What makes a lemon so healthy?

Water, a super drink. Lemon; the powerful yellow citrus! This delicious piece of fruit has a sour taste and is, therefore, an excellent thirst quencher. Lemon juice not only provides a fresh and strong taste but is above all a healthy alternative to soft drinks. Fresh lemon juice in a large glass of water in the morning? Maybe just swallowing, but it wipes everything clean inside! Did you know that lemon has all kinds of preventive and medicinal properties? In this blog, you can read about the health benefits that a lemon can offer you. A list to make you happy! Drink also healthy water from the water coolers in Townsville.

10 Reasons to use lemon

1. Lemon works preventively against many diseases

Lemon contains a large dose of important nutrients. Consider Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, B11 (folic acid), citric acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium, flavonoids and fibres. Real people eat a lemon-like this. You give yourself a natural vitamin boost. The lemon has an antibacterial and antiviral effect. It prevents colds and flu due to the high dose of vitamin C in combination with phytonutrients. These are substances that are very important for human health. They help activate all kinds of processes in the body. Lemon helps remove toxins, including free radicals, from the body faster. Mineral water after filtration from the water coolers Townsville. In summary: lemon strengthens your immune system!

2. Lemon against fever

This bright yellow citrus is an effective medicine if you have a fever. Drink lukewarm lemon juice every two hours; a squeezed lemon supplemented with honey and tepid water. This causes the fever to go faster. Viruses and bacteria are eliminated by the lemon. In addition to Vitamin C, lemon also contains phytonutrients that complement and enhance the effect of Vitamin C.

3. Lemon helps against anemia

Anemia is often caused by an iron deficiency. Lemon does not contain a large amount of iron but is very rich in Vitamin C and citric acid. These two substances ensure that our body can better absorb iron from other foods. Hot and cold water from the Townsville water coolers.

4. Lemon has a blood pressure-lowering effect

Lemons contain potassium. This important mineral is involved in many different processes in your body. Potassium affects your appetite, energy level and heart rhythm. Potassium can also have a blood pressure-lowering effect. Potassium is found in lemons and can have a beneficial effect on high blood pressure. Another factor that plays a role in high blood pressure is the intake of salt and sugar. For overweight people, losing a few pounds can already lower blood pressure.

5. Lemon is good for your intestines

Lemon juice stimulates the intestines and regular bowel movements. A good bowel movement ensures that your intestines remain clean. Clean intestines ensure, among other things, that your body can ultimately absorb nutrients better. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

6. Lemon provides relief from allergies

Lemons may not cause allergies to disappear, but they do help relieve symptoms. This is mainly due to the phytonutrient contained in lemons. This substance can provide relief from itching as a result of an allergy. Try drinking more water from the water coolers in Townsville.

7. Lemon helps detox and has an anti-inflammatory effect

A glass of lemon juice in the morning has a detoxifying effect on your liver. Lemons neutralize uric acid by helping to produce extra urine. This can prevent the formation of gallstones and kidney stones. In addition, lemon (like other citrus fruits) has an anti-inflammatory effect.

8. Lemon for beautiful skin

If you regularly eat lemon or drink squeezed lemon juice with lukewarm water, you no longer need anti-wrinkle creams. Lemon ensures that your skin stays beautiful from the inside out. Your skin shines when you regularly eat a lemon. In addition to eating a lemon, you can also spread lemon on your skin. It helps well against acne. You cut the fruit half open and grab a drop of moisture with your finger, which you place on the pimple. Wash your face after an hour. It helps best in combination with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Possibly with warm water. There is a hot water tap on the water cooler in Townsville. Do not use boiled water, because that will destroy the good substances.

9. Lemon against tension

Fatigue solved by drinking water. Lemon helps both your physical and mental health. It contains magnesium which helps you to perform your brain functions better. Your ability to concentrate and alertness are also increased. To prevent fatigue, you can also drink pure lemon juice.

10. Lemon 3x as a care product

In addition to its many health benefits, lemon also has a caring function. For example, lemon is a good nail hardener because it is packed with vitamin C. Mix lemon juice with a little olive oil and let your nails soak here for approx. 15 minutes. Lemon also helps against dry lips. Drink more great-tasting water from the water coolers in Townsville. What does water do in your body?

Five tips for drinking more water from a water cooler in Townsville

With a healthy lifestyle, drinking enough water is very important. Truth about drinking water. Your body needs to get enough water, especially during slimming. Many waste materials are then released that must be disposed of.

An advantage of water is that it is calorie-free and gives a feeling of satiety when eating. Drink only one to three glasses before eating. You will notice that your appetite is declining.

Yet drinking enough water is easier said than done. Many people have difficulty with it. With a number of tips, you should manage to drink one and a half to two litres of water a day.

1. Put a bottle of water on your desk

Do you have an office job? Then put a bottle of water on your desk. You will find that you often "unwittingly" take a sip. Are you at home? Then put a bottle of water in the kitchen or on the table. Also, make sure you always have a bottle of water in your bag.

2. Order water more often

When you sit on the terrace, you often order fruit juice or coffee. Choose water once. Or agree with yourself that you also drink a glass of water in addition to coffee.

3. Drink water before eating

Make sure you drink one or two glasses of water from your water cooler in Townsville before each meal. After a while, this becomes a habit. Water Cooler with or without filtration.

4. Choose water with a taste

Do you miss a taste? Put a slice of lime or lemon in the water.

5. Drink from large glasses

Drink the water from large glasses. Fill a mug or an extra-large bottle with water. This way you drink more water faster.

Great tasting alkaline water from the Benchtop or Floor Standing water cooler in Townsville

Is water always the best on a hot day?

By the way, the liquid is not only available in the form of water. Juice spritzers, unsweetened teas and even coffee (regular coffee drinkers) are considered liquids. There is also water in vegetables and fruit. The general advice: Better to use drinks without sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can't go wrong with that.

So water works on a microscopic level, but also has an external effect. Voilà - our top benefits for superficial beauty (you also radiate from within, don't you?):

Water is good for your skin

Swimming is a good thing that has now dawned on most amateur athletes. If you let the cool water work from the inside, all the better. Because: Sufficient fluid intake does the complexion a favour. The complexion looks rosier, and well-hydrated skin looks fresher. To put it bluntly, the skin is padded from the inside. Dehydrated people often look a little pale on the face.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?