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Prestige Water Coolers Townsville Range (Bench Top, Floor Standing and Stainless Steel) in Townsville.
We offer a comprehensive range of water coolers Townsville. Check out our range of water coolers Townsville here!

Bench Top Water Coolers Townsville

"Bench Top" Water Coolers Townsville
Including 7-stage filtration bottle

Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville


"Floor Standing" Water Coolers Townsville

Including 7-stage filtration bottle

Stainless Steel Water Coolers Townsville

"The Fridge" Water Coolers Townsville
Including 7-stage filtration bottle

Clean drinking water with Water Dispensers Townsville

Clean, Pure, healthy drinking water with Prestige Water Coolers Townsville.

Are you sick of drinking tap water and do you really like the taste?  Water Coolers Townsville converts your regular tap water into healthy and great tasting drinking water. Now you can enjoy drinking fresh, good quality water straight from your one water cooler. The drinking water supply in Townville and all over Queensland contains a good amount of chlorine and some heavy metals. We all know that these chemical are put in the water to supply you with "clean" drinking water. There is no need for you to drink these chemicals. You can easily remove these with our 7-stage filter. This filter is build in our filtration bottle. Fill the bottle with your own tap water and the filter will remove these chemicals. Now you can enjoy drinking clean and healthy water with water coolers Townsville! Please read more if you are interested here: more info how to make healthy drinking water

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We deliver water coolers to Charters Towers, Columbia, Queenton, Millchester, Towers Hill, Grand Secret, Bowen, Guthalungra, Millaroo, Dalberg, Hideaway Bay, Dingo Beach, Gregory River, Airlie Beach, Jubilee Pocket, Hamilton Plains, Proserpine, Pauls Pocket, Gunyarra, Andromache, Collinsville, Mount Coolon, Mount Wyatt, Collinsville, Ayr, Giru, Shirbourne, Horseshoe Lagoon, Jerona, Colevale, Airdmillan, Brandon, Barratta, Jarvisfield, Mona Park, Mount Kelly, Home Hill, Inkerman, Wunjunga, Millaroo, Dalbeg, Ingham, Abergowrie, Rungoo, Long Pocket, Wallaman, Upper Stone, Lannercost, Trebonne, Bemerside, Macknade, Lucinda, Braemeadows, Taylors Beach, Forrest Beach, Toobanna, Helens Hill, Yuruga, Bambaroo, Coolbie.

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