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Tips for drinking more water from a water cooler with filter bottle

Drinking has never been my strong point. What does water do in your body. I often forgot, thought I wasn't thirsty, or I didn't feel like drinking anything. Both sugary drinks and a glass of water were always disappointing. At the beginning of 2018 I started to eat as much vegetable as possible and as a result I noticed that I had a somewhat more difficult bowel movement. Conclusion: I drank way too little in proportion to the fibers that I received. The rudder had to change, I had to drink more to keep all those fibers moist. Water (and tea) are the only options for me and the only things that I really consider drinking. More drinking was needed, but that is a difficult task for someone who sometimes only drank 1 glass a whole day ... How did I do that? With this I share some tips that have helped me to drink more water from my water cooler with filter bottle.

Buy a very large cup

What helped me a lot was the purchase of a very large cup. First I always drank from plastic bottles. Then one day I had to drink 4 bottles of 500 ml to get 2 liters of fluid. However, all those bottles are not good for the environment and I sometimes forgot to refill my bottle if it was empty. So the solution was to purchase a very large cup. At Ikea I bought this very large glass that can hold 65cl of water for only 2 euros. Really, I'm so happy about this! It is a glass the size of my head, ha ha! This way you don't have to get any water for a longer period of time when you're busy, but you still have a huge glass next to you. You could even add tea to it, since the glass is heat resistant.

Purchase a dopper or another bottle that you can take with you on the way

If you are on the road for a whole day, it can sometimes get in your way to drink regularly. That is why it is useful to take a bottle with which you can drink and which you can top up. A dopper is then a very good outcome, but another bottle is also fine. If you prefer to drink mineral water, you can also just take 2 bottles of 500ml with you, so that you have enough water for a longer period of time. I also always throw a bottle of water in my bag as standard, so that I don't dry out on the way. Invest immediately in a bottle that you like so that it is even more attractive to drink from it and it stands out more in your bag! 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.

Drink a glass of water as standard when you get up in the morning

After a long night without moisture, it is important that you regain your moisture level in the morning. This is only a recent development for me, but recently I drink a glass of water every day when I get up, so that I get some moisture again. I do not drink this from my 65cl glass, I think that is just a little too much on an empty stomach, but a normal glass is fine for me. I also drink a cup of tea with my breakfast, so I already have two glasses of liquid inside. It was difficult for me to hold back on this, but what worked for me was while I was waiting for my oatmeal porridge to boil, to drink the water. Then I am usually "idle" and there is time to do that. See what works for you. Maybe it helps for you to prepare a large cup of water from your water cooler with filter bottle next to the sink, so that you can fill it when you stand in front of the mirror in the morning.

Drink a large glass of water as standard after exercise

It is also important to drink a lot during and after exercise. You lose quite a bit of moisture through sweat. For the athletes among us it can help to take a big bottle to the gym and if you exercise at home, you can just fill the big glass and put it close to you. As soon as you are done with your workout, walk over to your glass or bottle of water and drink it slowly. This way you can immediately recover from exercise and raise your moisture levels. For me it helps to drink something quietly on my mat after my yoga workouts.

Make your water tastier

Some people say that they do not like water, which I actually think is crazy, since water has a neutral taste. Perhaps that is precisely why some do not like it, so you can make the water a little tastier by adding flavor. Moisture and drinking water. You can do this by adding some lemon slices or mint leaves to your water, but you also have tea bags that you can use in cold water. For example, Lipton has developed a Cold Infuse tea that you can easily take with you and put it in your 500 ml bottle. This way you just give your water a tastier taste. Incidentally, there are no calories or added sugars.

Keep track of how much water you drink

Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. If you find the above tips really difficult to apply, you can also choose to keep track of how much you drink in a day from your water cooler with filter bottle. You have special apps for this, but you can also write it down somewhere in a booklet if you prefer.

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