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10 Reasons why you should drink more water

Water is THE most important food we need.

  1. Water is life. There can be no life without water. Drink more water in hot weather. We have to keep drinking constantly to hydrate our bodies sufficiently. Great tasting water from a water filter chiller.
  2. Our body consists of about 70 - 75% water. This percentage must be maintained for good water health. After oxygen, water is the most important element that we feed our bodies with. Dehydration, dehydration, can occur in any season. It is, therefore, necessary to drink sufficient water even in the cold months.
  3. It is almost impossible for the body to extract water from, for example, fruit and vegetables. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with a water filter chiller. That is why it is essential to drink extra water. Coffee, alcohol and soft drinks remove water from the body and also prevent good digestion due to the large amounts of sugar present in them.
  4. Water plays an essential role in almost every body's function. Our blood consists of 90% water and the brain even contains 96% water. It should therefore be clear that water of good quality is essential for good health. Hot and cold water from a water filter chiller.
  5. Water is essential for proper digestion, the absorption of nutrients and chemical reactions in the body.
  6. Water is essential for good circulation and determines the health of every cell. Cold water drinking.
  7. Water is essential for the removal of waste products mainly from the digestive system. A low PH value is the biggest enemy of our body. Drinking 'deacidified', alkaline water (Ph> 8) can give health a huge boost.
  8. Water is essential in regulating our body temperature. For optimal regulation of the body temperature, we must get at least 2 litres of water.
  9. If we constantly fail to drink enough water, this can result in chronic cellular dehydration. Drinking water prevents muscle pain. Characteristics of Chronic Cellular Dehydration are nutritional deficiencies, frequent colds and flu and reduced recovery capacity of training.
  10. Water with, preferably, a PH value of> 7.5 lowers the acidity of our body. Alkaline drinking water after a water filter chiller. The body becomes more basic. Digestion, training and stress are some of the causes that can make our bodies acidic. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment and it is therefore important to ensure this acid-base balance. The minimum amount of water that a healthy adult weighs about 80 kg. should drink for maintaining good health is about 2.5 litres. For every additional 10 kg. would be about 250 ml. need to be drunk extra. A fanatical athlete or athlete is recommended to drink 3.5 litres of water. Distribute the amount of water to drink over the entire day instead of drinking the entire amount in a short period of time. Many people are afraid that due to the increased amount of water they have to drink, they have to go to the toilet a lot. However, the bladder will become accustomed to this increased amount within a few days.

Do not wait until you are thirsty because the thirst signal only comes in if you are already showing symptoms of dehydration.

Bottled water, tap water or filtered water. Water is also the cheapest and most effective 'supplement' when we talk about an increase in strength and endurance. Most people, including top athletes, drink too little water. This means that they are constantly dehydrated. If we hydrate the body sufficiently, that is, if we restore the moisture balance by drinking enough water, the strength will increase by 10 - 15% and the endurance by as much as 20 - 30%. Water is, as you can see, perhaps the most important food that we need. So try our filtered water from a water filter chiller from Prestige Water.

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How to lose weight well and quickly

If you strive for proper weight loss, then you have the caution to understand that diets on water and carrots will lead to a short-term effects and damage to health. But usually, the right weight loss cannot be fast, because these concepts contradict each other. However, everything depends on your requests: we will tell you how to lose weight correctly and quickly, but hope that you will lose 10 kilos within a week. You need time for such a scale. Great tasting water from your water filter chiller. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.


Whether you are a fan of salt, smoked or dried, no matter how hard it is to sit at the table without setting up a salt cellar, giving up salt, even if it is for a while, is the first and mandatory Rule out the list of how to get off properly without dieting. Salt is perhaps the only product that can help us get rid of significant weight in a short time. Unfortunately, it will not be fat, but water. But after a no-salt week, you can imagine how much water there was in you.


The truth about drinking water. Building on the theme of salt and water, it should be noted that swelling not only adds the weights on the dial of the scale but also looks heavier outwards. Therefore, the right diet, aimed at losing weight, must contain 2 - 2.5 litres of water from your water filter chiller. Water cooler with or without filtration. When the body feels that there is sufficient water, it does not accumulate it but generates it generously (with the products of decay at the same time), and if there is a constant lack of water, nothing else remains than to postpone it in the form of cellulite and swelling. There are no bad products at all, there are just usable quantities, and there are - deadly. To lose weight quickly, we recommend forgetting the potato in any form, white flour and peeled grains (especially white rice), and of course sugar. However, this does not mean that you will never meet them again: you will want to eat, but only if the body has already learned, to do it without them. To lose weight well and forever, you have to get used to eating meat and fish as well as making vegetables and cakes from whole-wheat flour. There is nothing complicated in it, and it is even delicious! Drinking water is the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.

Great tasting filtered alkaline water from a water filter Chiller

Drink from a special container

The best thing to do is to get a bottle* that you fill up with water over and over again and keep an eye on. So you can easily check your hydration and remind yourself to drink.

Carry this container with you at all times or alternatively equip places such as your car, desk and purse with a container each to have access to water anywhere and anytime.

Reduce stress

A study on drinking behaviour has shown that stress in everyday life leads to losing sight of one's own fluid needs and forgetting to drink. [2] So avoid stress in everyday life that leads to neglecting your basic needs.

Drink water at room temperature

It's best to drink non-carbonated water because it's the easiest for your body to absorb. It should also not be too cold so that you can drink more of it.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?