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The modern design filtered water dispensers Lismore! Bench Top and Floor Standing models

Prestige Water has a multi-layered ( 7-stages) filter bottle installed on every water cooler model. It is suitable to fill with tap water or rainwater. Simply lift the lid from the filtration bottle and pour in your own water from the tap. All the water you put in the top compartment of the filter bottle will be filtered and purified so you can enjoy great-tasting water for your family or staff. If the water level in the bottle is low, simply refill it again and again, as often as needed. Filtered Water vs Bottled Water. Our filter will also put some very important minerals back into the water as well and the water will have a mildly alkaline pH level. Very tasty and healthy! Here are some of our models:

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Water Dispensers Lismore Bench Top     Bench Top Water Dispensers Lismore

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Is drinking filtered water from the water dispensers Lismore beneficial in losing weight?

Fact: Your body is made up of between 60 - 75 % of water depending on your size. Water weight Loss Diets - Do they work? Would it make sense to tell you that drinking water can help you lose weight? Water is known to be a good solvent which means substances such as sugars, salt, and others can easily be dissolved. Water will help break down the food you eat and then takes up the nutrients to transport through your body. 

Drinking plenty of filtered water flush out all the toxins and neutralize the pH level of your body. Better health with Prestige Water. Also drinking enough water will help to increase bowel movement, so plenty of reasons to start drinking more water from your water dispenser Lismore.

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Benchtop Water Dispensers Lismore
Floor Standing Water Dispensers Lismore
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Alkaline water with minerals from the water dispensers Lismore

If you want to live healthier or lose weight, you are often the first to get the advice to drink more water. Yet drinking 2 litres of water daily is not enough to properly hydrate your body. More is needed for that. In this blog, you can read about your fluid balance and how you can maintain it in a healthy and delicious way.

Why is water from the water dispensers in Lismore so important?

Our body consists largely of water. By breathing, peeing, sweating and crying you lose a lot of fluid. And it is precisely this fluid that is important for your body to function properly. Moisture is needed to make energy and it ensures that nerve impulses are transferred properly. Two places where many nerve impulses are transmitted are the brain and the heart. A good incentive transfer is literally of vital importance here. Enough reason to drink enough water or tea in one day.


Calculate how much water you should drink per day. Does drinking more cause you mainly "flooding" and do you only have to go to the toilet a lot? Then your body has not been able to take up enough. The moisture is then not absorbed into your cells, but immediately drained off in the form of a visit to the toilet. And that is a waste of moisture! The intention is that the fluid is absorbed into your cells. There it is used for energy production and as shock absorption in the joints. But how do you ensure that the moisture does end up in the cells ?!


Minerals are needed for that. If you suffer from "flooding" then that means that there are not enough minerals available to absorb the moisture in your cells. Unfortunately, there are too few minerals in tap water to ensure proper absorption so drink healthy water with added minerals from the water dispensers Lismore. So those minerals must come from somewhere else.

Beastly good solution

Animals have found a good solution for this. It is not for nothing that your dog or cat passes by its impeccable water bowl to enthusiastically drink from a puddle or ditch. That water is enriched with the necessary minerals, which are great for moisture absorption. So they looked at it very cleverly! Of course, it is not wise to fill your cup in the ditch from now on. That used to be possible, but nowadays the water is too polluted. Good hydration in the summer. Except when you go into the mountains, you will still find clean water with minerals. Pure nature, so it fits perfectly with what your body needs. Unfortunately, we do not have those mountains within reach, so how do you ensure proper hydration?

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Water + minerals = moisture absorption

An important basis for properly regulating your fluid balance is to eat sufficient fruit and vegetables. This naturally contains moisture, vitamins and minerals. But there is an even more moisture-rich alternative, which you may not think about so quickly. Herbal tea! A very good solution, because if you drink herbal tea you have water and minerals in your cup at the same time. Also, you can find many minerals in the water after filtration from the water dispensers Lismore. In other words, moisture is easily absorbed into your cells. A golden combination! Drinking water with fruit and spice.

Healthy and delicious

You can vary unlimited with the countless types of herbal teas, the choice is huge at Fortune! Choose the tea that suits your mood, taste or season and enjoy. Be surprised for example by refreshing peppermint tea, a wonderfully warming chamomile tea or the aromatic taste of licorice. And herbal tea is not only delicious; You can also take advantage of the beneficial effects that many herbs have on your health. For example, peppermint tea works well with stomach pain, chamomile tea soothes stress and licorice with rumbling intestines.

Great tasting healthy alkaline drink water from your benchtop or floor standing water dispenser Lismore

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Without effort, the rule of thumb is that adults need around 30-35 millilitres of fluid per kilogram of body weight per day, according to the recommendation of the Society for Nutrition (SGE).

By the way: Coffee or black tea also counts. That this drain is a myth.

As a simple calculation example: A woman weighing 60 kilograms should therefore consume between 1.8 and 2.1 litres of water per day. "Take in" was deliberately chosen in this context, because: The body not only gets liquid from what we drink but also from the food we eat.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?