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The modern design filtered water dispensers Lismore! Bench Top and Floor Standing models

Prestige Water has a multi-layered ( 7-stages) filter bottle installed on every water cooler model. It is suitable to fill with tap water or rain water. Simply lift the lid from the filtration bottle and poor in your own water from the tap. All the water you put in the top compartment of the filter bottle will be filtered and purified so you can enjoy great tasting water for your family or staff. If the water level in the bottle is low, simply refill it again and again, as often as needed. Filtered Water vs Bottled Water. Our filter will also put some very important minerals back to the water as well and the water will have a mild alkaline pH level. Very tasty and healthy! Here are some of our models:

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Water Dispensers Lismore Bench Top     Bench Top Water Dispensers Lismore

Floor Standing Water Dispensers Lismore      Floor Standing Water Dispensers Lismore

Is drinking filtered water beneficial in losing weight?

Fact: Your body is made up of between 60 - 75 % of water depending on your size. Water weight Loss Diets - Do they work? Would it make sense to tell you that drinking water can help you lose weight? Water is known to be a good solvent which means substances as sugars, salt, and other can easily be dissolved. Water will help breaking down food you eat and then takes up the nutrients to transport through your body. 

Drinking plenty of filtered water flush out all the toxins and neutralize the pH level of your body. Better health with Prestige Water. Also drinking enough water will help to increase bowl movement, so plenty of reasons to start drinking more water from your water dispenser Lismore.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?