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Is ginger tea healthy

Ginger tea (sometimes also called ginger root tea) is a tea that is drunk in many different countries. To make ginger tea, use the ginger root, which can be grated or sliced. In China, much ginger tea is drunk. The ginger root is cut into slices, boiled in water and then brown sugar is added. As variation or for the taste, slices of orange or lemon can be added. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

Is ginger tea healthy?

Lose weight by drinking water. Ginger tea is not only tasty, but also very healthy and that is, you guessed it, the ginger that is in it. This special tea works well against many ailments. You can actually use ginger tea as a kind of medicine. Making ginger tea is very easy and with the right ingredients it is also very tasty. The advantage of home-made fresh ginger tea is that you always use fresh or dried ginger and therefore always have delicious fresh tea. Ginger tea can also be bought in the store. For this you have to go to a special tea shop, because in the supermarket you will not succeed quickly. How many liter of water should you drink.

Ginger tea is often drunk when it is cold outside. Ginger has a wonderful warming effect on your body. If you use dried ginger, it has even more health effects than the fresh version. This is because with dried ginger only the active ingredients remain after the drying process. This ensures that the ginger powder is more concentrated than the fresh one. This tea is not only delicious in the winter when it is cold outside, but also when it is warm. You can also make ginger ice tea yourself. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy.
Ginger in slices


With the taste of ginger you can go in ginger tea, just like in dishes with ginger. Do you like simple, then cut your ginger into slices and let it boil in water for 10 minutes. If you like different flavors, you can do that too! It is a bit of experimenting with quantities of ingredients, but can vary very well.

Take a look at our ginger tea recipes for all kinds of ideas.

Pay attention!
Ginger is a blood thinner, if you are going to drink a delicious cup of ginger tea, it is not advisable to take paracetamol or other blood thinners just before or after.

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