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5 Tips to let your child drink more water from a water dispenser Petrie

Lemonade, juices: there is so many choices of drinks for your child, but the best, healthiest and best thirst quencher is and remains water. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. Today we give you 5 tips on how your toddler will drink more water.

Each toddler needs about 5 cups of fluid every day (750 ml). The feeding centre recommends that 2 cups of a milk product such as Kabrita Toddler Milk be based on Australian goat milk. But which drinks are suitable and healthy next to milk? Most drinks contain a lot of sugars. Think of thick juice, lemonade and fruit juices. It is good not to offer your child too many sweet products. Let him/her get used to drinking water. If you start early with this, your child will not know better later. And drinking water has so many advantages! Water has a neutral taste and no calories. The ideal thirst quencher! Good hydration in the summer.

1. Take a bottle of water with you everywhere

Fill your child's favourite bottle or spout with water and always take this when you are on the go. If your child is thirsty, you always have a bottle of water at hand and that's how your little one learns to drink water from their water dispenser Petrie every day.

2. Encourage

Often, children only drink when they are thirsty. Encourage your child to drink sips of water regularly during the day and put a bottle of water on the coffee table.

3. Tea

Put some soft tea and give your child this tea in his / her bottle or cup. The pleasant warmth and a slightly different taste are a fine variation! Use the hot water tap from your water dispenser Petrie.

4. Serve hip

Serve water in a nice bottle or striking cup with, for example, a brightly coloured straw. For slightly older children, you can also add an ice cube, with a frozen raspberry. The eye wants something too!

5. Fruit water

Eating delicious fruit. Add your child's favourite fruit to the water. Drinking water with fruit and spice. This way the water gets a fruity taste!

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Lose weight? Drinking water from your water dispenser Petrie helps!

Can you lose weight by drinking water? Diet gurus have been calling it for years, but science can finally confirm this credo. Drinking lots of water ensures that you lose weight. Researchers had test subjects drink two cups of water for three months before each meal and saw how this group lost two kilos more than the control group that did not drink water. The people who drank water before each meal then consumed about 75 calories less than the people in the control group. A year later, the group that drank a lot of water turned out to be much better in weight. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.


Especially middle-aged people took part in the study. The test subjects were all overweight and were put on a diet by the researchers: they were allowed to consume between 1200 and 1500 calories every day. Half of the test subjects had to drink half a litre of water from the water dispenser Petrie before each meal. The other half was also allowed to drink water but was not instructed to do so before every meal. Moisture and drinking water.


Twelve weeks later, people who had drunk water from the water dispenser Petrie at set times lost an average of seven kilos. In the other group, the average was five kilos. That means that the water caused the people in the first group to lose many tens of per cent more weight. "It's a popular idea: drink more water if you want to lose weight," says researcher Brenda Davy. "It seems logical, but was never really investigated."


Experiments among younger test subjects show that the water has less effect on them. Probably that has to do with digestion. This works slower when we get older and therefore older people to feel more quickly that they are full. Even though they only drank water. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.


Nevertheless, Davy suspects that water works somewhat, but in a different way. Experiments showed that young people who drank more than one litre of water a day lost slightly more than their peers who did not. Perhaps that has to do with the burning: by drinking water the body produces more heat, the burning gets a boost and so more calories are processed. Moreover, the young people are less thirsty because of the water and they leave sugary drinks. Drink more from your water dispenser Petrie.

A large-scale study is needed to confirm Davy's results. But one thing is certain: whether you are on a diet or not, a bottle of water at hand will not hurt. Especially because it means you can leave drinks with many calories. "Water is by far the healthiest drink,"

Why drinking is so important, drink plenty of alkaline filtered water from the hot and cold water dispenser Petrie

Humans can survive for around a month without food but at most five to seven days without drinking. Therefore: Drinking properly from your benchtop or floor standing water dispenser Petrie and adequately during the day is at least as important for our health as eating right. Thirst occurs when the body has lost more than 0.5 per cent of its weight in the form of water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?