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Moisture and drinking water from your water dispenser Morayfield

Moisture and blood pressure

Moisture and drinking water. You'll sweat more in warm weather. That is also the intention, because by sweating you cool off. But sweating more also means that you lose more fluid and electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that are important for all normal body processes, including your fluid balance. There are many minerals in the water from a water dispenser Morayfield. The heat also lowers the tone of your body tissues. By relaxing muscle and vessel walls more moisture can escape to the peripheral tissues. This can result in thick ankles, symptoms of 'fluid retention, low blood pressure and a faint feeling. By the way, thick ankles and symptoms of 'fluid retention' by hot weather do not mean that the body has 'too much moisture! There may (right) still be a lack of moisture or arise. You can relieve low blood pressure, faintness and thick ankles by boosting the amount of fluid and electrolytes in your body.

Drinking water is not enough

Water is a super drink. Supplementing fluid is done by drinking water from a water dispenser in Morayfield. Yet? That is almost true: drinking pure water is always important, especially to be able to rinse your body properly. But in warm weather, you have to absorb more moisture and then only pure water does not do enough. In order to be able to absorb moisture properly, it must have a higher osmotic value than 'just' clean drinking water. That is why products such as ORS and synthetic sports drinks contain sugar and salt: that way you absorb the moisture better. But of course, that kinds of drinks are not really (really not) healthy. Fortunately, there are plenty of super healthy, tasty moist boosters to think of!

Make your own moisture booster

The apple juice variant: mix 1 part of organic cloudy apple juice with 2 parts of water and add a small pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt. Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt, in addition to sodium, are rich in other important minerals and trace elements, so you kill 2 birds with one stone: your water is much better absorbed and you replenish your electrolytes with the minerals and trace elements from the sea salt. Healthy drinking water from a water dispenser Morayfield.

Healthy Lemon Lemonade: mix freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice with clean water and sweeten it with raw honey, Stevie and/or coconut blossom sugar. Lemon has a cooling effect on the body: think in addition to the traditional 'lemonade' in hot weather also the hot lemon drink in case of fever. Fatigue is solved by drinking water.

The ice-cream variant: another delicious refreshing drink is homemade iced tea from dried peppermint with rooibos, supplemented with slices of fresh lemon and raw honey. We have delicious forest honey in our assortment.

The vegetable juice variant: mix freshly squeezed vegetable juice (especially beet, carrots, cucumber and celery are perfect) with a pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt. This juice is really a mineral bomb and therefore a topper for your electrolytes. You will drink mineral water from a water dispenser in Morayfield.

Drink your food: eat with this hot weather a lot of green smoothies and cold soups (like the traditional gazpacho) as a light meal or snack. Mix in a small dash of olive oil to also absorb the fat-soluble vitamins. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

Hangover? Even then these drinks help fantastic because even with a hangover the body has a shortage of fluids and electrolytes ....)
Be nice to your electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals that regulate, among other things, the moisture content in our body. In order to maintain your blood pressure and retain water (in the wrong places), it is important to provide extra electrolytes in hot weather. Electrolytes are minerals and that is what you get mainly from fruit and vegetables. So go outside to fresh salads, fresh vegetable juices and watery vegetables and fruits such as watermelon and cucumber. Fruit juice is also very healthy in terms of mineral content, but because fruit juice makes your blood sugar level unstable, it is never advisable to drink more than a small glass of fruit juice a day. Use water from a water dispenser Morayfield.

Be very moderate with coffee. Coffee is highly diuretic, which also means you lose a lot of minerals. That is, in addition to extra sweating, so double loss of minerals! Let the coffee stand for a while if you want to boost your stock of minerals.
What to do with low blood pressure due to hot weather

Drop increases blood pressure. That has nothing to do with the salt content; salty licorice increases blood pressure as much as sweet liquorice. The salt that is used in licorice is sal ammonia (ammonium chloride), which contains no sodium and therefore has no strong effect on blood pressure. Drop is made from a strong extract of the liquorice plant. Licorice contains glycerin, a substance that increases blood pressure. Laurierdrop is the strongest liquorice and does not contain salt or sugar. This licorice is therefore perfect to help raise low blood pressure and to get a good boost with tropical weather. We sell real old-fashioned laurel drops, from the jar.

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How much water should you drink from your water dispenser Morayfield during intensive exercise?

Sufficient drinking is important during exercise. Especially if you regularly exercise intensively. Intensive exercise requires a lot of your body and you lose a lot of sweat, and fluid. This moisture must be replenished and that means lots of drinking! This is essential because your body needs moisture to remove waste and maintain your body temperature. If you do not top up your fluid supply, this will not affect your performance. But how much water do you have to drink from your water dispenser Morayfield during exercise? Water Cooler with or without filtration.

Drink extra water during exercise. Keep moisture level drink water.

During exercise, you lose a lot of fluid through perspiration. Even if you sweat little, you still lose moisture through evaporation. Squash is an intensive sport and you lose a lot of fluid during training. Because, the more intensive the training, the more fluid you lose. This reduces your performance. Water is an important part of the blood. The truth about drinking water. If you drink too little, your blood will become syrupy, so nutrients will not be transported as well to your muscles.

In addition, water ensures that your body temperature is stable. That is why adequate drinking is very important during exercise to replenish the fluid that you lose. If you do not do this, there is a risk of dehydration. In the worst-case scenario, there is a risk of heart failure and kidney damage if there is not enough drinking. So make sure you drink enough and on time! The moment you get thirsty, you are actually already late. The dehydration is then already about 2%, under which your performance capacity has to suffer. How do you maintain your fluid balance and how much do you need to drink? Drinking water, is the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.

What is my moisture requirement?

To prevent you from getting too little fluid, it is best to teach yourself to drink a bottle of, for example, 500 ml before you start exercising and also start drinking immediately with water when you start your training. Make sure you always have a water bottle that you can drink from during your training. You can restore the rest of your moisture percentage after training. Would you like to know what your moisture requirement is? Then scroll further for a handy trick to calculate this.


Step on the scales immediately before and immediately after your training. Are you lighter? No, the difference in weight is unfortunately not because you have lost fat, but because you have lost fluid during exercise. Are you not lighter after exercise? Well done, you've had enough to drink! Is your weight before exercise more than after exercise? Then you have drunk too little and you have lost too much fluid during your training.

Drink plenty of water from your water dispenser Morayfield during exercise

7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Multiply your lost weight by 1.5 and you know how much extra you need to drink to get your fluid balance optimal. Suppose you are one kg lighter, so you drink 1.5 litres of water from your water dispenser Morayfield.

Rule of thumb

The aforementioned calculation is a handy tool to ensure that your fluid balance is not compromised. Exactly how much you should drink remains a difficult question, because the answer depends on many factors. Your height, weight, the intensity of training, length of training, humidity and weather play an important role in this.

In general, the rule of thumb is that you should drink between 150 - 300 ml per 15-minute effort. Depending on the weather and the effort level of your training. If you feel that this is perhaps too little or too much, adjust the amount of fluid to your own needs. In any case, make sure that you drink enough throughout the day, even on days when you don't plan a workout. have.

Tips for drinking enough water from your water dispenser Morayfield

Below are some practical tips that you can use to ensure that you always stay well hydrated.

  • Especially drink water. This is sufficient for average sports. If you exercise for more than 1.5 hours, you benefit more from an isotonic sports drink.
  • Too cold or too hot drinks are not recommended. The ideal temperature for drinking is around 10 - 15 degrees. At this temperature, the moisture is absorbed into your body the fastest.
  • Do not wait to drink until you are thirsty. Thirst is the very first signal of dehydration.
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol after your workout. On the contrary, these are moisture-repellent and increase the production of urine, so you can dry out more.
  • Is your urine dark after exercise? Then remember that next time you drink more water from your water dispenser Morayfield while exercising.

Keep your moisture level well balanced, good luck!

Drink a large part of the daily requirement in the morning from your benchtop or floor standing water dispenser Morayfield

Drinking around one litre in the morning, i.e. almost two-thirds of the daily requirement, not only prevents difficulty concentrating in the afternoon but also replenishes the body's supplies. The longer we sleep, the better our body manages to recycle its own reserves, researchers from the USA have found out. On short nights, however, the water-saving hormones cannot work as well and we feel exhausted after getting up.

Especially after a short night, it is important to immediately compensate for the greater loss of fluids and to drink a large part of the daily requirement in the morning anyway. This prevents headaches caused by lack of fluids or even migraines.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?