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Why drinking water from your water dispenser Moranbah is important during your detox

Most of us know that water has many benefits for our health. Actually, I should drink more water - Useful tips. During a detox, water can sometimes be even more effective than complicated detox shakes. But how can water help your body get rid of toxins? We investigate the importance of drinking enough water from a water dispenser Moranbah during your detox.
Water keeps us healthy and alive. It helps, among other things, in transporting nutrients to the cells in our body, ensures that our organs continue to function and supports digestion. It also plays an important role in supporting purification processes in your body. We explain why water is perhaps the most important part of your detox plan.


Drinking water helps us to wash away toxins in several ways. For example, without water, our digestive system could not work properly. The contents of our intestines would become too dry, leading to constipation. Water makes the stool softer, which means that we can get rid of our waste materials quickly and naturally. Water from a water dispenser Moranbah is also extremely important for our kidneys. The role of the kidneys is to filter and remove toxins from the blood and urine. The kidneys depend on water because they can not properly clean the body without water. Water with minerals is better than just tap water.


Other liquids are not nearly as beneficial. Drinks like soft drinks, black tea, coffee and all sugary drinks do the opposite of what they need to do. Instead of hydrating our bodies, they can worsen dehydration. Drink plenty of healthy water from a water dispenser in Moranbah. As a result, we have to drink more water to quench our thirst. Such drinks can also contain a lot of sugar and sodium. That is why it is important to avoid them during a detox.


Health and nutrition experts say that you should drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. For some, this sounds like a huge amount, but that is not so bad. It is easier to get the recommended amount if you split the day in two. Drink four to five glasses of water from a water dispenser Moranbah in the morning and end the day with another four to five glasses. To make this even easier, you can choose to drink water at the temperature you want, for example by storing it at room temperature or by adding ice. You can also polish up a bit by sprinkling in lemon.


Water not only helps our internal organs, but it also offers enough external benefits during your detox and at other times. To begin with, a warm, relaxing bath in pure water improves the blood supply in the skin and opens the pores to support the cleaning process. Also, add some movement for an extra detox effect. Just like a bath, moving also helps to sweat out toxins. Your bowels also work better, which is advantageous during a detox. In addition, drinking water from a water dispenser Moranbah helps to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.


Among the things that make our bodies work, there are electrical messages that are transmitted through the cells. For this, we need electrolytes, a type of salt whose ions have a positive or negative charge. The electrolytes must be replaced regularly, which is the job of the kidneys. If electrolytes are not renewed, we become dehydrated, which of course affects health. Most people know that it is important to hydrate well and that electrolytes are useful. But here it comes. Unless you are a high-intensity athlete or professional athlete, there is no reason to consume fancy sports drinks or electrolyte supplements. Nutrition experts claim that water contains enough electrolytes for those who exercise regularly. That's why drinking pure water is one of the best things you can do to hydrate your body.


12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. Besides the importance of water during the detox, water keeps us fit and healthy in many more ways. It is assumed that water plays an important role in the prevention of arthritis and other disorders. This would reduce inflammation and improve heart health. Finally, drinking water can slow down the signs of aging and help with weight loss. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit?

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Drink more besides water. I want to drink more, but what can I drink in addition to water? What can I drink healthily without sugar? Great tasting water from your water dispenser Moranbah.

We all know that drinking enough is healthy for our bodies. In practice, we measure the body composition of almost everyone: weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, and moisture percentage. However, many people have too little fluid in the body. We, therefore, advise: drink more! Everyone wants to drink more, but water is so boring, right? Don't we want water with a taste? But does it not contain sugar and/or sweeteners almost everywhere?

Sugar and sweeteners

If you want to pay attention to your body weight, sweetener-based products are better than regular sugar. Even better is avoiding both sweeteners and regular sugar. You increasingly see the use of the natural sweetener Stevia. This sweetener comes from the plant Stevia. Stevia is a 100% natural sweetener in contrast to, for example, aspartame and saccharin, which are artificial sweeteners. So prefer natural sweeteners such as stevia. Why filter tapwater?

Sugar recommendations

5 Helpful tips when losing weight by drinking water. Since March 2015, the new World Health Organization (WHO) guideline advises both adults and children to limit the daily intake of free sugars to a maximum of 10% of the total energy intake. For health improvement it is even advised to stay below 5%, this means a maximum of 25 grams of sugar per day! Drink more water from your water dispenser Moranbah. (all sugars included except the natural sugars of fruit, vegetables and dairy). So pay attention to your sugar intake (cookie, candy, ketchup, salad, soda etc).


Pack of juice

Most packs and bottles of (soft) drinks that are for sale contain (added) sugar. If it says "without added sugar" then there is often still sugar in it! Not only unhealthy for us but especially for our children. Examples of drinking from a water dispenser Moranbah without and with added sugar, increasing in quantities of sugar cubes:

Grape juice

Ingredients: Red grape juice
Per 250 ml glass, you or your child will receive 40 natural fruit sugars (still 10 "natural" sugar cubes!)

Grape juice

Ingredients: 85% red grape juice, 15% white grape juice.
You or your child receive 37.5 natural fruit sugars per 250 ml glass (more than 9 "natural" sugar cubes!)

Tropical fruits

Ingredients: water, 30% milk permeate, sugar, 7.5% fruit juice from concentrated fruit juice (apple, 0.5% passion fruit, 0.5% pineapple), cream, food acid (citric acid), aroma, stabilizer (pectin), colouring agent ( carotene), vitamin C.
Your child receives 30 grams of sugar per 7.5 ml glass (7.5 lumps).

Forest fruits

Ingredients: water, 30% milk permeate, sugar, 7.5% fruit juice from concentrated fruit juice (apple, 0.8% strawberry, 0.3% elderberry), cream, food acid (citric acid), stabilizer (pectin), flavourings vitamin C. Your child receives 30 grams of sugar per 7.5 ml glass (7.5 lumps). Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit?

Apple 100% pure juice.

Apple juice is obtained from juice concentrate. A 100% pure juice. 7 apples. Contains only naturally occurring sugars.
You or your child receive 26 g of sugar per 250 ml glass (6.5 "natural" sugar cubes)!

Tropical fruit, 30% less sugar

Ingredients: Water (from a water dispenser Moranbah), liquid milk components, 40%, fruit juice from concentrated fruit juice 6% (apple, pineapple 0.8%, passion fruit 0.3%), sugar, cream (with a fat content of 35%) <0.1%, stabilizer (pectin), food acid (citric acid), flavor, colorants (E160a, E160e), vitamin C.
For each 250 ml glass, you or your child will receive 20 grams of sugar (5 sugar cubes) and 4 sugar cubes in a pack.

Orange with vitamin C.

Ingredients. Water, 10% orange juice from concentrated juice, sugar, fructose syrup, aromas, food acid (citric acid), stabilizer (gum arabic), vitamin C.
Your child will receive 18 grams of sugar per 4.5 ml glass.

Raspberry with vitamin C.

Ingredients: Water, fructose syrup, food acid (citric acid), stabilizer (gum arabic), 0.1% red fruit juice based on concentrated juice (red grape, 0.01% raspberry, strawberry, black currant, elderberry, blackberry), acidity regulator ( sodium citrate), flavouring, vitamin C, sweeteners (cyclamate and saccharin), colourings (karmic acid and E150c). Your child receives almost 12 grams of sugar per 250 ml glass.

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Great tasting filtered water with minerals from a benchtop or floor standing water dispenser Moranbah

Drinking with meals dilutes stomach acid

There are several myths surrounding this topic. Allegedly, "drinking too much" is supposed to dilute stomach acid, which then worsens digestion. But that is nonsense, explains Peter. Regardless of whether you drink a lot or not - stomach acid works. "I don't have to worry about the stomach acid being diluted when I drink something. On the contrary, digestion is stimulated," said the doctor.

In addition, the body can better absorb vitamins from food if there is enough fluid in the intestine. But don't worry: if you forget to drink while eating, you won't dry out your intestines. Our body is a recycling master. Put simply, it pulls out all digestive juices at the end of the large intestine and sends them back up to the small intestine via the gall bladder and the lymphatic system and pours them back in there. Five to six litres of fluid pass through the intestines every day.

Drinking water helps you lose weight

Hunger and thirst are close to each other in the brain stem. This is why it is often difficult to clearly differentiate between hunger, thirst and appetite in everyday life. So if you have the feeling that you want to eat a snack, you could start with a glass of water. Often the feeling of hunger is superfluous. Nutritionists also recommend drinking a glass of water with the main meal. This promotes the saturation process and at the same time prevents the absorption of too much energy.

In contrast to satiety or the feeling of satiety, which occurs relatively quickly, it takes a little while to drink. It can take about half an hour for rehydration, i.e. restoration of the fluid situation, to take place.

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