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Tip: Water with fruit and herbs

Fruit Water. Water with fruit from a water dispenser Liverpool, when do they give it in my favorite cafes and on my favorite terraces? I would rather pay for it Home water with fruit is already quite cheap! And do not forget, very well against the thirst. And livestock much less boring than ordinary water. I have not been drinking soft drinks for years. There are too many sugars in me, but you also never see the artificial sugars from the light soda industry. Fruit drinks are, even if you do not see them, rich in sugar (and therefore in calories), and a whole day is too long for just soft drinks. I like to drink tea and my guilty pleasure is a latte. But in the summer I prefer to drink cold drinks! And yet with a tasty bite. Well, make water with fruit yourself. And luckily that is very easy! And good for your wallet. I once posted my 10 free recipes for fruit water. That became a direct hit last year. But sometimes I miss the so-called bite myself. Only fruit juice is fainting and gin and tonic is not the most responsible alternative. However, my fruit water may look like a gin and tonic, because the gin and tonic marketers have understood that the eye also wants something. Great tasting water made from your own tap from a water dispenser Liverpool. And adding herbs to my fruit water I also have a bit of this trend. Here you will find my best water with fruit and herbs, if you also have a nice or a beautiful photo, would you like to share it with me? Actually I should drink more water.

Water with fruit and herbs starts with a good base

Honest is honest, aim together that you think is tasty and you're already a long way as a recipes designer: fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and edible flowers. Better health with Prestige Water. Water with minerals from a water dispenser Liverpool.


  • Fruit: watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, berries, citrus fruit
  • Vegetable: cucumber, fennel, carrot, celery
  • Herbs: mint, rosemary, thyme, basil, coriander
  • Spices: cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, clove, cardamom, ginger, star anise, lemongrass
  • Edible flowers: lavender, rose petals, citrus blossom, violets

Apple cinnamon water

Apple with cinnamon is a delicious flavor combination, not for nothing the basis for an apple pie: fizzy and spicy at the same time!

  • Cut a piece of apple into slices and crush it with a mortar or pestle. Or easy: with a fork. That way the taste comes loose
  • Pour water and add 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks
  • It takes some time for water to take in the flavor of herbs, so leave it in the fridge for a few hours to ensure that the taste goes well into the water
  • Have the apple slices turned brown? Do not worry: take them out and replace them with fresh ones before you serve them, because that just looks better

Blueberry lemon mint water

  • What applies to all the fruits, applies to berries in particular: if you do not crush blue berries , it gives no taste to your water from a water dispenser Liverpool.
  • Crunch a few blueberries well so that they easily give off taste to the water
  • Add a few sprigs of mint and some slices of lemon
  • Let stand in the fridge for a few hours or rather for an entire night
  • With serving just add a few whole berries, then you still have a beautiful can to see.

Blueberry lavender water

  • Water with fruit. My favorite!
  • Add a lot of crushed blueberries to water
  • Add 5 to 8 lavender flowers (just pick them from your garden). Tip: if you plant lavender, take out the flowers every year. This can also let you dry. So you can do lavender throughout the year through your fruit water or use it to make tea yourself.
  • Let stand for several hours
  • Order with ice cubes for a wonderfully refreshing summer drink! Tip: put some blueberries or lavender in your ice cubes. You can just let that freeze and look great!

Lemongrass mint water

  • lemongrass mint water Lemon grass is super spicy and is used a lot in the oriental kitchen. In fruit water it is much underexposed. Healthy drinking water from a water dispenser Liverpool. What is sin, because it gives a surprisingly spicy taste to fruit water.
  • In combination with the fresh mint flavor you really put something special to your guests.
  • If you let lemon grass grow too long (the same applies to ginger for example), then you can extract fruit water very spicy. No problem: add a little raw honey and your fruit water has been restored!
  • Do you not find a lemongrass stalk much more fun to the eye than a spoon? I always have the same thing with celery sticks: the edible spoons in a smoothie.

Citrus star anise water

  • Citrus star anise water Let star anise draw a night in water and you get an amazingly full flavor. I also do not understand why star anise does not receive much attention in the fruity madness. Apart from a full taste star anise also gives a festive look to your glass, judge for yourself! Hot and cold water from a water dispenser Liverpool.
  • Moose citrus fruit such as (blood) orange or red grapefruit, add star anise and ice cream, and your fruit water does not linger for a good gin and tonic. With such a beautiful look, you naturally also take your festive glasses out of the cupboard! Festive drinking without alcohol. you can always treat yourself! Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.

Cranberry star anise lime water

  • Water with fruit. Cranberries are poorly available as fresh fruit, and certainly not all year round, but for this I have discovered the deep-freeze department of the supermarket!
  • Cranberries give a fresh sour taste to fruit water
  • Combine it with a little bit of raw honey or star anise to make the taste milder or slightly sweeter if you prefer
  • Garnish with a slice of lime as a nice color accent

Grapefruit rosemary water

  • Fruit water grapefruit rosemary Ever, when I was 20 years old, I learned to eat red grapefruits. I was on holiday in California and there I tasted for the first time how they should taste: fresh, slightly sour, delicious. I've been crazy since then! But I will never, never, never use unripe supermarket grapefruit.
  • With a few sprigs of rosemary, your grapefruit water becomes even fuller of flavor. Rosemary must be able to withdraw overnight to give off taste. If you do not have that time, use some hot water (which you then cool with ice cubes) or crush it well with a mortar.

Cinnamon water

  • cinnamon water Have you ever tried cinnamon water? Delicious!
  • Put boiled, hot water in a jug and add some cinnamon sticks
  • Let this cool down naturally and then put it in the refrigerator overnight
  • You will be surprised by the taste
  • Add as a few drops of raw honey or vanilla

Cucumber mint dill water

  • cucumber-mint. One of the easiest waterfalls from our own garden!
  • Cut some mint and dill from the garden, add some cucumber slices, and let it set in for a few hours and this fresh vegetable water is ready!

Mandarin basil water

  • mandarin-basil-water Mandarin, what a sensational difference in your water compared to the familiar orange!
  • Note: it is also the case with mandarins that you are good at crushing them. Simply adding mandarin parts in your water does not give off any taste. If necessary, cut at right angles to the segments, so that you get, as it were, a large cutting surface where flavor is given to the water.

Watermelon coconut water

  • watermelon coconut water Okay, here I am a bit of a cheater. In this recipe I do not use water but coconut water. Coconut water is very thirst-quenching and especially in the summer I like to use this! Note: do not buy coconut water from concentrate, that is only a waste of your money, because with coconut water that has little to do with. Nice and clean water from a water dispenser Liverpool.
  • Cut some pieces of ripe watermelon and add coconut water.
  • The photo is a bit disappointing. Cut some nice slices and prick them on the edge of your glass or add them as a slice in the water, looks much better?
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The importance of drinking enough water from your water dispenser Liverpool

A person consists of more than 55% water. Sufficient moisture is therefore very important for the human body. However, this is very underestimated! Research shows that only 15% actually receives the recommended daily amount of water. Often the reason given is that drinking water is simply forgotten or you have to pee too much. The recommended daily amount of fluid that we should receive is 7 glasses of water. We drink on average only 5. So we should drink two glasses of water more than normal, but why is this so important? Lemon water healthy and delicious.

The importance of water

Every day you lose around 2 liters of body fluids through urine and sweat, among other things. To keep your body water level, you must compensate for this loss by drinking enough. Body fluid has several functions: it is important for the absorption of nutrients in the intestines, it supports the transport of nutrients and waste and it regulates body temperature. If you drink insufficiently, various dehydration symptoms may occur. This affects your brain in particular, because it consists of around 80% water. For example, you may feel drowsy, weak and confused and, in the worst case, faint. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

The consequences

Drinking too little does not only cause physical symptoms. For example, your attention, reaction time, concentration and short-term memory deteriorate. In addition, it also has a significant impact on your mood. Research shows that less drinking has a negative influence on your mood and sensations. This has also been examined from day to day during normal activities of daily life. Participants were asked to consciously drink less than normal one day and drink more than normal the next. This subtle difference in drinking habits had a major impact on their mood! Where by drinking less the mood deteriorated, the mood improved by drinking more. Is water healthy? What a glass of water cannot do!

Be aware of your daily drinking habits and check whether you get 1.5 - 2 liters (7 glasses of water from your water dispenser Liverpool) per day. It is also important to compensate on warmer days or when you exercise, because you will lose extra moisture. You can certainly lose a quarter of a liter of moisture during your night's rest. If you structurally drink too little, you also wake up structurally dehydrated and you start every day with a backlog. So drink a glass of water from your water dispenser Liverpool as standard 1 hour before you go to sleep and immediately when you wake up! Filtered water or bottled water.

Nice Day app

If you find it difficult to get the recommended daily amount of glasses of water, you can schedule reminders to have a drink in the Nice Day app. Schedule a moment a few times a day to make a cup of tea or pour a glass of milk and register how you feel!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?