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Why is it important to drink enough water from your water dispenser Ipswich

The bulk of your body consists of water; almost 70%. Did you know that almost 70% of the earth's surface also consists of water? Actually I should drink more water - Useful Tips. However, 97% of that water is undrinkable. We all know that it is good to drink enough, but do you do that too?
Water ensures that nutrients are transported from our food to cells and that waste products are removed. For example, water helps you to regulate your body temperature. Great tasting water made from your own tap with water dispenser Ipswich. For example, if you have drunk little water or lose a lot of fluid in a short time, you will soon have very dark urine. The moisture percentage in your urine is then very low in relation to the percentage of kidney dyes, which gives the yellow color to urine. Good to have a drink at such a moment! Headaches can also be a sign that your body is deficient in water. If your blood does not contain enough water, your hypothalamus (a gland in the brain) gives a signal to your body: headache. That is why it is important to drink enough: at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day. Difference between spring water, mineral water and tap water, water dispenser Ipswich.

In Australia you can drink water from the tap, but in addition there is also spring water and natural mineral water. What is the difference now?

  •     Spring water may first be transported and only then put in bottles. It undergoes a purification process in some cases. There are about 10 recognized sources in Australia. Water with minerals is better than just tap water.
  •     Natural mineral water always comes from the same natural source, as in Chaudfontaine. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit. The name of the source is recognized and that guarantees a constant quality. Spring water can come from different natural sources and does not always have to be of constant quality, because the composition always differs. Natural mineral water is bottled directly into bottles without treatment as it is taken out of the ground. Spring water may first be transported and then bottled in bottles. No plastic bottled going to waste with water dispenser Ipswich. Natural mineral water is immediately put into bottles when it is taken out of the soil; it does not undergo hardly any purification process. This ensures that mineral water still contains natural substances, such as minerals, sodium and potassium. Some sources, such as the source of Chaudfontaine, are thermal: water that rises there is warmer than 37 degrees. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.
  •     Tap water meets strict requirements in Australia and is therefore always drinkable, in contrast to other countries. Yet the taste is not the same everywhere and people sometimes prefer spring water or natural mineral water. Healthy drinking water from a water dispenser Ipswich.

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Drinking water from your water dispenser Ipswich and walking in warm weather conditions

In recent years, practicing endurance sports such as cycling, running and warming up in hot weather conditions has received much attention in the media. The risk of heat problems is most present when the temperature suddenly rises sharply in combination with high humidity. At that time we are even less used to and adjusted to the temperatures. In warm conditions, more moisture is lost due to sweating. But even at milder temperatures of even below or around 20 degrees, an endurance athlete can overheat due to the effort that is made. Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Especially with activities that are practiced at a relatively high intensity (1 to 1.5 hours of exercise) the chance of problems in the heat is increased. The following conditions can occur:

Heat cramp

A common heat disorder is cramping. These are painful contractions of the muscles, usually the calf muscle. This is the result of a combination of fluid loss and a large and / or long-term strain on your muscles. The treatment consists of gently stretching the cramped muscle and replenishing the fluid loss by drinking (sports drink). Great tasting water from your Benchtop or Floor Standing water dispenser Ipswich. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

Heat exhaustion

A heat exhaustion can occur if the body generates more heat than the body loses due to the effort. As already mentioned, the risk of this is greatest in warm, humid conditions, if there is too little drinking before and / or during exercise and if clothing that is too warm is worn. Heat exhaustion gives a flu-like picture. The temperature of the body will often rise to 40 degrees due to the effort. The athlete often has a headache, is nauseous and can no longer maintain the pace used. Taking action on time is important because a heat exhaustion can turn into a heat stroke (see below). The treatment of heat exhaustion consists of placing the person in a cool place and cooling the body by placing icepacks in the neck, armpit, neck and groin or by cooling the person with running cold water or cold wet towels. .

Heat stroke

Make sure you are drinking plenty of filtered water from your water dispenser Ipswich. A heat stroke is a very serious heat injury, which can lead to death if the intervention is not or too late. Early recognition and treatment is therefore of great importance. With a heat stroke the body temperature has risen above 40 degrees and the nervous system no longer functions normally. Symptoms that occur are: headache, confusion, loss of coordination, convulsions and loss of consciousness. The heat stroke treatment consists of rapid and intensive cooling of the body through ice packs, cold running water or a cold water bath. It is important to realize that heat stroke can occur on days when the temperature is 20 degrees; it doesn't even have to be extremely hot!

Tips to reduce the risk of overheating

    Sweat must evaporate

Wear light, breathable clothing made of loosely woven material, so that sweat can evaporate easily. Black and dark clothing increase the risk of overheating. With a headband you can keep sweat out of your eyes.

    Protect from the sun

UV rays can damage the eyes and cause skin cancer. With a cap you keep your head cool and protect your face and neck against burns. Sunglasses or dark contact lenses are not a superfluous luxury in bright sunshine. And in the long term this is also better for your eyes: a win-win situation. Also, don't go out without protecting the skin with a sunscreen with a good protection factor (BF) or a Sun Protection Factor (SPF). We recommend using a minimum of 30 or 50 in Ipswich.

    Air temperature and WBGT

Maybe a light does not come on right here. The air temperature gives an indication of the "heat stress" to which the body is exposed. The WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) is an accurate method to measure it, because it also takes into account humidity, wind and radiation from the sun. For sports associations, the WBGT is a good guideline for determining whether competitions can continue or whether additional measures must be taken.

    Drink enough, but in moderation!

Moisture and water are the most important points of attention at high temperatures. But drinking water from your water dispenser Burpengary alone is not enough, because you also lose salt with sweating. Why filter tapwater. This can lead to a shortage of salt (especially the sodium component) in the blood, which can cause problems. Therefore alternate water with sports drink: it contains salt.

The easiest way is to know about yourself how much you sweat while running; because this can be very different per person! But how do you find out how much you actually sweat? Step on the scales occasionally before and after training. Try to drink so much that you have not lost more than 2% of your body weight.

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However, what if you drink too much water? Try to drink the right amount of filtered alkaline water from the Benchtop or Floor Standing water dispenser Ipswich

If the body is given too much water, the kidneys can no longer absorb it and the body becomes over hydrated. This can lead to nausea and vomiting, headache, fainting, and muscle weakness or cramps.

The aim is to take in enough water for the body to function, but not to exceed the kidney's excretion capacity.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?