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Healthy Water, Power full Medicine

Everyone needs water for good health because we account for about two-thirds of this wet substance. How do you know if you are drinking enough water? However, there are plenty of people who do not want water and this can initially unnoticed.

Our body can spend a month without solid food, but depending on the weather, up to a week without water. The human body needs 3 litres of water per day. About 1 litre we get through solid food, 0.5 litres via residual products of chemical body processes (oxidation water) and 1.5 litres through drinking of moisture. Foodstuffs such as coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar and alcohol appeal to our water supply and therefore we need more water when consumed. We can not add these drinks to the 1.5 litres of moisture per day from your water dispenser Emerald. It is not for nothing that water is always given in restaurants with red wine and an espresso.

Our body consists of approximately 60,000,000,000,000 cells (60 billion) and must be fed with nutrients and wasted waste. The solvent in which it occurs is simply water. The water level in our cells depends on the amount of extracellular fluid, the moisture outside the cells, and in our body. In our body we have a total of 25 litres of water in all cells, between the cells are 12 litres of water and in our blood, we have 5 litres of water circulating. Water also functions as a heat buffer and transport medium.

Babies consist of more than 80% of water. In the past, adults also consisted of 80% of water and 60% of books. Whether we slowly dry out, or if the measurement methods have been improved nowadays, is unclear, but many of us have a chronic moisture shortage. In case of chronic dehydration, you become unnoticed, your body cells can no longer get rid of waste and slowly poison yourself. These are the consequences of drinking too little water. A moisture shortage is a real assassin! Make sure that you are always well hydrated.

Part of the body% water:

  • Brains 80 - 85
  • Kidneys 83 - 88
  • Muscles 73 - 78
  • Blood 90 - 93
  • Bottom 13 - 22

How many litres of water should you drink. We lose 0.5 litres of fluid through our skin, 0.5 litre via respiration, more than 1.5 litres via urine and only 0.1 litres through the stool. The large intestine is responsible for absorbing moisture because the body is very economical.

It, therefore, seems that it's what your thoughts and words are against a can with water. There is a lot of water vitalizes on the market that can also water energetically clean water. I can not say much about it because these devices require the necessary investment and I do not have experience with myself.

To get back to water and your health: drinking water from your water dispenser Emerald is therefore vital! Listen to your body if you have a thirst. If you do not like drinking water, you can cheer up with some mineral salt or you can prepare a day when you have added mint, orange, lemon or a little cucumber. Betting that can not reach the end of the day at your desk? Water can also make you lose weight because your liver does not have to store fat but can drain through the stool and kidneys. In addition, water also gives a saturated feeling and you eat less. Drinking while eating is not recommended diluting the digestive enzymes. Herb tea is also a great way to replenish your moisture. Fruit drinks are not because there are a lot of sugars in them.

If you have thirst, you are dehydrated and you are late. Try to prevent the signal from being thirsty and drink regularly.

Finally, I want to conclude with the discovery in 1969 of college student Mpemba in Tanzania. He discovered that in the freezer, freezing hot water rather than cold water, try it at home again. Put the cooked hot water in the freezer and it is frozen before. This is because all kinds of contaminants float with water boiling. Thus, heating water does not only keep your body at a temperature, but it also contains fewer toxins. How many drinks does a child need?

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Moisture balance: tips for extra drinking from your water dispenser Emerald

Summer is finally in the country and the temperature is rising. Urgent time to adjust our fluid intake.
DRINK UP! Effortlessly drink more with these tips:

    On the way

Always take a small bottle of water with you in your handbag, sports bag, or briefcase. If you want to grab your smartphone at the tram stop at a dead moment, you will be reminded to drink.

Why do you only carry a can of coke in the car when you are on the road for a long time? If you know how much time we spend in the car, you can kick back a lot of litres of water. Use the daily traffic jams to hydrate yourself.

    Place bottles of water in places where you often go

Drinking plenty of water gives the body what it needs. To remind yourself to drink water from your water dispenser Emerald, you can put bottles of water in places where you often go, for example, next to your computer or on the seat. If you pass these places, you take at least one sip of water. It can also help to drink a sip of water if, for example, you wait for your copy to roll out of the printer.

Place a large water glass or water bottle on your desk. Every workplace is required to provide its employees with drinking water. If you are not used to drinking often, it is best not to place a too large bottle/glass of water on your desk because this can be daunting

    Make it a habit

It is easier to maintain a healthy habit if it becomes part of your daily routine. It can help to have a glass of water at set times. For example, the first immediately after you get up and the last before you go to sleep. Also, have something to drink with every meal and every snack. Why you must drink water when getting up in the morning.

    Drink after every toilet visit

Teach yourself to drink water from your water dispenser in Emerald after you go to the toilet. This way you get a kind of vicious circle, but you also immediately complete your fluid balance.

    Use a refillable bottle or water bottle

Make sure you always have a colourful, refillable water bottle with you at all times and everywhere.
- Make markings on the can such that you link every 100 to 200 ml for example with one hour.
- Strive to drink up to the line that matches the correct hour. That way you will be more aware of drinking water and you will find that it is not that hard to meet your daily needs.
- Indicate on the drinking canister how many drinking cans you should drink per day in order to arrive at a recommended daily intake.
- A small canister of 0.5 or 0.75 litres can be more motivating to drink than a large 1.5-litre bottle because your smaller canister is emptying faster.

    Give your water more taste

Feel free to try the following variations. Drinking water does not have to be boring.
  • strawberries and basil leaves
  • orange and coriander
  • watermelon and a sprig of mint
  • mint and lime
  • freshly sliced ginger and pineapple
  • cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint
  • slices of citrus fruit, such as grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon or a combination thereof

    Keep water fresh

Store your water bottle in the fridge and the other drinks at room temperature. If it is hot outside, you definitely opt for the fresh thirst quencher. This makes water all the more attractive.

    Water-rich food

The moisture that your body needs, you get not only from drinks but also from food. You 'eat' about one litre of the required fluid every day.

For example, the watermelon lives up to its name, since it consists of more than 90 per cent water. A salad is full of water and contains few calories if you omit the fatty dressing. The combination of fibre and water in vegetables brings moisture and gives a full feeling. For example, when you eat out, start the meal with a clear soup. Bouillon is mainly moisture and ensures that you fill up faster.

    Dilute with water

Do you love fresh fruit juice? You do not have to completely kick out of these sugar bombs right away, but you can gradually mix your glass of fruit juice with water from your water dispenser Emerald. Drinking plenty of clean water. When making smoothies you can dilute them with water instead of dairy or juice.

Try to use more water while cooking/preparing food. Try a splash of water instead of olive oil in a dressing. When stir-frying, don't just grab sauce but mix the sauce with water.

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Water against thirst, drink plenty from the water dispenser Emerald

"The Nutrition Society recommends a daily intake of 1.5 to 2.5 litres of liquid as a guideline," explains Peter from the health management department. "Even a slight lack of water in the body can lead to health restrictions, exhaustion and a lack of concentration." In a professional context, employers are therefore asked to make sufficient and regular drinking an issue. "It doesn't always have to be the water dispenser in the hallway. Our tap water is an excellent thirst quencher - and the quality is also right.

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