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A healthy way to lose weight with cucumber water

What does drinking 2 litres of water your day with your body? Do you have a refreshing and cooling drink that is also very effective in combating overweight? Then add slices of cucumber to fresh water and make your own cucumber water in this way. Why add cucumber to water. Water is an essential nutrient.

cucumber water

It is important to get enough moisture a day. Two litres of water distributed throughout the day are recommended. Put a bottle in the kitchen and completely empty it or divide the two litres over 8 glasses. Still, drinking water can stand up against it. You do not always go in just water, but you could add a taste here. Cucumber water is an excellent replacement for plain water. It is healthy, tastes delicious and is refreshing. In addition, it is also beneficial if you want to lose weight.

Cucumber water and losing weight

Can you lose weight by drinking water? If you want to lose weight, it's easiest to replace soft drinks and other calorie drinks with water. Beer contains 40 calories per 100 ml, and a glass of apple juice contains about 115 calories. Water contains no calories, but has a little flavour, while a whole cucumber contains less than 50 calories. Of these, add only a few slices, so cucumber water can be labelled as a calorie arm. Besides that cucumber water contains few calories, it also ensures that you have a saturated feel between the meals. You will therefore have less time for snacks. What's beneficial if you want to lose weight. Healthy filtered drink water from your water dispenser Caboolture.

Cucumber water is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamins A and C. An undetected effect, but it does not bother, it does not harm that cucumber water would have a beneficial effect on the skin. Cucumber contains large amounts of silicon, in the form of silicon dioxide a substance that is also used in the treatment of acne. In addition to drinking cucumber water, cucumber eating can help to lose weight. Great tasting water from your water dispenser Caboolture. There is even a cucumber diet, which you can find here.

Recipe for cucumber water:

Making cucumber water is childishly easy.


    1 cucumber
    2 litres of spring water
    1 big can

cucumber water with strawberry

Also, add strawberries to the cucumber water!


  • Wash the cucumber.
  • Peel the cucumber.
  • Make thin slices of the cucumber.
  • Place the slices in a can of fresh water.
  • Let them take a few hours (preferably in the fridge for a night).
  • Add possibly the cucumber of water, if necessary, mint leaves, lemon or strawberries.

Drink, Tasty!
Want to lose more than a few pounds in a short time without hunger? Bottled water contains fewer minerals than tap water.

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Does drinking more water from your water dispenser Caboolture help with weight loss? 5 Tips + explanation!

Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? When we talk about weight loss tips, you often hear many people say that food is the most important thing. For the most part, these people are of course right since you will only lose weight if your body is in a negative energy balance. When losing weight fast, however, it is also extremely important to pay attention to what you drink.

Drinking water can make losing weight a lot easier, for example. What exactly is this: losing weight by drinking water, is this a fable or a fact?

In this article, you will discover how drinking water can help you lose weight.


    Why drink water to lose weight?
        1. Drinking water ensures a faster metabolism
        2. Water cleanses your body of toxins
        3. Water contains no calories
        4. Water makes you less hungry
        5. Water provides energy:

Just drinking more water is not enough.
How much water per day to lose weight?
Tips for drinking more water from your water dispenser Caboolture.
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Why drink water to lose weight?

Let's start from the beginning: "Why is it so healthy to drink water if you want to lose weight?" The answer to this is probably a lot more extensive than you would expect. Children and drinking water. There are various health benefits that drinking water has to offer you.

Below you will find 5 reasons why drinking water will help you lose weight

1. Drinking water ensures a faster metabolism

You can speed up your metabolism by simply drinking a little more water. You might not expect it, but simply drinking enough will make your metabolism work a little faster. This means your body will automatically burn more calories without you noticing. In this way, it becomes of course easier to handle an energy shortage. Filtered water or bottled water.

2. Water cleanses your body of toxins

If your body breaks down fat, waste is released. It is important for our health that these waste materials are disposed of immediately. If this does not happen, then these toxins will remain in your body so that you can start to feel lost. By drinking enough water you ensure that the toxins disappear from your body. This will not immediately cause you to become slimmer. It is true that you are more likely to eat badly when you do not feel well.

3. Water contains no calories

As we said at the start of this article, losing weight is primarily about an energy shortage. If you get fewer calories than you burn, you will lose fat. Calories not only come from food, but also from energy-rich drinks such as soft drinks, fruit juice, etc. We often hear people say: "Why don't I lose weight? I exercise so often and eat healthy! " Is water healthy? However, if you regularly drink these kinds of drinks, the number of kcal naturally increases quickly, which may make you feel like you are still in an energy surplus. Replace this type of drink with water and you will not get any extra calories but you will still feel saturated.

4. Water makes you less hungry

This point is reasonably in line with the previous point. Because if you drink enough, your body will not get hungry as quickly. This is partly because your body remains full. Preventing hunger is of course extremely important as hunger or hunger will ensure that you grab a quicker unhealthy snack.

5. Water provides energy:

Our body consists of a very large part of water. It is therefore important for different processes to stay well hydrated, you will find that you have much more energy if you drink enough from your water dispenser Caboolture. This probably makes you feel a lot better!

Just drinking more water is not enough

As you can read above, there are therefore sufficient reasons to drink water while slimming. However, simply drinking a little more water can make you lose weight without exercising or paying attention to your diet. As long as you do not eat healthily and consume too much kcal, you will never lose weight. The basis is an energy shortage. If this is in order then water can be a handy tool that will help you lose weight. So don't see water as a panacea but more as an aid.

How much water per day to lose weight?

If we look at an average person, this person needs about one and a half to two litres of water per day from your water dispenser Caboolture. Under some circumstances, this may differ slightly and you may need more. For example, if you exercise a lot or follow a strict diet, it is wise to drink more water. In this case, 2 to 3 litres of water per day is a good guideline. However, spread this over the entire day.

Drink more easily with these ten tips

Drinking tip: start the day with a glass of water from a benchtop or floor standing water dispenser Caboolture

Drinking is actually a matter of habit. When you start drinking a large glass of water every day after getting up, you have not only done something to improve your water balance, but you are also creating a new drinking habit. You will notice how soon you will automatically and naturally reach for the water glass in the morning.

Drinking tip: have water close at hand

If you always have a water bottle or glass of water within sight or close at hand, it will be easier for you to drink enough throughout the day - because that is a visible reminder. This tip is particularly suitable for the workplace because it is there that many people forget to drink.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?