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Water with a taste (use filtered water from Prestige Water Dispenser Bundaberg)

Water with a Taste - a nice alternative to weight loss

With every diet it is very important to drink a lot of water, but sometimes water is just boring. Water Cooler with or without filtration. For dinner or on a hot summer day, at the garden or at a party, you will also want to drink something different. Unfortunately, most drinks from the supermarket have a lot of calories and worse sugars. The supermarkets have handed it up and now sell water with a taste. Zero calories, but full of preservation and flavors. To become really healthy and stay healthy, it is very important to use as many natural foods as possible. Truth about drinking water. Fortunately, this is not difficult. You fill a glass or can with water, add a few slices of lemon or other fruit and possibly herbs. You can put it in the fridge and add ice cubes if you want a really nice cool drink. And finished. Great tasting water from a water dispenser Bundaberg.

Flavors that fit well together

  • lemon and mint
  • cucumber and mint
  • lemon or lime and mint
  • lemon and ginger
  • cherries and lime
  • lemon and blueberries
  • strawberry and mint
  • orange and raspberries
  • lemon and basil
  • cucumber, lemon and mint
  • cucumber and basil
  • apple and grapes
  • watermelon and rosemary
  • kiwi and mint
  • watermelon and mint
  • orange, lemon and lime
  • strawberry and lemon
  • pineapple and mint
  • lemon, mint and lavender

Slice the cucumber into slices (handy with the cheese ham), the fruit in slices or cubes. crush the herbs so that the flavors are released well. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.

The fruit and herbs you add have almost no calories, so you can drink a lot. However, I would keep it for dinner or a night out, at the barbecue, sitting in the sun and so on. Keep it special, then you have less idea that you are watching your figure and more feeling that you spoil yourself with a special drink. Grab a nice glass, decorate the glass with a piece of fruit or spice and add ice cubes. You will see that you're enormously refreshed during a diet there. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with a water dispenser Bundaberg. Yes, we are local!

Would you like to have sweet but healthy drinks, then the course. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Of course, sugar-free may be something for you. I would like to use Stevia myself. You can also fill the drinks in small bottles or make it. Put them in the freezer or prepare them well in advance so that they are also really cold.

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What does lemon juice do for your body? Why drink water from a water dispenser Bundaberg?

Did you know that lemons and limes are related to each other? So you can also use limes. These are slightly more acidic than lemons but have a fresher taste again. If you start the day by drinking the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm vital water then you are sure that you will start your day super healthy. You can possibly repeat this in the evening. Of course you can also process the juice through your vegetable / fruit juice. As a result, you slow down the oxidation process and your vegetable / fruit juice therefore has a much longer shelf life. Lose weight by drinking water.
Great tasting water made from your own tap from a water dispenser Bundaberg. Unlike the peel of mandarins, oranges or grapefruit, the zest of the lemon and lime is digestible for our bodies. So you don't have to peel lemons if you want to process them through your vegetable / fruit juice, but the juice can taste much sharper. It is best to use organic lemons / limes because they do not contain wax and toxic pesticides.

Lemons are rich in Potassium and Vitamin C.

Potassium is an essential mineral for our body. Potassium is good for your heart, among other things, it regulates muscle contraction, nerve function, our blood pressure and it calms our central nervous system. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is good for your resistance and neutralizes malignant bacteria. Lemon juice is also one of the best remedies against infections of our respiratory system. In addition, it ensures a properly functioning nervous system, blood vessels, skin, healthy bones, teeth and promotes the absorption of iron. Mix lemon juice with a glass of water from your water dispenser Bundaberg.

You stay young and vital for longer.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant. Anti-oxidants neutralize the free radicals. These are harmful particles that cause aging and disease. Healthy drinks instead of water.

It optimizes your fat burning so that you will lose weight easily.

Lemon juice stimulates bile production in your liver. Bile is a digestive juice. It promotes your digestion and therefore your fat burning. If your fat burning goes up you will therefore be able to lose weight more easily.

Lemon juice has an alkalizing effect on our body.

Alkalisation means nothing but making our body more basic and therefore less acidic. Basic is the opposite of acid. Most people suffer from acidification. This is due to our current diet and lifestyle. You can think of sugars, carbohydrates, stress, electrosmog, chemical drugs, etc. In addition, people don't drink enough water! Read the blog here how the moisture balance can be restored. There are many minerals in water from a water dispenser Bundaberg. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.
Lemon juice is fairly acidic but because it stimulates our pancreas to produce basic buffers, it can neutralize acids. It therefore balances your pH value. The pH value says something about the acidity in our body. Our blood has a pH between 7.35 and 7.40. It is of the utmost importance that the pH value of our blood remains stable, a pH value of 7.2 instead of 7.4 results in death.

You get beautiful skin from it.

Lemon juice removes toxins faster because it is a urine repellent. Because your toxins are removed faster, it purifies your blood as it were. You will notice this almost immediately (usually within a week) from the skin. You start to shine again and your skin looks healthier. Pimples but also spots and fine lines will decrease in the foreseeable future. How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Call us today and get your water dispenser Bundaberg delivered tomorrow.

Yes, Water Dispenser Bundaberg, We are local.

The wonderful summer days are tempting to spend as much time as possible outside. A terrace during the lunch break, by bike to work or maybe you even have the chance to work outside all day. At home or on the terrace of your favorite coffee bar or co working spot. Even if you are not in the full sun with your laptop, because of the heat it is important to drink enough water from a water dispenser Bundaberg Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Your body needs it. If you dry out, your ability to concentrate also decreases.

Cold drink

The basic rule is that we have to drink around 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid from your water dispenser Bundaberg per day, which is around 8 to 10 glasses. If you are in the heat during the day, you can get dehydrated faster, so you have to drink and aim more often for at least 2 liters spread throughout the day. Lemon water healthy and delicious. Drinking too much water is very unlikely, but if you go to the toilet a lot and your urine really looks pale, you probably drink more than you need.

Water is a very good option, but if you prefer something with a bit more flavor, add some citrus fruits - lemon, lime, orange - or perhaps cucumber and mint. Avoid not only alcohol but also sugary drinks.  Fruit water.

Hot beverage

A cup of tea or coffee may sound like the last thing you want on a scorching hot afternoon, but it turns out to be a good way to lower your body temperature and get your sweat glands into action. Sweating cools the body. Make sure you are drinking plenty of filtered water from your water dispenser Bundaberg.

A hot drink does not always help, there are a number of conditions.

  • There must be a dry heat. In hot, humid weather, a hot drink is useless. Drink more from your water dispenser Bundaberg.
  • You can walk around with airy clothing. but that is not always possible and certainly not everywhere. In any case, wear clothing that is as thin as possible so that your sweat can evaporate properly.

Read also: Drinking water and losing weight.

New drinking habits: tips to finally drink more from your water dispenser Bundaberg

Whether adding a taste to the mineral water with cucumbers, herbs and fruit or establishing new drinking habits - here are ten ingenious tips to finally drink more quickly.

Whether adding a taste to the mineral water with cucumbers, herbs and fruit or establishing new drinking habits - here are ten ingenious tips to finally drink more quickly.

Don't forget to drink! Drinking enough water from your Benchtop or Floor Standing water dispenser Bundaberg is important for your body and health - but it is often forgotten. You can get used to drinking. Here are the best drinking tips for you.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?