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Why drinking enough water is so important

We often hear that water is important to our health. But why exactly? Actually I should drink more water. Why is moisture indispensable for our bodies? And what happens if you drink too little? We have the most important points and why drinking enough water is so important for you.

Why drinking enough water is so important. Fruit water.

1: Indispensable for optimal brain function

Studies show that even light dehydration can reduce various brain functions. For example, it appears that a moisture shortage:

  •     You can disrupt your mood
  •     Your concentration ability can decrease
  •     Disadvantages for your working memory
  •     Anxiety can increase
  •     Can provide a tired feeling

2: Maximum physical performance

Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. If we do not drink enough water, our physical performance may deteriorate. If you lose 2% of your total body water, this can already have a noticeable effect. To give you a bit of a picture of that 2%: for athletes it is not uncommon to lose 6 to 10% of their body water through sweat.
A shortage of fluid can make sports feel a lot heavier, that you feel tired more quickly, that you have less motivation and that your body has more trouble regulating your temperature. In addition, an optimal moisture balance also protects against the oxidative stress that occurs during intensive exercise.

3: Water helps to prevent constipation

In the prevention of constipation you probably immediately think of fiber-rich food. Fibers are certainly important here, but they can not do their job well if you do not drink enough. In fact, constipation can actually worsen if you ingest a lot of fiber, but not enough fluid. Drinking enough water is certainly necessary here.

4: Can reduce headaches

If you do not get enough fluid, this can cause headaches or even trigger migraine attacks. Various studies have shown that water can help to alleviate headaches. Especially the duration and intensity of headaches can be reduced by drinking enough. However the extent of the effect of water consumption on your headache depends on the type of headache. Water drinking will therefore not always help you to get rid of your headache.

5: Water helps you to slim down

Drinking water and losing weight. Getting enough fluid helps you reduce feelings of hunger and this helps you to eat fewer calories. In addition, drinking water helps to boost your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories. Eating fewer calories and burning more calories at the same time contributes to a larger caloric deficit. Your body will therefore burn more fat to fill this shortage. In addition, water is of course also the ideal alternative for sugar-rich drinks. By replacing soft drinks, sweetened dairy drinks and fruit juices with water, your sugar and calorie intake decreases considerably. Sufficient drinking water is therefore advisable during weight loss.

6: Contributes to healthy kidneys

You can see our kidneys as small purification plants for our blood. They filter no less than 200 liters of blood every day. Wastes are removed from our blood and then discharged via our urine. However, your kidneys do need sufficient water for this process. If you have a lack of moisture, this has an adverse effect on the discharge of the waste and can increase the risk of kidney stones.

7: Make sure you drink enough

A good moisture balance is therefore of great importance. It helps you to feel fit and energetic and to prevent headaches, kidney stones and constipation. In addition, drinking enough water will help you to deliver better sports performance and to lose excess pounds or prevent you from arriving.

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