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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Dispenser Albany Creek

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Hydrate, how does that work

Can your skin actually absorb moisture? How do moisturizers work? And do you get or do not drink beautiful skin from a lot of water? Over hydrate and lose (too much) moisture. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body.

An impermeable, waterproof jacket.

Your skin is like a coat. A jacket that protects the body from external influences such as bacteria, viruses, dirt, heat and cold. But also against moisture. Our jacket is virtually waterproof. Water can hardly penetrate; the skin can only allow moisture to escape from the inside out. This happens, for example, with perspiration, if the body has to lose heat. The moisture on the skin provides for cooling when evaporating. Drink plenty of water from the Water Dispenser Albany Creek.

How does (and lose) the skin get moisture?

The skin is impermeable as it is called. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. Either the skin is virtually impervious to water. Only the outer (horn) layer can absorb a very small amount of water. Fortunately, otherwise we would not be able to walk through the rain, lie in the pool or shower extensively. Too bad at the same time: it would be easier to hydrate. Because: how is the skin now hydrated? This is done from the deeper skin layer; from inside. Due to this water the (outer) skin layer remains flexible and certain reactions can take place such as the renewal of the skin and the loss of dead skin cells. But this moisture can also leave the skin.

How can the skin dry out?

There are several reasons that the skin loses (too much) moisture. The most important: a poorly functioning skin barrier. Great tasting water from the Water Dispenser Albany Creek. Damage to the outside, such as wrong or incorrectly used cosmetics, but also due to stress and aging, closes 'the coat' less well and moisture can easily escape from the skin. This can also happen due to certain (weather) conditions, such as dry air or cold and inclement weather, or by taking a long and too hot shower. The skin can also become dehydrated if there are insufficient substances available that can retain water. And finally, a skin can become dry when the transport of water from the deeper skin layers to the superficial skin is too slow.

How do moisturizers and other 'moisturizing' cosmetics work?

What exactly can cosmetics do for the moisture balance of the skin? Cosmetics can start to ensure that the skin barrier becomes and remains strong. Skin care can also supplement the amount of moisture-binding substances in the skin and / or apply a layer over the skin so that moisture will escape less well. Healthy drink water from the Water Dispenser Albany Creek. Important moisturizing ingredients that you also find in Dr. Jetske Ultee finds, for example, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sodium PCA, fatty alcohols (cetyl and cetearyl alcohol), silicones and shea butter. Special substances that restore and protect the skin barrier (quickly) and thus prevent the skin from losing moisture quickly include oatmeal extract, ceramides (in combination with cholesterol and free fatty acids), phytosphingosine. You can find these ingredients in the Repair Cream.

Drinking water for a beautiful skin?

Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. Water, an essential nutrient. Does it help to drink a lot of water to let your skin shine? Not really. Of course you can drink water or tea better than many soda for many reasons. But drink extra water to get rid of dry skin or to let your skin shine? Unfortunately. Research shows that water passes the body too quickly to have this effect on the skin. Moisture is needed to keep the skin sufficiently hydrated. There are so many minerals in the water after filtration from the Water Dispenser Albany Creek. But that bottle of water will not go directly to the upper skin layer.

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