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We can offer you free unlimited great-tasting water.

More and more Homes, Offices and Businesses choose a filtered water cooler instead of buying bottled water. It all makes sense, who likes to pay a fortune on bottled water if you can easily make your own. Prestige Water is Australia's largest water cooler/dispenser company with a filter bottle. Yes, all our models will have a self-filling filtration bottle including a filter cartridge. You use your own tap water and the filter will filter and purify the water for you. This means you never have to buy bottled water again. Here are some of our models to choose from. Please click on one of the pictures and you will get all the information you need.

Bench Top Water Coolers Wollongong     PRICE Bench Top Water Coolers Wollongong

Floor Standing Water Coolers Wollongong     PRICE Floor Standing Water Coolers Wollongong

Check out our water cooler Wollongong range and we offer the best prices in Australia. The Bench Top water cooler Wollongong with filter is perfect for Home and Small Office use. This water dispenser will dispense chilled water and there is an option for hot water as well. Instant hot, filtered water is available for coffee, tea, and other hot water drinks. If you do not like to use the hot water facility you can switch it off at the back of the water cooler, and this tap will dispense room-temperature water. The Floor Standing Water Cooler Wollongong works the same as our Bench Top model. You can put this water cooler anywhere you like. At the bottom, there is a 20 ltr storage cabinet. You can put some cups or glasses in here.

Spoil yourself every day with very nice tasting drinking water from one of our water dispensers. To own one of our complete products starts from $299 and most of the time we have specials as well. Please call us to find out the best deal possible.

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Only $ 299 for the Bench Top Water Cooler System Wollongong

Only $ 399 for the Floor Standing Water Cooler System Wollongong

Benchtop Water Cooler Wollongong
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The power of Lemon juice / Lime juice with water from a water cooler in Wollongong

It is often said that drinking lemon water when standing up is very good for cleansing the liver and also helping your digestive system get going. This is entirely true, but did you know that lemon juice or lime juice can do much more for you?

Lime juice

Lemons and limes are rich in citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. We give you 10 other reasons to add lemon juice to your water! Lemons are rich in vitamin C and potassium, which stimulate your brain and nerves. Potassium also helps to control high blood pressure. Although lemons are very acidic, it works alkalizing in the body. This is due to all minerals. There are many good minerals in water from a water cooler in Wollongong.

It helps with weight loss

Lemons are rich in pectin fibres. These saturate. The sour taste and the alkaline effect also counteract the craving for food.

Improves digestion

Lemons stimulate the release of bile, thereby reducing stomach acid regurgitation and constipation. Lemon juice also works as a powerful detoxer on, among other things, the liver. By regularly drinking lemon or lime juice you will urinate more, causing toxins to be worked out in your body. Great tasting water from a water cooler in Wollongong. This cleanses your body from the inside! Lemon/lime juice reduces your stomach! Due to citric acid, your stomach shrinks a little every day, rather you are saturated.

Rejuvenates your skin

What does water do for your skin? The toxins that are bound from the blood by drinking lemon juice ensure that your skin will look much better. Your skin is a detoxification organ. Therefore you will need to drink clean water without impurities. Try water from a water cooler in Wollongong. Vitamin C also ensures that the structure of the skin improves. Why you must drink water when getting up in the morning.

Improves your breath

Citric acid kills bad mouth bacteria causing you to smell fresher from your mouth. It also prevents any inflammation of your teeth.

Improves breathing

Drink plenty of water, and give the body what it needs. If you drink warm lime or lemon juice, the bactericidal effect can prevent inflammation of the respiratory system. Say goodbye to that nasty cough.


If you are stressed, you consume a lot of vitamin C. That's why lemon juice can help you get rid of your stress by giving vitamin C to your adrenal glands. Add lime juice to the water from a water cooler in Wollongong. Drink plenty of clean water.

It helps you get rid of coffee

Coffee is very tasty, but it removes moisture and minerals from our bodies. The sour taste of lemon gives the mind a boost and at the same time, it supplements the minerals. If you want to get rid of your coffee addiction, take lemon juice in the morning.

You read it, a little lemon juice in your glass every morning can do a lot to your health!

Tips for drinking enough water from the water coolers in Wollongong

It is important to drink enough water, especially in this warm weather. These are the consequences of drinking too little water. In general, I always drink enough water, but I also want to forget it. Today I share a number of tips for drinking enough water and which fun items can help with that.

Simple, but always have a bottle of water with you. If you do not have a bottle of water, it becomes more difficult to drink water from the water coolers in Wollongong. You are dependent on your environment and also less prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Suppose you get into a traffic jam and are extremely thirsty, then you still have a nice bottle of water. In addition, when you have a bottle with you, you are more likely to take a sip of water than when you have to look for a glass somewhere and always have to fill it with water.

There are several apps that send you a reminder that you should drink something. I myself use the YAZIO app to keep track of what I eat when my fasting period is over and this app also sends me a reminder that I should drink something. When I look at my phone, I see that I have to drink something.

Good apps for this are:

Always have a bottle in your bag, then immediately choose a nice bottle. Great tasting drink water from the water coolers in Wollongong. Exercising in a nice outfit is motivating and the same goes for drinking water from a nice bottle. Nowadays you have all kinds of nice bottles in different price ranges that help you drink enough water.

When I am at home, I prefer to drink from a nice cup or glass. I prefer to do this with a straw so that when I have lemon in my glass, I don't damage my teeth. These types of cups are often larger than normal glasses, so you immediately drink more and do not have to refill every time. In addition, bottles are ideal to take with you. So you also have bottles with a straw. There are also bottles, ideal in this weather, that keep your drink warm or cool during the day. Are you at home and find it hard to drink enough? Then make sure you have a large jug that you will place next to you and which you will drink from the water coolers in Wollongong all day. In addition, the bucket ensures that you always have ice to cool your drink. How many litres of water should you drink.

Variants on water

Are you tired of drinking all that water? There are enough ways how you can make the water tasty again and give it a different taste. Put some sprigs of mint or lemon balm in your water or some slices of lemon or lime. This immediately makes it something different. What is also delicious and mainly contains water is homemade ice tea or lemonade. Just try Google and you will come across delicious recipes!

Morning routine

In addition, try to get water in your morning routine. Make sure you have a bottle or glass of water next to your bed. I always drink a large glass of water as soon as I get out of bed (or sometimes even when I'm still in bed). In this way, you replenish your fluid and prepare your stomach for your first meal. These are my tips to drink more water from the water coolers in Wollongong during the day. This keeps you well hydrated, which is very important with this warm weather.

Do you drink enough water?

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Water with minerals from the Benchtop and Floor Standing water coolers in Wollongong

Start each day with a glass of water. This refreshes and gets your body going. Your concentration will also thank you. The best thing to do is to place your morning ration on your bedside table today.

Flavoured water. If you love variety or just want to spice up your everyday drinking, you should definitely try flavoured water (infused water). Lemons, limes, berries, but also mint or ginger are ideal for this. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Tip! You can find many recipes on the subject of "infused water" on the Internet.

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