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You have to drink so much water per day

If you have to, you can survive for a while without food. Without moisture, on the other hand, you do not keep four days full. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Especially during hot days, drinking enough water is very important. But what does 'sufficient' exactly mean? How much moisture do you need to receive daily? Great tasting water made from your own tap with water coolers Hervey Bay.


A frequently heard advice is 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. There are minerals in water from a Hervey Bay water cooler. According to researchers at the University of Harvard, this is only a recommendation. Lemon water healthy and delicious. We therefore need to consider a number of factors:

// Climate: during hot days your body loses a lot of moisture. An extra large glass of water is not an unnecessary luxury. On holiday to a sunny destination? Also take enough drinking water during day trips. With a Hervey Bay water cooler you will drink more water tan from your tap.

// Movement: the more, longer, more often and intensively your sport, the more water you have to drink. You lose 1 to 2 liters of fluid per work-out hour. Not fair, it is true: to replenish all this lost moisture you need 1.5 times more moisture than you have 'sweated'. Drink small amounts of water before, during (when possible) and after your workout.

// Lifestyle: lots of salt or alcoholic drinks make your body need more fluid. Alcohol is moisturizing: you lose moisture that you can use to break down toxins in your body. Even if you are sick, it is important to drink more than usual, because you lose a lot of fluid due to vomiting and diarrhea. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding also need a little more fluid.
Even more factors

In addition to the temperature you are in, how much your sport and your lifestyle also play body weight, age and food intake. Fruit water. Great tasting water from a water cooler Hervey Bay. And one person needs more water than the other.


But: if you are thirsty, it is actually too late. At that moment your body is already working on 'drying out'. Your body can not function properly without moisture. So avoid getting thirsty. How do you do that?

5 tips:

1. Put a bottle of water next to your bed and drink it empty after your alarm went off. During the night you lose a lot of moisture: you can now immediately supplement this loss. Some people will have a benchtop water cooler Hervey Bay in their bedroom.

2. Do not drink large amounts of water at once, but divide your drinking moments throughout the day. This way you prevent a water belly. Drinking water and losing weight.

3. Grab a large glass instead of a small one. If you are working, a large pot of water might be handy. Or refill your glass at fixed times, so you can be sure that you get enough water.

4. Can you no longer see water? Black coffee and tea also count if you want to get enough fluid. Unfortunately you can not drink unlimited coffee all day (hello caffeine kick). Alternation is key. Also think of mint leaves, cucumber or fruit in your glass and filtered water from a water cooler Hervey Bay. Very refreshing in summer!

5. Keep track of how much you drink in a day. So you are consciously busy with your fluid intake. This can be done in the form of a 'waterlog' (water logbook) on paper, but there are also many apps nowadays that keep track of how much you get.

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10 tips to get children to drink more water from the water coolers Hervey Bay

Children and drinking water: For many parents, it turns out to be quite difficult to get their cutters to walk more to the tap. Yet it is a lot healthier not to let children drink only lemonade, fruit juice, milk products or other sugary drinks. In this article we give you 10 practical tips to help children drink more water. Do you read along?

TIP 1 | Beakers & Straws

Make it a joint project! Take your child to the mall or have them choose a cool cup, water bottle or straw on line with their favorite figures and colors. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes and make drinking water a lot more fun!


Involve children in the process of making water a fun habit. For example, have them pick herbs and / or a piece of fruit every day to add to the water. Is it bad to drink water while eating. Then turn it into a fruit cocktail together and rate the end result with a score card.


Do you also have such a difficult drinker sitting at home who really doesn't like water? Then reduce the consumption of sugary drinks by mixing it with water. Start by adding a little water to the sugar-rich drink and build it up every week. Children often do not even notice!


Encourage the whole family to drink more water! Why would children drink more water if we do not set a good example ourselves? It often doesn't take long for children to switch to drinking more water from the water coolers Hervey Bay when mom and dad do the same.


It is a lot easier to let children drink more water if they know why it is so important. Do you find it difficult to explain yourself? The Internet is full of educational videos for children in which the importance of water is explained in a playful way! Let the children drink water from our water coolers Hervey Bay. Drink plenty of clean water.


The drinks that you do not bring into your home cannot be drunk either! Make sure you have a limited amount of sugared beverages at home every week. Clearly communicate to children that a new supply is only purchased once a week and that they have to use the amount of sugared drinks sparingly.


The fluid that your body needs is not only obtained from drinking, but also from food. In order to get enough fluid daily, we recommend choosing products that contain a lot of water. This includes watermelon, strawberries, apple, lettuce, tomato or cucumber.


Make it a habit to drink a large glass of water with your children before breakfast. You can of course also come up with a routine yourself! For example, agree that children can choose from the candy box after they have drunk a glass of water. Great tasting water from the water coolers Hervey Bay with a 8-stage filtration bottle.


Make sure there is always water in the vicinity of your child. In this way you make it a lot easier for them to drink more water. For example, put water on the table during dinner, bring water from the water cooler Hervey Bay in a bottle to the playground or let them bring their own water bottle during a day out.


Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. Make drinking water more attractive! Have children drink from a low and wide glass instead of having them drink from a narrow and high glass. The content of a narrow and tall glass seems to be more than if you pour the same amount into a low and wide glass.

Not only in summer: it's best to drink water from your Prestige Water Cooler Hervey Bay

According to the nutrition report, everyone drinks almost 150 liters of mineral water a year. This corresponds to filling a bathtub. But also soft drinks, such as lemonades, juice spritzers or fruit juice drinks, are becoming increasingly popular. 14 to 17 year olds particularly appreciate sugar-sweetened soft drinks. According to data, 21% of girls and 32% of boys drink it one or more times a day. People with a lower energy requirement, such as children or adults who do a sedentary job, can easily ingest too many calories from consuming these drinks. Sugared drinks are not recommended as they often contain a lot of sugar and thus unnecessary calories. This increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus and tooth decay.

Drink around 1.5 liters of water a day. If it is very hot or if you do sports, you may need an additional half a liter to a liter of water per hour. Ideal thirst quenchers and fluid suppliers are water and unsweetened herbal and fruit teas. Juice spritzers with three parts water and one part juice are also suitable.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?