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Prestige Water Coolers Gympie is specialized in filtered water coolers. FREE drinking water. We offer the benchtop water cooler and the floor standing water cooler.

Water Coolers Gympie is the No.1 supplier of filtered water coolers. Use your own tap water or tank water and convert it into healthy drinking water for free. We supply water coolers throughout Australia and Gympie is one of the many areas we supply. Our customers are: water coolers for home, office, schools, childcare centra, fitness centra, and more.

Bench Top Water Coolers Gympie     Bench Top water coolers Gympie

Floorstanding water coolers Gympie     Floor Standing water coolers Gympie

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Benchtop Water Cooler Gympie
Floor Standing Water Cooler Gympie
Exclusive Water Cooler Gympie

Lose weight with lemon and water from a water cooler Gympie

With the summer in sight, many people want to lose a few pounds to look good in bikinis or swimming trunks. Lemon is a widely used tool for successful weight loss. Tips to drink more water. Lose also weight by drinking clean water from a water cooler Gympie. What kind of water to drink.

Lemon is a super food

Super foods are products that contain many important substances and that help the body to be healthy. Lemons have more than 10 healthy properties and are therefore an affordable super food! For example, lemons are packed with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. In addition, lemon contains the substance pectin that reduces the feeling of hunger. Your skin and drinking water. Great tasting water from a water cooler Gympie. Lemons are said to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and improve mood.

The Master Cleanse diet

Beyoncé made this diet world famous. She used this strict diet to lose weight quickly for the Dream girls movie. The Master Cleanse diet consists of drinking water with lemon juice and maple syrup. That is not recommended, because when you start eating "normal" food and drink again, the lost kilos will immediately return.

You can lose weight with lemon in many tasty and healthy ways:

  •     Make your own ice tea by making tea and adding lemon juice to the cooled tea.
  •     Squeeze a few slices of lemon and put the juice in cold or lukewarm water. This works very thirst quenching and is good for the functioning of your intestines.
  •     For a fresh taste to your salad, sprinkle some juice over the salad.
  •     As a seasoning for a healthy barbecue you can make tzatziki with lemon juice yourself. Mix the lemon juice with filtered water from a Prestige Water Cooler Gympie. About Prestige Water.
  •     You can make a delicious smoothie with fresh lemon juice. Use a number of other super foods for this, such as Goji berries, organic cocoa powder, Chia seed, organic coconut oil, kale or avocado.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?