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How much water should you drink daily

We all know it all: you should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Especially when it's hot of course. But not everyone succeeds. Various studies show that about one third of the Dutch drink too little. How do you ensure that you drink enough from your Water Coolers Gatton?

Why do you have to drink a lot?

Moisture is needed to absorb nutrients in the large intestine, but also to transport food and waste products through the blood. In addition, it also regulates the body temperature. By eating you also get fluid inside, but the most important thing is to drink enough.
1.5 to 2 liters of moisture per day. To get to that amount you do not just have to drink water. Soft drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol also count. Only those last few are not all equally good for you. That too much coffee and alcohol are not good for you speaks for itself. Soft drinks are not an ideal choice with all that sugar. Tea makes sure that you have to go to the toilet more often and therefore lose a lot of fluid. Tips for summer.

When do you need more moisture?

In a number of situations you need more fluid than normal, because the body loses more fluid:

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are breastfeeding.
  • When it is very hot
  • If you are sports
  • If you eat a lot of salt
  • If you drink a lot of alcohol
  • If you have diarrhea or vomit

In addition, vulnerable groups need extra attention in warm weather. In the elderly, for example, the kidneys work less well. It is therefore important that they drink extra, especially if there are still problems such as incontinence. Great tasting water made from your own tap from your Water Coolers Gatton.

How do you notice that you drink too little?

If you drink too little, you will automatically get thirsty. If you drink something then there is little going on. In the case of mild to moderate dehydration, you notice the following symptoms in addition to thirst:

  • you sweat less
  • your urine is darker
  • your mouth is dry
  • you feel drowsy or weak

Is someone in addition also confused, then there can be serious dehydration. What happens in your body if you drink soda. Are fruit juices healthy. Keep in mind that your kidneys can process a maximum of 1 liter of fluid per hour.

How do you ensure that you drink enough?

As said, not everyone comes to that recommended 2 liters of water per day from your water cooler Gatton. We simply simply do not think about it. But how do you ensure that you drink enough? These tips help you on your way:

  • Take a refillable bottle of water with you during the day
  • Put a glass or carafe of water on the table as standard with every meal
  • Drink a glass of water when washing hands after a toilet visit
  • Use an app to keep track of your fluid intake
  • Eat food with a lot of moisture, such as cucumbers, watermelon, etc.
  • Drink a glass of water from the water coolers Gatton after each glass of alcohol

This makes it much easier to drink enough every day!

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Why drinking water from the water coolers Gatton is so important.

Fact; About 60% of our adult body consists of water, with babies this is even 75%. This makes water an indispensable liquid and a necessity of life. We humans can live without food for weeks, but only for days without water to survive.

Water has a number of very important functions in our body. It acts as a building material, helps with the temperature regulation in our body, transports nutrients through the body, removes waste and so on. You understand the principle, water is necessary to stay healthy.

Therefore, drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day from the water coolers Gatton is recommended. Of course you can also use other drinks to get this amount, but water is preferred because it is "neutral". Truth about drinking water.

The consequences of drinking too much or too little water are sometimes severe. The symptoms of too little fluid intake are often thirst, drowsiness, headache etc. but in the worst case it can lead to a life-threatening situation. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Drinking too much in too short a time has completely different consequences. In the worst case, you can contract a water poisoning where the outcome can be fatal. If you drink too much in too short a time, your body will get upset and there is a chance that your cells will burst. This has to do with the shifting of the water and salt content in your cells and bloodstream. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

So try to think carefully about your fluid balance during the day. Take a drink regularly and listen to your body's needs. Water Cooler with or without filtration.

Things that change when you drink enough water from a benchtop or floor standing water cooler Gatton

You can indulge in small diet sins

Our body consists of around 70 percent water. And yet we should rather give him extra liquid in order to lose every extra gram - including fat. Because the body actually consumes calories when absorbing and processing water. This is another reason why fitness experts recommend drinking half a liter before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime - and you have already consumed the recommended 1.5 to 2 liters. In addition, the breakdown of fat pads unfortunately also causes the release of toxins. And they have to be flushed out of the body with the help of water so that the pounds can actually shed healthy. So your body can cope with one of these tempting chocolate sins every now and then - goodbye, bad conscience!

And after drinking: just do THIS ONE exercise for an ultra-toned body!

They fit back into their favorite shoes

In summer we are reminded to drink enough not only thanks to the hot temperatures, but also with a view of the feet and hands. Because if they are swollen, caution is advised. Then you have definitely not drunk enough! Sounds crazy, but it is very easy to explain: If the body does not get something to drink regularly, it follows the survival strategy and prefers to store what is there in order to be able to supply the important organs permanently.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?