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All the benefits of drinking clean filtered water from a water cooler with bottle and filter

Water in the morning

6 Facts about drinking water. Water in the morning brings several benefits, including:

Balances your lymph system
By drinking water you balance your lymph system. By water you literally rinse the wrong substances from your body, this reduces the chances of infections. Anti-Colds and drinking water. This helps you with all your daily activities. You will feel fresh and healthy and your body will be in balance.

Healthy skin
As mentioned above, you cleanse your body by drinking water. This will also be reflected in your skin. All toxins will be out of your body and your skin will shine again. What does drinking water really does for your skin.

Helps you lose weight
By drinking water you become full, but most importantly, your metabolism will start to work faster. This helps you burn more calories. An adult who drinks eight glasses of water has an increase in the metabolism of 25% compared to an adult who drinks four glasses of water. Great tasting water with minerals from a water cooler with bottle and filter.

Production of new blood and muscle cells
The production of new blood and muscle cells will accelerate and increase. You will burn more calories at rest from more muscle mass.

Absorb nutrients
When you drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, you cleanse your stomach. It cleanses the wall of your stomach so that your nutrients can absorb better, this will make your body better able to digest your food.

Starting up your organs
Because you drink water immediately when you wake up, you will give your organs a big boost. Your organs will start working right because they have to digest the water. This also means that your metabolism will work, so that you burn your calories.

Drinking other times for drinking for water
Before the meal
By drinking a glass of water before eating, you will feel fuller. Your stomach can not distinguish between eating and drinking! If you are fuller you will stop eating sooner. This means taking fewer calories! A glass of water will also help you digest your food faster. Win-win situation.

For a bath
If you take a glass of water before you take a bath, you will lower your blood pressure.

Before going to sleep
If you drink a glass of water before bed, you will suffer less from heart failure, heart attacks and bags. So nice!

Other benefits
Quit smoking
Drinking a lot of water also helps if you want to stop smoking. Just like before, water will flush out all toxins, including nicotine, from your body. Because there is less nicotine in your body, you are less likely to start smoking.

Against a hangover
Drinking water from a water cooler with Bottle and Filter is good against a hangover! Do you have a headache after a night out? Drink enough water the next day. Also drinking two glasses of water before bedtime is a panacea for a hangover. Alcohol removes fluid from your body. Also from your brain, that is why you will usually experience headaches the next day. Water will help you to fill your fluid deficit and flush the alcohol out of your body. Use the cold water tap from your water cooler with bottle and filter.

In short, water is super healthy. Water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Try to drink 2-3 liters of water every day. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. As mentioned above, you benefit greatly from it. So what are you waiting for? Do not drink your calories, drink water and then you also benefit from all additional extras.

Prestige Water Cooler with Bottle and Filter, Prestige Water Dispenser with Bottle and Filter

Healthy drinking water from a Prestige Water Cooler with Bottle and Filter

Believe it or not: the first step to a healthy (er) lifestyle is to introduce lemons in the morning. Unless you have an allergy, there is no reason why you cannot drink a glass of lukewarm (non-boiling) lemon water in the morning. I can already hear you thinking there we go again, another hype on some healthy drink, but believe me: lemon water is a simple juice that really works. Below I give you six benefits that prove that water with lemon in the morning is a good idea. Drink lots of water from the Prestige Water Cooler with bottle and filter. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

Kick start

Lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water is a super healthy drink that gives your body a kick start in the morning, without the use of a juicer. Moreover, lemon water is definitely a better way to get energy in the morning than a cup of coffee.

Toxins leave your body

Lemon water shakes your organs awake. It moisturizes the lymphatic system and helps trigger digestion. You will have to go to the bathroom more often, because the water with lemon drives toxins out of your body. Citric acid also ensures proper functioning of the liver, so that your liver can get rid of toxins.

Vitamin C

Lemons are high in potassium and vitamin C. No more colds and flu because of vitamin C! Lemon contains potassium, which stimulates brain function and helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron in our body, which is important for good resistance.

Boost your resistance

5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.Although lemons are acidic, they are super alkaline. An alkaline body is equivalent to a healthy body, while an acidic body is susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Lemon water helps your body to become alkaline so that your body builds up resistance and is destined for various diseases.

Bye, bye feeling hungry

Can you lose weight by drinking water. The pectin in lemon juice reduces a feeling of hunger. Moreover, it has been proven that people who eat and drink more alkaline lose weight more easily. Win-win, if you ask me. Drink more water from a water cooler with bottle and filter.

Purifying effect

Lemon water not only helps with weight loss, but also prevents bad skin, wrinkles and skin spots. Vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles and bumps. Moisture and drinking water. Lemon juice has a purifying effect and detoxifies your body, making your skin look better.

Drinking tea or warm water is healthy for body and soul. Water Cooler with Bottle and Filter

Everyone knows that drinking water is good for our body. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. Humans consist for a large part of this liquid and we must also regularly supplement the proportion. We often drink a refreshing cold glass of water. However, this can have a negative influence on the body in various ways. Why is regular drinking of hot or hot water important, why is it necessary for menstruating women and why is it an oriental use?

Drink warm water

  • Replenish moisture loss
  • Adding energy
  • Mucus dissolving
  • Blood flow stomach and intestines
  • Good for blood pressure
  • Beneficial effect on menstrual pain
  • Drinking warm water is oriental use

Replenish moisture loss

The body releases moisture during sleep. Moisture and drinking water. This takes place through sweat, vapor and sometimes saliva that runs out of the body. In other words, there is some degree of dehydration that makes us thirsty on waking. Many people use cold water, orange juice or coffee to supplement that. There are, however, several reasons for choosing hot or hot water. What are the health reasons, why the intake of hot or hot water is good for us? Great tasting water from a water cooler with bottle and filter.

Adding energy

If one takes cold drinks then it makes sense that the body cools slightly. Extra heat must be created to compensate for this condition. However, if we take heated liquids, we actually add energy to the body. In other words, the functioning of the body is promoted. Certainly if people still have to get going in the morning, it is nice to have a little more energy. It gives a good feeling, where you can start the day well. For example, take two cups of tea for breakfast, so that the meal is properly digested and the digestive tracts work well.

Mucus dissolving

Hot water has a dissolving effect. The palate, throat, esophagus but also the forehead cavities always have a certain secretion of mucus. If you take cold water, the mucous membranes and mucous glands will contract sooner. Everything can relax with warm liquids. The glands stand up better and can therefore do their job more easily. In addition, the water ensures that "stuck" mucus releases sooner. Hot and cold water from your water cooler with bottle and filter. The normal drainage through the esophagus and stomach is thus promoted. Because slime is more easily removed, people feel less of a sticky throat or a lump in the throat. It also ensures that people have to cough and stink less, in addition to which the chance of a cold is less.

Blood flow stomach and intestines

If we drink, the liquid ends up directly in the stomach. If the water is cold, the stomach wall will contract. If no food is present in the stomach, it can also be passed on to the intestines relatively quickly after ingestion. Certainly in the morning (empty stomach) it causes the stomach and intestines to become cold and contract. This can sometimes cause painful intestinal stitches or colic pain. The intake of hot water naturally has the opposite effect. The intestines stay nice and warm, the blood flow remains good and intestinal cramps can not occur. Moreover, it has a favorable effect on the composition of the stool.

Good for blood pressure

The intake of cold water causes tissues to contract, cool down and constrict blood vessels. Regular intake of cold fluid can therefore cause blood pressure to rise. Certainly if this is accompanied by the intake of cold alcohol such as beer. Warm water ensures that tissues and muscles can relax. This reduces the pressure on the vessels, which also reduces blood pressure. Certainly warm rooibos tea has a very beneficial effect on blood pressure. This tea has a calming effect and is therefore fully recommended for patients with high blood pressure. Tea from a water cooler with bottle and filter.

Beneficial effect on menstrual pain

The most striking circumstance is having the period. The bleeding starts every month during menstruation, so that the womb lining is replaced. This can cause severe cramps and painful stitches due to insufficient blood supply or anemia. If the woman then also drinks cold water, those complaints worsen. Just slightly heated water or hot tea can promote blood flow. For example, if the woman drinks hot ginger tea, the pain is also somewhat suppressed and the blood flow is better. Painful stitches and cramps can therefore be less severe or fail to occur.

Drinking warm water is oriental use

The intake of warm liquids during the day is extensively stimulated in the east. It promotes body and mind at different levels, making body processes better. It is also strongly advised against taking plenty of cold water. Tea intake, on the other hand, is very popular.

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