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Drinking in hot weather

Good hydration in the summer. Drinking with hot weather is so incredibly important. Drinking water with fruit and spice. A low moisture content is bad for your skin, but also for your overall health. Your body temperature rises, your blood circulation worsens and you can even get a heat stroke. You get it already: keep on drinking on hot days like this! We tell you what you better and better can not drink during this heat.

6 signs that you are not drinking enough water

What you can drink best with hot weather
1. Water

We will not tell you anything new when we say that you have to drink a lot of water when it's hot. Normally, doctors recommend drinking about 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, but if it is that hot, that may be a bit more. Water removes all waste from your body and prevents you from getting headaches and muscle cramps. If you find water too boring to drink, you can always add a flavor to it. Put some slices of cucumber in your water or add mint, orange or lemon. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.
2. Tea

Drinking a hot drink during the hot weather seems impossible, but tea is very good for you with this warm weather! Because you drink something hot, your brain gets a signal that your body needs to be cooled down. With the result that you are slightly less warm.

If you do not want to drink it hot you can also cool your tea and add ice cubes. Et voilà: your homemade, healthy ice tea.
3. Coffee

You can also drink coffee when it's hot outside. It is often said that coffee is diuretic, but that is not entirely true. You have to pee faster from coffee, but not more often and more. It does not ensure that your body dries out. Especially if you can not sleep well due to the warm weather, a cup of coffee to keep you awake is certainly a good plan. Here too: if you do not feel like a hot drink, go for a cold version! Throw some ice cubes in your glass and add your coffee. Mmm.

4. Broth

Because of the warm weather and the sweating you can quickly faint. A bit of salt is a good way to help you. Do not immediately grab a bag of chips (or do), but go for a healthier, but also salty solution: broth. Generally it is not necessary to eat more salt when it is hot, but if you get a faint feeling, bouillon is a good option.

What better you can not drink with hot weather

1. Ice water

No matter how nice an ice cold water can be when it is so hot, look at it anyway. Ice cold water can cause your stomach to get out of hand, resulting in unpleasant cramps. You are not waiting for that.

2. Soft drinks

Soft drinks may not necessarily be worse with hot weather, but they are not a good idea. Tips to get through the summer COOL. Soft drinks are fatteners number one because they contain a lot of sugar and therefore also a lot of calories. Because soft drinks often consist of a lot of sugar and a lot of caffeine, they are very stressful for your body and does not keep your moisture content on the arrow. That is why they do not stop dehydration.

3. Alcohol

We know how extremely delicious that rosé tastes in the sun, but it's just not good for your body. Alcohol ensures that moisturizing liquids, which you desperately need in the heat, leave your body much faster. This can cause your body to dry out. So be careful during the warm weather when you sit on the terrace. And always drink a glass of water with your wine if you have not been able to resist the temptation.

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