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Prevent muscle pain by drinking water from your water cooler Warner

You could call it a sport-cat: the muscle pain on the day after a hard workout, as if you were scooped by a duo. Calculate how much water you should drink per day. Fortunately, researchers have discovered new, smarter and more effective ways to prevent that hangover. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Warner.

1. Wearing compression pants works better than an ice bath
Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? Recent British research has shown that marathon runners who wore compression pants for 24 hours after the race suffered little muscle pain.

2. Using a foam roller works better than stretching before and after your workout. Tips to get through summer COOL.
Use a foam roller for up to 20 minutes after an intense workout of your leg muscles. This massage your legs and you reduce muscle pain for 72 hours, according to Canadian research.

3. Drinking water from your water cooler Warner works better than drinking liters of water from your tap.
By drinking 70 ml of gherkin juice after an intensive cardio session, you will suffer less from cramp. Compared with drinking water, you can recover 37% faster.

4. Taking a bowl of comfort works better than swallowing antioxidant supplements
The caffeine from 2.5 cups of coffee can ensure that you have less muscle pain after exercise. Drink your cups from your water cooler Warner comfortably an hour before you hang on the weights. Children and drinking water.

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Few people realize the importance of balanced water management in order to live a healthy and fit life. Drink from your water cooler Warner.

Our body consists of 70% water on average. Tips to drink more water. Water flows through our entire organism. It is a means of transport for nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Well organized water is involved in all important functions in our body, such as the removal of waste and the regulation of our body heat.

Water is therefore essential for survival. A person can live a few weeks without food. Only a few days without moisture. Under normal circumstances, the human body loses about 2 to 3 liters of fluid per day. This fluid is lost through the skin, respiration, kidneys and intestinal tract. That loss must be compensated for through diet and regular drinking from your water cooler Warner.

We get 1 liter of moisture from our solid food. We have to take the other 1.5 liters through drinking from the water cooler Warner. More drinking is needed in warm weather, sports activities, fever or staying in a warm room. A good rule is to drink 30 ml of water per kg of body weight, excluding other drinks. If you drink a lot of water, it is of great importance that you take in enough minerals, trace elements and unrefined salt.

Which liquid should you drink?

What kind of water to drink. Coffee, tea and alcohol are not true moisture suppliers. These drinks stimulate the kidneys to increase urine output and remove moisture from the body. In addition, soft drinks and alcohol-containing drinks such as beer and wine provide many calories. 1 liter of soda contains around 20 lumps of sugar.

The ideal drink is water from your own water cooler Warner. Water contains no fat, no sugar and no calories.

What happens if there is insufficient water supply?

Performance: our ability to deliver performance depends primarily on balanced water management. 2% moisture loss can reduce our performance by 20%.

Concentration: our brain consists of 90% moisture. Brains are sensitive organs and react very vulnerable to fluid loss.
For example, if there is insufficient water supply, a loss of concentration and forgetfulness may occur. Especially with older people, insufficient fluid supply can lead to a reduction in mental skills.
In addition, the feeling of thirst diminishes with age. Of course this disappears quickly once the supply of moisture has been restored.

Constipation: people who drink too little often suffer from blockages. Our intestinal system needs sufficient fluid for the stools to remain flexible and to leave the body without any problems.

Losing weight: for people who want to lose weight, drinking water is very important. If you eat less, you will get less fluid through solid foods. Moreover, the feeling of hunger is suppressed if enough water is drunk. You lose more weight if you drink from the water cooler Warner.

Fatigue and lifelessness: this can occur if there is insufficient fluid in the body. This is because organs and brains are no longer sufficiently supplied with fluid.

Perspiration: we sweat out approximately ½ liters of fluid per day. We also lose minerals during sweating. The moisture and minerals that we sweat out must be replenished properly if there is to remain a good balance. An athlete who sports moderately to very intensively, will lose much more fluid. For these people it is therefore important to drink enough before, during and after every sporting effort.

Beauty: another not unimportant reason to drink enough water is our skin. The connective tissue stores water, making your skin smoother and wrinkles less likely to occur.

Joints: our joints also respond to a lack of fluid. Water keeps our joints flexible. A lack of fluid can even lead to pain.

Kidneys: drinking enough gives less chance of kidney stones.

The nutritional value of water

Because water does not provide calories, it does not mean that it contains no nutrients at all. In water we find elements such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, fluoride and other substances. They are indispensable for the human organism. Anyone who stores sufficient water supplies prevents health problems. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Warner.

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