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Prevent muscle pain by drinking water

You could call it a sport-cat: the muscle pain on the day after a hard workout, as if you were scooped by a duo. Calculate how much water you should drink per day. Fortunately, researchers have discovered new, smarter and more effective ways to prevent that hangover.

1. Wearing compression pants works better than an ice bath
Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? Recent British research has shown that marathon runners who wore compression pants for 24 hours after the race suffered little muscle pain.
2. Using a foam roller works better than stretching before and after your workout. Tips to get through summer COOL.
Use a foam roller for up to 20 minutes after an intense workout of your leg muscles. This massage your legs and you reduce muscle pain for 72 hours, according to Canadian research.

3. Drinking gherkin juice works better than drinking liters of water
By drinking 70 ml of gherkin juice after an intensive cardio session, you will suffer less from cramp. Compared with drinking water, you can recover 37% faster.
4. Taking a bowl of comfort works better than swallowing antioxidant supplements
The caffeine from 2.5 cups of coffee can ensure that you have less muscle pain after exercise. Drink your cups comfortably an hour before you hang on the weights. Children and drinking water.

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