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7 Reasons why you should drink every day lemon water from your water cooler Thornside

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. It is not only fun on the table, such a decanter with water and lemon, but lemon water also appears to be good for many things. Children and drinking water. A glass of lemon water has many health benefits. For example, it is good for people with low blood pressure and can even reduce pain in the joints. A slice of lemon in your drink naturally provides a nice fresh taste, but it also contains a good list of vitamins and minerals that are good for you, such as vitamins A, C and calcium. And that's all right for this. Tips to get through the summer COOL.


If you have had pain in your joints for a long time, it is wise to go to the doctor, but lemon water can help you temporarily. It does not make the pain disappear completely, but lemon water can ensure that pain in the joints is temporarily reduced. Drink more filtered and healthy water from your water cooler Thorneside.

Immune system

Do not you feel so fit and do you want to prevent yourself from being sick in bed for a week? You guessed it: lemon water. There is a lot of vitamin C in lemon water and that ensures that your immune system can do its job well. By drinking a glass of lemon water every day, you can avoid getting sick.

Stomach ache

A glass of lemon water can also help against nausea or stomach pain. Especially if you drink a glass of lemon water in the morning, it will cause you to have fewer stomach problems.

Radiating skin

Lemon water is also good for your skin. It makes your skin look healthy because lemon ensures that waste products disappear from your body. This will also make your skin look cleaner. It is the vitamin C in the lemon that provides this. There are many minerals in the water from your water cooler Thorneside that is good for your skin.

Bad breath

Do you often suffer from bad breath in the morning? By putting a glass of lemon water on your bedside table, you will not be bothered by it anymore. The lemon counteracts the bacteria that cause the bad breath.

Blood pressure

Drinking a glass of lemon water from your water cooler Thorneside regularly can help to keep a low blood pressure under control. Lemon keeps your blood vessels soft and pliable and because they will be less stiff, your blood pressure will become more stable.

Lose weight

Perhaps the best advantage of lemon water: it makes you lose weight faster. Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? That is because lemon water is a much healthier choice than for example soft drinks. This of course does not apply if you drink a glass of lemon water once, but if you do that more than 10 times a month and that lasts for a couple of years, it really does make a difference. Drink plenty of water from your water cooler Thorneside.

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Tips for drinking more water from your water cooler Thorneside

Drinking enough water from your water cooler Thorneside is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Water, an essential nutrient. The average advice is 1.5 to 2 liters per day. Yet not everyone loves water. Of course there are alternatives such as soft drinks and fruit juices, but these are packed with refined sugars and are therefore not a healthy alternative. Yet there are many other ways to make your glass of water a lot more attractive.

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Health benefits

Your body consists for the most part of water. Sufficient hydration is therefore important to prevent health problems. Can you lose weight by drinking water. Some symptoms of a lack of water are headache, fatigue, stomach and intestinal disorders and nausea. Drinking lukewarm lemon water in the morning would have a beneficial effect on your digestion. Drink heaps of water from your water cooler Thorneside. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. In addition, water increases energy and concentration, strengthens your immune system and provides support to muscles and joints. It is therefore advisable to always take a refillable bottle with you, to drink water regularly or to vary it with foods rich in water.

A healthy outside starts from the inside

Infused water

Infused water is easy to make, and above all it is a natural thirst quencher. A jug or special water bottle with infuser is suitable for this. Hot and cold water from your water cooler Thorneside. Use some slices of cucumber, fresh mint leaves or orange for a fresh taste. If you have a greater preference for sweet, then strawberries and raspberries should certainly not be missing. An alternative to infused water are infused water cubes. An additional advantage is that fruit and herbs stay good longer this way. Fill half an ice cube tray with water and add small pieces of strawberry, berries or basil, for example. Then freeze it for a few hours, and then top it up with a little extra water before you put it back in the freezer.

Although it often fails to get 2 liters per day, not all the moisture has to be extracted from pure water. Your body also gets a great deal from food, coffee and tea. These are important sources that your body needs to provide for its water needs. With our tips you not only increase your water intake: they also contribute to a conscious and healthy lifestyle! Drink plenty of filtered water from your water cooler Thorneside.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?