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Lose weight? Models do it this way

Last week I went for a big walk in Barcelona with Gijs Depoortere twice. Drink more water in hot weather. Gijs is from the West-Flemish Geluwe, but now lives in Milan where he is working as a model, but he travels around the world and has already posed for the biggest brands and stood on the catwalk; a name to keep an eye on. Gijs is very sporty, and may spend as many hours in the gym as I do in my kitchen, but I could still keep up with my walking. Practice, for a near-pepe if I'm not bad.

Let me be immediately clear: I have absolutely no ambitions (anymore) to become a model, I have the age, the body and the luxuriant hair some against (among others). Water drinking and your eyes. But it was special to hear how top models deal with healthy eating and drinking. If you have to be fit and tight for the lens of top photographers every day or walk on the catwalk, healthy living is essential.

Now I had heard many times that drinking lemon and ginger tea in the morning is an ideal way to cleanse your body and burn fat, but Gijs also confirmed to me that a lot of colleagues models like him do the same, so I have looked up what is so good about it now.

In fact, all experts agree: no wonder means do not exist. Drinking water prevents muscle pain. Losing weight or staying tight is always hard work. But that being said, a big cup of that famous lemon and ginger tea is pretty close to a miracle remedy. Both ginger and lemon apparently stimulate the thermogenesis or heat production in your body so you just burn more fat. Ginger is also very medicinal and anti-inflammatory and the antioxidants and vitamin C of lemon cleanse your body. Super healthy. Is it bad to drink water while eating.

I am completely sold! But I make it easy for myself. In the evening before bedtime I cut half a inch of ginger into slices. I press a full lemon. And I keep the ginger and lemon juice in a Tupperware box in the refrigerator. In the morning, before I put the shower in the kettle, I put the kettle on and before I step into my car, on the way to Joe, I put the ginger with the lemon juice with boiling water in my thermos beaker. And on the way I sip the nice sour drink, and I feel that it just works very purifying. Not that I now necessarily try to get a modeling body (unfeasible), but every bit helps.

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