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TIP: Lemon juice in your water

Water, an essential nutrient. When the weather is warm, we have to drink more. Preferably water, but that is pretty boring. A tasty and tasty solution is homemade fruit water. Only: is that possible with the pesticides on the skin of fruit or vegetables? And is that acidic water good for your teeth? To take good care of your body it is not only important to eat alternately. Drinking enough from your water cooler Shapparton is also very important. All kinds of body processes depend on sufficient moisture. For a good moisture balance you can drink the best water. That, unlike sweet juices, does not produce unnecessary sugars. Drinking only water is pretty boring. That's why homemade fruit water is a good solution. Practically all kinds of fruit and vegetables can be poured into a carafe of water. It looks nice and healthy and tastes better. But is it also healthier? Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

Fruit water healthier?

Everywhere you read that it is healthy to put lemon in your water. Healthy because lemon contains so much vitamin C. Unfortunately, this is not true. The amount of vitamin C that a few slices of lemon contribute to a can of water is negligible. Take one glass, there is hardly any vitamin C left. For comparison: we need about 75 mg of vitamin C per day. Slices of lemon in a jug of water, provide 2.4 mg of vitamin C. Tasty lemon, but for your vitamins and minerals you better just eat a piece of fruit or vegetables. What does water do in your body.

Water becomes acidic

The most successful fruit combination in your water is probably that of mint and lemon. With the taste of lemon you have an ideal thirst quencher. Without that even a dash of sugar-rich syrup is involved. But do not drink small sips of water with lemon (or other citrus fruits) all day long. Lemon is a sour fruit and acid affects your teeth. Drinking lemon water from your water cooler Shepparton throughout the day, therefore, causes more dental erosion.


Do not forget that there are often pesticides on the skin of fruits. So the skin was always good. Or better: opt for organic products that do not contain (or much less) pesticides.

That's how you do it better

To prevent your teeth from being affected, it is best to go once a day for fruit water with a sour fruit. Also choose fruit water with other fruits. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism. A super good combination is watermelon and mint or cucumber and mint. Preferably use organic products without pesticides.

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Most people do not drink enough water every day, which means they are constantly dehydrated. Drink the right amount of water. This can have major consequences for the functioning of the body and in the field of sports performance. To understand the effect of dehydration, it is important to know what function water has in the body.

Water is the largest component in the human body. About 45 to 70% of the human body consists of water, the blood of 90% and the brain of 96% water. 2/3 of the body fluid is in the cells, also called intracellular fluid. 1/3 of the body fluid is outside the cells, also called extracellular fluid. Electrolytes are found in body fluids. These are dissolved salts in the body fluid that ensure the fluid balance, the pH value of the blood and muscle function. Water is essential for proper digestion, the removal of waste, the regulation of body temperature, the functioning of muscles and the functioning of the brain. A positive fluid balance is therefore very important for the proper functioning of the body and for sports performance.

A negative moisture balance occurs the moment your body loses more fluid than it enters. This may be due to insufficient drinking but also due to a lot of sweating during a workout. When there is a negative fluid balance, the functioning of the body is at stake. Symptoms include dizziness, headache, upset stomach, dry mouth. Your sports performance also suffers from a negative fluid balance: muscle weakness, poorer coordination of muscles and disorientation. In extreme cases of dehydration, even seizures and a coma can occur.

The minimum amount that a healthy adult must drink is approximately 2.5 liters. Various studies state that women> 19 should drink approximately 2.7 liters of water per day, and men> 19 should drink approximately 3.7 liters of water per day. Another study states that athletes should drink at least 1ml of water for every calorie they ingest. [3] The general guideline is 3 liters of water per day. On days when you have an (intensive) training, you will soon drink a liter more. Around the training it is extra important to be sufficiently hydrated. Below are some guidelines for drinking water from your water cooler Shepparton before, during and after training.
  • Drink before training 5-7ml per kg body weight.
  • Drink 125-250ml per 15 minutes during training.
  • Drink 500ml of water after training.

If you drink enough water from your water cooler Shepparton you will notice that your performance in the field of sport will improve a lot. How much water do I need to drink during lowing weight. When the fluid balance is restored, if you previously drank too little, your strength will increase by 10 - 15% and your endurance by 20 - 30%. Water is therefore the cheapest and most effective "supplement".

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