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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Cooler Pullenvale

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You can lose 10 kilos with the water diet, healthy water from your water cooler Pullenvale

10 kg weight loss is not an impossible mission if you use the water diet. Result Oriented Strength Training. Many people struggle to lose weight and their number one weakness is to do daily exercises. Why filter tapwater. You do not necessarily have to exercise regularly to lose weight quickly. There are many ways to quickly lose those pounds without extra daily exercises. Today we discuss the water diet. You know, of course, that water is a liquid that contains zero calories and therefore we can drink as much as we want without arriving. This is not entirely true, because you naturally gain weight by all that water, but this is only temporary. When you drink 2 liters of water, you will get about 2 kg, but after a while you will lose this weight again in the form of a toilet visit.

This form of arriving and losing weight through the water is crucial for the water diet.

I will explain why. Your body works as follows: you need energy to carry out the daily tasks and this energy comes from the digestion of food and calories. If you did not digest food, the body would get energy from another source, namely from stored body fat. This stored body fat is a form when you eat too much and do not burn due to physical activity. Eating delicious ripe fruit. Great tasting water with minerals from your water cooler Pullenvale.

The water diet helps you lose 10 kilos in 2 months without having to exercise

If you drink water your body will not get energy or calories, but it will fill your stomach (temporarily). This will force the body to find energy from stored body fat, which means you will burn fat without doing extra exercises! The water diet really works!

But I also have to warn you about the danger of drinking too much water. Drinking water with fruit and spice. Drinking too much water can damage your kidneys by reducing the salt content. You should therefore no longer drink as the maximum daily intake of water and that is 5 liters of water per day.
The best way to lose weight with the water diet is as follows:

  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast that consists of less than 600 calories and no sugar.
  • Skip the lunch and drink water.
  • Your last drink of water from your water cooler Pullenvale should be around 18:00.
  • During dinner you can take everything as long as it is sugar-free and contains less than 600 calories.

That is it! If you follow the above diet plan for at least 60 days then you will successfully lose 10kg body fat without additional exercises! Good luck and drink plenty of filtered water from your water cooler Pullenvale.

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Drinking from your water cooler Pullenvale and hot weather

This morning it was still on the radio; with this warm weather 2 things are very important: lubricate and drink! Protect yourself well against the sun and ensure that you drink enough water throughout the day. As an adult you should drink 1.5 L a 2 L water per day. Do you find water boring? Then you should try this! Delicious and refreshing: infused water.

Infused water is water with a delicious taste, without dyes or added sugars. You can combine endlessly with different types of fruit and herbs. Don't know where to start? Then I will gladly help you on your way! 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

Infused water from your water cooler Pullenvale with strawberries

  • 700 ml of water
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1/2 lime
  • A few leaves of fresh mint
  •     Wash the strawberries, remove the crown and halve
  •     Slice the lime
  •     Put all the segments in the bottle
  •     Fill the bottle with water and add strawberries, lime and mint
  •     Allow to infuse for at least 20 minutes, I usually make mine the day before


  • Strawberries and raspberries
  • Pineapple and mint
  • Apple and cinnamon
  • Apple, raspberry and rosemary
  • Orange and basil
  • Orange and blueberry
  • Orange and lemon
  • Blueberries and mint
  • Lemon and cucumber
  • Lemon and ginger
  • Citrus fruits and coriander
  • Kiwi and peach
  • Cucumber and mint
  • Cucumber with a ring of red pepper
  • Lime and raspberry
  • Pomelo and rosemary
  • Watermelon and mint
  • Watermelon and mint

Infused water: Great tasting water from your water cooler Pullenvale

Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Great to take infused water to work. That is of course possible in a normal water bottle (see: with a wide opening, so that the fruit and herbs can easily come out after wards.) But I am completely sold on this TIGR bottle, with a fruit filler (so that you do not have any nasty bits in your mouth while drinking). Truth about drinking water.  Nope, no sponsor deal or something, and no I do not get a percentage of the sale either. It is simply a top bottle for various reasons ... and I am happy to put such products in the spotlight!

First and foremost, it has a handy format. 700 ml, so I try to drink a bottle in the morning, and refill it for the afternoon. She has a handy cap, see: she is not leaking! The very best: the fruit filter is at the bottom. With most infused water bottles that is the other way around ... But when you are in half of your bottle, the water will no longer touch your fruit and herbs! You get an insulating cover, so your water stays fresh longer. And last but not least ... The bottle is also beautiful, BPA free and affordable. HOERA, great tasting drink water made from your own tap from the water cooler Pullenvale. Water Cooler with or without filtration.

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