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Result Oriented Strength Training

Posted by Peter on 29 August 2016
Result Oriented Strength Training

Result oriented strength training and drinking water

During the Olympics, we looked at many different sports. I have really enjoyed it. One appeared better than the other sport. There were athletes who moved on suppleness why others made a great effort. All in all a very big contrast between athletes. Not only the performance but also the body composition different much from each other. And so while they all do strength training. But does this mean that athletes from different disciplines in different way to do strength training? Sure. To be able to perform as good as possible the strength training program should be geared to the sport practiced athlete. This does not only apply to the elite sport but also for you as a recreational athlete. Tips to drink more water. Below I will tell you how to set up your strength training program.

Objective: power, strength, hypertrophy and endurance

Earlier I talked about the power difference between men and women and the objective of your training. Want to keep an Activity last longer or for example grow more muscle? It is important to reflect on this question. The answer to this question is namely how to train and how to look after your body. It is very important to keep hydrated during your training. You only can do this by drinking water. It is also very important to drink clean filtered water and you can easily do this by drinking water from a Prestige Water cooler. Better health with Prestige Water. Roughly we can distinguish the following objectives: You want to gain more power or strength, build muscle (hypertrophy) or increase endurance. Start with yourself consider what is important to you within the sport. If you are a marathon runner than endurance is a performance determining factor. But if you are a sprinter this is different. Then you want as quickly as possible to make a relatively short distance and this strength and power are important factors. Or might be you who fights athletes who needs a lot of muscle to put in a good performance. Then the training program will need to be directed to hypertrophy.

Contents strength training program

Now that you have determined your objective, you can design the body workout. It is important to determine which muscles you want to develop. Obviously it is not bad to train all muscle groups. But if you really want to be better at your sport then you must also train sport specific these muscles. This means that for example, you do not have to focus on your shoulders if you are using as a marathon runner especially your legs to move forward as quickly as possible. Also, training and having the right movements are important. If you make any forward movement during your sport, his lateral movements not sport specific. Make sure that you choose exercises that fit your sport. The movement should come back into your sport. A personal trainer at your gym, physiotherapist or exercise expert can also help.

Repetition, sets and rest period

As I mentioned earlier you can pursue different objectives. The difference is in the number of repetitions and the corresponding resistance. If you want to train on power and strength than you enter an exercise 1 - 6 times, hypertrophy, this 8 - 12 times and endurance more than 12 times. Do this for 2 - 3 sets and manageable between sufficient rest. If your power and strength training is finished you need a rest of 3 - 5 minutes and make sure you drink enough water. Having a full glass of water all the time.


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