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Fruit infused water or flavored water

At Prestige Water we drink quite a lot of water from our water cooler Parramatta. We use a 8-stage filter bottle that will filter and purify our tap water. . Water, an essential nutrient. Not to detox or lose weight (in itself a pleasant side effect), but because it is just good to drink enough, preferably without the sugar and other sizzle in soft drinks or processed juices. Only: water is so boring! A slice of lemon, cucumber or a leaf of mint against the faintness is quickly thrown into the pitcher of course, but there are so many more possibilities to pimp your water to vitamin water. Fruit infused water is suddenly called. There are also special fruit infused drinking bottles for sale, with a special holder plus filter for your favorite fruit. Or a very handy drink dispenser, you're right enough for the whole day. Can you lose weight by drinking water.

Fruit infused water gives a delicious bite

I did not have such a drinking bottle or drink dispenser. Well a pot. And because it is summer, I was full of good intentions (Quit smoking! Healthier food! Less coffee, more water from your own water cooler Parramatta!) And the oranges were in the bonus, I started with lemon, lime and orange. Just as well wash the skin with vinegar or baking soda, cut into pieces, add water, leave for a few hours in the fridge and ready. In itself no overwhelming taste sensation, but a tasty, sour bite. I do not drink it on an empty stomach (cramp!) But maybe there are diehards who can handle it, such an overkill of citrus fruit in the morning.

Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. We will definitely try more. Below are some combinations that we have found. If you are thirsty or are you greedy in nature, you can drink it immediately, but if you want a more intense taste, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the fruit flavors penetrate well. You can vary the amount of water from your water cooler Parramatta and fruit to your taste. And also try sparkling water instead of flat. Moisture and drinking water.

Fruit infused water or flavored water

Infused water with orange and kiwi

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 orange, in parts
* 2 kiwis, peeled and sliced
with raspberry and mint

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 cup of raspberries
* Hand of mint leaves
with blueberries and lime

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 cup of blueberries
* 1.5 lime in parts
with strawberry and basil

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 cup of strawberries, in parts
* hand basil
with lemon and cucumber

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 lemon, in slices
* 10 thin slices of cucumber

Need more inspiration for refreshing and healthy infused water recipes?

And if you have suggestions or requests for other recipes or a recipe that we really should try, let us know via social media.

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Do you drink cold or hot drinks in hot weather? Water Cooler Parramatta.

Cold or hot drinks: what is better for your body when you exercise during a heat wave? Actually I should drink more water.

When the temperatures rise outside, we often seek cooling in every possible way - think of a swim in the pool, an ice-cold glass of water or a double thicker (to be honest: you prefer to eat it all day long). But is it really true that these cold drinks and snacks help us to cool down?

Body temperature

Maintaining the optimum body temperature is also called thermoregulation. People are warm-blooded, which means that we are able to regulate our body temperature independently of the environment. This is because our bodies constantly produce heat through our bodily processes, such as metabolism. You will need to drink plenty of great tasting water from your water cooler Parramatta. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.

The heat that our metabolic system produces is useful when it is cold, but when it gets warmer, we must prevent overheating. It then seems logical to cool off with a cold drink or ice cream. Yet this appears to be less effective than we previously thought. We investigated, these are the answers.

Warm up

When you eat an ice cream, you will initially cool a little. However, the cold is quickly replaced by the heat that is released when the nutrients are broken off from the ice cream. After all, digesting high-calorie foods causes an increase in your body temperature, which means that eating an ice cream ensures that you get it even warmer.

Cold drinks are also not as effective. Just like an ice cream, a cold drink will briefly cool you down, but the effect will be gone quickly because it is being warmed up by your surrounding organs. Large amounts of cold drinks cause your blood to flow less quickly, so that your body has more difficulty in dissipating heat. In addition, due to their high calorie count, soft drinks have the same effect on your body as eating an ice cream - it only gets you warmer.


Then how come you still have the idea that cold drinks or ice make you cool? By drinking water from your water cooler Parramatta you ensure that you stay hydrated. This allows your body to release heat by transporting it from your vital organs to your skin in the form of sweat. In general, an adult can lose half a liter to a full liter of sweat per day, but on hot days this can amount to almost one and a half liters per hour. That is also the reason to keep drinking well on a warm day to prevent dehydration.


What about alcohol? Is it wise to grab a cold beer on a warm summer's day? Not really - too bad. Alcohol has a urinary-drifting effect, which means that your body loses a lot of fluid and is therefore harder to lose heat. Alcohol is therefore not very cooling in hot weather. Therefore you can better drink cold water from your water cooler Parramatta.

What should you drink then?

What kind of water to drink. Surprisingly, hot drinks can keep you cool. Great tasting water from your own filtered water cooler Parramatta. It may seem strange, but drinking a hot drink causes the receptors in your mouth and throat to send a signal that makes you sweat. This cools your body faster.

Read also: Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.

Active ingredients in spicy food also have this effect, which is why these types of dishes are popular in countries with a warm climate. On a warm day, therefore, opt for a cup of tea or a Thai curry rather than a cold beer or ice cream.

Why water is the healthiest drink on the planet, drink filtered water from your water cooler Parramatta

The functions of water

Why is drinking water so incredibly good for our body? We know that it is a lot healthier than soft drinks and juices because it contains no sugar and carbon dioxide. But Ayurvedic teachings tell us much more about this healthy drink.
  •     It helps against fatigue. The functions of water of the Netherlands Slim
  •     Also supports the appearance of the skin.
  •     Digestive problems are prevented.
  •     It gives peace of mind and a satisfying feeling.
  •     Moisture refreshed and easily absorbed by the body.
  •     It is a source of life force.
  •     It is nourishing.

Why drinking filtered water from your water cooler Parramatta works better

Drinking warm water regularly is a simple recommendation. It immediately stimulates the digestive fire, so that the food can be better processed and absorbed during the meal. In addition, when consumed between meals, it can effectively support the excretion of drinking water-soluble toxins from the body tissues.

Spices get an extra effect due to the longer cooking. Due to the smell and taste, they also have an effect on the senses.

How much water is enough?

A common excuse for not drinking anymore is that people are afraid that they have to go to the toilet too much. If the body has been dehydrated for a long time, the fluid can no longer absorb efficiently. So if you suddenly start drinking a lot, your body will simply emit it because it does not know what it is needed for. However, after a while, the body gets used to your new fluid intake and the urge to urinate frequently will disappear. Drink plenty of alkaline water from yiour water cooler Parramatta.

As a guideline, we recommend that you drink a minimum of your body weight x 0.44 divided by 10 liters of water daily. For example, at a weight of 75 kilos, the calculation is: 75 x 0.44: 10 = 3.3 liters.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?