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Tip: Fruit infused water or flavored water

At Prestige Water we drink quite a lot of water. Water, an essential nutrient. Not to detox or lose weight (in itself a pleasant side effect), but because it is just good to drink enough, preferably without the sugar and other shizzle in soft drinks or processed juices. Only: water is so boring! A slice of lemon, cucumber or a leaf of mint against the faintness is quickly thrown into the pitcher of course, but there are so many more possibilities to pimp your water to vitamin water. Fruit infused water is suddenly called. There are also special fruit infused drinking bottles for sale, with a special holder plus filter for your favorite fruit. Or a very handy drink dispenser, you're right enough for the whole day. Can you lose weight by drinking water.

Fruit infused water gives a delicious bite

I did not have such a drinking bottle or drink dispenser. Well a pot. And because it is summer, I was full of good intentions (Quit smoking! Healthier food! Less coffee, more water!) And the oranges were in the bonus, I started with lemon, lime and orange. Just as well wash the skin with vinegar or baking soda, cut into pieces, add water, leave for a few hours in the fridge and ready. In itself no overwhelming taste sensation, but a tasty, sour bite. I do not drink it on an empty stomach (cramp!) But maybe there are diehards who can handle it, such an overkill of citrus fruit in the morning.

Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. We will definitely try more. Below are some combinations that we have found. If you are thirsty or are you greedy in nature, you can drink it immediately, but if you want a more intense taste, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the fruit flavors penetrate well. You can vary the amount of water and fruit to your taste. And also try sparkling water instead of flat. Moisture and drinking water.

Fruit infused water or flavored water

Infused water with orange and kiwi

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 orange, in parts
* 2 kiwis, peeled and sliced
with raspberry and mint

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 cup of raspberries
* Hand of mint leaves
with blueberries and lime

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 cup of blueberries
* 1.5 lime in parts
with strawberry and basil

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 cup of strawberries, in parts
* hand basil
with lemon and cucumber

* water
* ice cubes
* 1 lemon, in slices
* 10 thin slices of cucumber

Need more inspiration for refreshing and healthy infused water recipes? Visit us on Pinterest and follow our 'Infused water' sign.

And if you have suggestions or requests for other recipes or a recipe that we really should try, let us know via social media.

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