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Learn to drink water

Children and drinking water. In the first 6 months your baby gets enough moisture from the milk feed. He does not need extra water. From 6 months, you slowly switch from breastfeeding or bottle feed to solid foods. Then you can also offer other drinks, such as water or lukewarm (fruit) tea without sugar. How does that work? And what can you take into account? Is water healthy? Fruit water.


Around his first birthday, your child has enough of 2 cups of 150 ml milk and also a piece of 4 cups of water or tea. You will not get there right away. Some babies drink 2 or 3 times follow-up milk a day around their first birthday, that's not bad. Changing breast or artificial nutrition to other beverages is progressing gradually. Your child will initially take a few sip of water or lukewarm tea. Keep offering at different times, such as at the sandwich, at the fruit juice, at the evening snack. Also, between the dining options, you can give water or tea, for example when he gets out of bed. If he pulls his head away, or pushes the bottle or cup away with his hands, he probably has enough.


It may be that he cuts a little and has to cough. Or that he spills some water. That's because he cannot swallow very well and is not used to the taste yet. That belongs to that. The older your baby will be, the better it will be.

Every child is different

In one child, the transition from milk feed to water is easier than the other. Some children will, of course, drink less milk as soon as they get water, others have to "teach" you. It's best to look good at your child and what he needs.

Give your breastfeeding? You can do that for as long as you want to keep doing. If your child gets more solid food, he will want to drink less often.

If you give a bottle of food, you can reduce the amount of milk foods by, for example, making less milk in the bottle that you want to replace with a regular meal. This teaches your child that he can drink water to lessen his thirst. It also helps your child to give a sandwich or snack with some water, and then his bottle, if he still wants. For older babies from 10 months you can try to give tea with plain half-milk. Some babies like that very well.

Sufficient moisture

How do you know your child has received enough moisture? The number of pediatricians is a good size, there must be at least 4 per 24 hours. They do not have to be as full as possible, but a puddle has to be done. If you are worried if your child is drinking enough from your water cooler Nowra because of illness or diarrhea, for example, you should contact your GP or the consulting firm.

Another tip: If outside is very hot, you can water some spoons in addition to bottle feeding. In breastfeeding this is not necessary; in warm weather, breast milk becomes even more watery. You can make your child more often.

Bottle, straw, spout or regular cup?

A spout cup, straw cup or baby bottle is handy, because it messes less, but development may go less quickly. From a regular cup, your child learns to swallow and suck, and talk later. What kind of water to drink.

Between 6 and 8 months you can start drinking your child from a cup of coffee. First, hold the cup yourself while your child takes a sip. You will notice when he can bring the cup to his mouth and drink without tampering too much. Usually this is between 8 and 12 months. Have your child practice regularly with a cup from a cup: it goes on for granted.

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Healthy drink water with minerals from your water cooler Nowra

If you want to live healthier or lose weight, you are often the first to get the advice to drink more water. Yet drinking 2 liters of water daily is not enough to properly hydrate your body. More is needed for that. In this article you can read about your fluid balance and how you can maintain it in a healthy and delicious way.

Why is water so important?

Our body consists largely of water. Actually I should drink more water. By breathing, peeing, sweating and crying you lose a lot of fluid. And it is precisely this fluid that is important in your body to function properly. Moisture is needed to make energy, among other things, and it ensures that nerve impulses are transmitted properly. Two places where many nerve impulses are transmitted are the brain and the heart. A good incentive transfer is literally of vital importance here. Enough reason to drink enough in one day.

Does drinking more cause you mainly "flooding" and do you only have to pee a lot? Then your body has not been able to do enough with it. This is the case with many people and prevents them from drinking more. Understandable, because of course it is not convenient if you have to go to the toilet every once in a while. Even though it is common, it is not entirely intended. Because in such a case, the moisture that you have drunk is not absorbed into your cells, but is drained almost immediately. Then of course you cannot make optimal use of it.What the intention is: that the moisture is absorbed into your cells. Where it is subsequently used for, among other things, energy production and as shock absorption in the joints. But how do you ensure that the moisture enters the cells ?!

Minerals are added to the water from your water cooler Nowra

Minerals are needed for that. If you suffer from "flooding" then that means that there are not enough minerals available to absorb the moisture in your cells. Unfortunately, there are too few minerals in tap water to ensure proper absorption. So those minerals must come from somewhere else ...

Good solution

Animals have found a good solution for this. It is not for nothing that your dog or cat passes by its impeccable water bowl to enthusiastically drink from a puddle or ditch. That water is enriched with the necessary minerals, which are great for moisture absorption. So they looked at it very cleverly!
We can tackle this in just as smartly in different ways. What kind of water to drink. Good quality herbal teas contain minerals that improve the absorption of moisture. But also sea salt (not to be confused with table salt) contains a lot of minerals. By dissolving a small amount of sea salt in water, you add minerals so that the moisture can be absorbed into the cells. This may sound a bit "random", but in the good old days of the primeval man, water was naturally also drunk from nature that contained far more minerals than in the water we now get from the tap. Water with sea salt is therefore better recognized by your body than just tap water. Use water from your water cooler Nowra. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.

The minerals in sea salt (preferably Celtic sea salt) regulate overall health, because there is a good balance of the different minerals. That's why you don't have to be afraid of raising your blood pressure when using good quality sea salt. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.

There you go, so you drink maximally effectively for optimum hydration with minerals.

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