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Losing weight? Why is drinking water so important

It is always advised to drink water when you want to lose weight. But why? What makes water such an incredibly good choice? 6 Facts about drinking water. It's healthy, but what exactly are the exact benefits? We explain it to you! Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you.

Water does not contain calories

A good reason to drink water is that there are no calories in it. That means you can drink it safely. When you choose soft drinks or alcohol instead of water, these are just a lot of empty calories and losing weight is a lot harder.

Water cleanses the body

Water is an ideal way to cleanse your body. An ideal detox, where you actually do not have to do much, just drink water. Cleaning the body can help you lose weight, because you lose all toxic and bad substances. The more you replace other drinks for water, the better this is for your body and the easier you get the wrong substances from your body.

Full feeling

Water gives you a fuller feeling. When you drink enough water, you will notice that the tasty, unhealthy appetite is also reduced. People who drink one or two glasses of water just before eating, are fuller during dinner and thus make the plate less full. Even unhealthy snacks in between are eaten less when enough water is drunk. Your stomach is filled with water, but also important to know: often we do not recognize the difference between hunger and thirst. We then grab something to eat while we are actually thirsty. Sufficient drinking is therefore very important!

How much can you lose with water?

How much weight you can drink with water is mainly dependent on your own body weight, height and lifestyle. If you drink enough and also choose to replace unhealthy drinks with water, then it must be possible to lose half a kilo to one kilo per week.

Tips for drinking more water

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. Fill a bottle or water bottle with water and keep it with you. Fill this bottle four or five times a day and take a sip regularly. This makes it easier to keep track of how much you have drunk. You can also give your water a taste. Put in some lemon juice, orange juice, mint or ginger. So you immediately get extra vitamins and the water has a nice taste, without immediately adding all kinds of sugars. What does drinking water really does for your skin. Finally, you can also build up the water. It must become a habit. For example, replace a glass of water a day for water and build it up slowly. This way you can also drink more water more easily than before.

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