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What does 6 months of drinking ginger tea with your body

I would not want to call it an obsession (yet), but not a day goes by or I drink a few glasses of ginger tea. What kind of water to drink. This warming drink is in fact unlikely healthy and helps to keep cutting lines within bounds. Give it a try. About Prestige Water.

What does 6 months of drinking ginger tea do with you?

Tips to drink more water. My ginger tea addiction started in September 2016. Because I am a bad sleeper, I decided to stop drinking coffee after 2 pm. In my search for a worthy replacement for my regular caffeine shot, I came across fresh ginger tea. This heated beverage seemed tough enough to compete with coffee. Meanwhile, I have drunk a few hundred cups of fresh ginger tea (at least 1 big cup per day). And that did not do me any harm. Because although I did not take enough rest last winter, I did not get a cold. In itself that is not surprising because it has been known for centuries that ginger contains high concentrations of anti-oxidants and supports your resistance. However, I discovered another side effect of my daily dose of ginger ...
Decreased appetite

The first two months I did not notice, but now I really believe that there is a connection between my daily ginger tea consumption and a reduced appetite. Since I drink ginger tea, I blow a lot less. Even after a light lunch, I only get hungry again at about 5 o'clock. That while I open my desk drawer normally around 3 o'clock in search of something edible. The fact that ginger reduces hunger also emerges from a scientific study in which test subjects dissolved 2 grams of ginger powder in warm water every morning. They were much less hungry than subjects who did not. A possible explanation is that ginger increases the absorption of nutrients in your intestines. Water coolers in the office. And if your body gets enough nutrients to stay healthy, it does not nag for extra food. Sounds quite logical right? On days when I am on the road and I do not have the opportunity to use ginger tea to brew fresh ginger tea, I drink the organic tea from Yeh Tea. In this cute can is 45 grams of dried ginger pieces. You need one teaspoon for a 300 ml cup. Personally, I prefer to drink my tea a bit more spicy and I often throw two teaspoons into a glass.
3 x benefits of ginger

Need more arguments to drink a cup of ginger tea every day? Below you will find 3 benefits of good old ginger:
1) Ginger stimulates your digestion

Ginger has a beneficial effect on your stomach and intestinal system. It stimulates your pancreas to produce digestive enzymes that help break down sugars and fats. Your saliva production, bile and stomach juices also get a boost of ginger. As a result, your stomach contents go faster to your intestines and you feel bloated. Ginger also improves the peristalsis (contractions) in your intestines.
2) Ginger helps against nausea

Ginger is a scientifically recognized savior in need of morning sickness and air and car sickness. Nice to know: if you stick a piece of ginger behind your ears, it also helps. The active substances go through the thin skin behind the ears. And that's pretty handy because try to eat a piece of ginger if you're nauseous ...
3. Ginger cleanses your body

Ginger is known for its purifying effect. It has a cleansing effect on your lymphatic system. Your lymph nodes help your body to get rid of harmful substances, especially in inflammations. Eating ginger ensures that toxins do not have a chance to accumulate in your organs. Ginger also stimulates your blood flow and ensures that you stay nice and warm when it is cold outside.

Although ginger is super healthy, you have to be careful when you use blood thinners. Ginger thins your blood. In addition, ginger can increase the release of bile acid. Do you have gallstones or problems with your gallbladder only with large quantities of ginger. And if in doubt always consult your home art.

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