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TIP: Six ways to drink more water

Water drinking (mainly enough) drinking water turns out to be very difficult for us. Drink plenty of clean water.

1. Start the day with water
Why you must drink water when get up in the morning. Get yourself started with a glass of water. When you get up, you first walk towards the kitchen and drink a glass of water. Then take a shower, change clothes and breakfast last. A glass of water before you really start the day has many health benefits. You get more energy through it, it will help your skin maintain its elasticity and it will ensure that all waste products are discharged through the urine. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.

2. Always bring a bottle of water
In your work or handbag, so you can drink water at any time. Ideal if you have a lot in the car or travel with public transport for your work, for example. If you are thirsty, there is always water!

3. Place a glass or bottle of water on your desk
That ensures that you always have water next to you or nearby, all day! When you are thirsty, but do not have time to grab a glass, there is still water. Even if you have less thirst during the cold months, this is a reminder for yourself.

4. Drink water for every meal
It is a very handy and good memory aid to drink water before eating. In addition, it also provides a fuller feeling (handy if you want to lose some kilos!).


5. Add a (natural) flavor to your water
Because drinking water is boring ... we understand that. nice and refreshing can be a piece of lime, lemon, cucumber or some blueberries in your water. It gives just that little taste which makes the water 'less boring' and it is also healthy!

6. Write down how much your water you drink
Then it becomes a game for yourself to drink enough water. If you have to fill in the evening or write down how much water you have drunk that day, then it is nice if there is a large (sufficient) quantity that you can mark. You approach the challenge in a playful way with yourself. An extra addition may be that you check every week whether the amount of water has an effect or that you may have to drink more water? Did you get a better skin? Are you sleeping better? Has your bowel movement improved? They are all benefits to / from your body where water from your water cooler Lockhart can help! What does water for your skin.

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The surprising benefits of drinking water after getting up

Water as a medicine. We all know that drinking water is healthy. But very few of us drink water on their empty stomach. In Japan, however, it is a popular ritual. And it is scientifically proven that it is beneficial to health. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Lockhart. How many liter of water should you drink.

Water as a supportive treatment

These are the consequences of drinking too little water. Drinking water is very important in addition to the treatment of numerous diseases such as meningitis, arthritis, headache, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, vomiting, urinary and kidney diseases, bronchitis asthma, diabetes, menstrual disorders, all eye diseases, obesity and many others. Even when you use medication for one or more disorders, drinking water is important. Your liver and kidneys often have a hard time when you take a lot of medicines, and drinking water helps eliminate waste.

The following ritual is particularly beneficial to support and cleanse your body

1. After waking up, rinse your mouth with water first, brush your teeth and then drink 4 x 160 ml of water.

2. Then wait another 45 minutes before you eat so the water can do its job.

3. You can eat after 45 minutes

4. Don't drink or eat anything after breakfast for the next 2 hours

Difficult water drinker?

People who have difficulty drinking 4 glasses of water one after the other can gradually build up the amount. If you start the habit of drinking water, you will soon notice the health benefits. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy. Make it a morning ritual and after a while you don't want it any other way. Tasty water from your water cooler Lockhart.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?