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TIP: Holding moisture and being dehydrated

Hold moisture and yet dehydrate. That requires explanation. Water (moisture) is of vital importance and dehydration can lead to all sorts of ailments. If you ignore the signs of a lack of moisture, you can experience serious symptoms until eventually, when no measures are taken, even death can occur. What happens in your body if you drink soda. How important to know what the first signs of dehydration are and what to do. Drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Kyogle.

Holding moisture and yet dehydrated ...

It sounds very contradictory that you can retain moisture and be dehydrated. How is that possible? Do you have too much moisture with you? If you retain moisture? Or just too little? Let's first look at the functions of water:

Water, what are the different functions?

  •     Water transports vitamins and nutrients to the cells, tissues and organs.
  •     Keep eyes, mouth and nasal passages moist.
  •     Regulates the body temperature.
  •     Transports oxygen to the cells.
  •     Works as a shock absorber to protect the organs. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy.
  •     Lubricates the joints.
  •     Rinses toxins from the kidneys.
  •     Ensures balance in the electrolytes for control of blood pressure.
  •     Provides less hunger.
  •     Gives more energy and increases calorie consumption during exercise.
  •     Can help to avoid fat deposits.
  •     Hydrates the skin so that it feels softer and smoother.
  •     Helps maintain blood volume so that your energy stays up to standard.
  •     Helps to improve concentration and reaction time through better hydration.
  •     Ensures that medication (if necessary ...) works faster and more effectively.
  •     Can help reduce the chance of all kinds of ailments.

Moisture deficiency; what can happen, in percentage terms, if we drink too little?

  •     With a moisture deficit of 1% you get thirsty.
  •     If you have 5% too little moisture, you will get a slight fever. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Kyogle.
  •     At 8% the saliva production stops by the salivary glands and the skin becomes blue.
  •     If the moisture deficit goes up to 10%, the tongue will swell, the kidneys will not work properly anymore and the muscles will cramp. Walking is no longer possible.
  •     With 20% lack of fluid, the skin starts to burst, the organs stop working and death occurs.

Is it all heavy? But what makes it even more intense is that many people drink a lot (water) and yet, due to the Tanita health check, appear to be extremely dehydrated. How is that possible???

But first: Why do not people drink anymore?

Because they do not know. A book has been published with the title: 'Water, the cheapest medicine'. My husband is a good example of what water can mean for your health. He spent years on the lung medication and since he started drinking more, he has not been taking medication for years and he feels fitter than ever. Healthy drink water with minerals from your Water Cooler Kyogle. Are fruit juices healthy. Naturally, dietary supplements also play a role here, but he also started to drink more water.

Water, the cheapest medicine

To return to the writer of the book, Batmanghelidj was innocent in prison and made his time there useful to do research and make people better with his advice on water. At one point he would be released but voluntarily stayed in prison because he wanted to help more people feel better and heal themselves. His passion, helping other people, was greater than his own freedom. That is very special.

Of course ... there are always people who drink a lot: tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices etc. etc. But of course I do not mean that. If you see what the function of water is, such as rinsing, ask yourself what you are doing to rinse your car. With clean water right? Right ... so what do you need for moisture? Clean water! Of course your body is also happy with herbal tea but do you really want to make your body happy and wash it clean? Water, water and more water. And preferably pure, filtered water. Ask your own coach for more information about a water filter which is very easy to install at home.

Okay, I drink 2 liters of water a day and I'm still dehydrated ...

Yes, that's possible. If you drink a lot of water, but the water does not enter the cell, your brain will still register a fluid deficiency and order fluid retention because the whole thing threatens to dry out. Moisture retention always occurs between the cells, so ... edema, high blood pressure etc. etc. The trick is to get the fluid in the cell. Only then do the brains receive a signal that there is enough water and the body dares to let go of the excess fluid between the cells and the moisture deficit at cell level is restored. This can reduce edema and lower your blood pressure. 10 Reasons to have a Prestige Water cooler in your office.

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Health and water from your water cooler Kyogle

Humans are approximately 70% water; water regulates many bodily functions and a shortage of water causes stress in the body. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. Water ensures, among other things, that waste products can be removed from the body. For good health, you should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. Many health problems can be reduced by drinking enough water.

The cheapest medicine is filtered water from your water cooler Kyogle

Water can rightly be seen as a medicine both for healing and for preventing countless diseases. Moisture and drinking water. Most diseases are caused by contamination of the body. Waste is not sufficiently removed from the body when there is a shortage of water. The body produces waste products through digestion, but people also receive harmful substances from our polluted environment that have to be removed again. But emotional toxins that arise from unprocessed emotions and negative thoughts remain in the body with a shortage of water.
Drinking too little water. A shortage of water can cause, among other things, the following disorders / diseases:

Chronic stress: a shortage of water leads to stress, which causes adrenal glands and stress hormones to secrete. Stress causes more water use and if there is a shortage of water, this leads to more stress. The vicious circle can be broken by drinking more water from your water cooler Kyogle.

Depression: the brain needs a lot of water and a deficiency can lead to depression.

High blood pressure: in the event of a chronic water shortage, the total volume of fluid (including blood) in the body is too low and the blood vessels are narrowed to ensure that all organs are supplied with sufficient blood. The result is that the blood pressure goes up.

Arthritis and rheumatism: joints are sensitive to a lack of water; joint wear will occur earlier.

Allergies: the body starts producing more histamine in the event of a water shortage, which in turn has an effect on the immune system. Drink more healthy water from your water cooler Kyogle. Allergies have to do with a malfunctioning immune system.

Diabetes: insulin production is inhibited in the event of a water shortage. Insulin which is released by the pancreas and is needed to get sugar into cells. If this does not happen, the blood sugar level becomes too high.

Back and neck pain: 75% of the weight of the body is supported by the water stored in the intervertebral vertebrae.

Headache: the brain needs a lot of water, they consist of 55% water.

Vitalizing drinking water with a water cooler Kyogle

The Australian tap water is one of the best in the world. But this does not mean that the Dutch tap water is free of toxic substances. Although the concentrations are very low, the tap water contains more and more remnants of medicines due to the increasing use of these.

But there are different methods to improve the quality of the tap water. A method to improve the quality of water is the vitalization method. This is a method whereby the energy value of the water is increased. Water in nature has a higher energy value than the tap water. This is because the water has lost its natural power due to the transport of the water through the pipeline system. As a result, this water lacks its vital and harmonizing character. By vitalizing the water you ensure that the natural capacity of water is restored. Can you lose weight by drinking water.
Prestige Water  has a higher energy vibration that is transferred to the body upon ingestion. Vital water makes it easier for waste to leave the body and the higher energy value of the water neutralizes the harmfulness of toxins in water. The water also becomes softer and tastier thanks to the vitalization method.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?