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TIP: Drinking alkaline water in the treatment of reflux

Reflux is a common condition that causes a burning sensation in the esophagus. We also call it heartburn. The number of people with reflux complaints has risen sharply in recent years. Lemon water healthy and delicious. The cause is in many cases acid food, or food with a low pH value. In the United States, it is legally required to keep the acidity of canned food and beverages below pH 4.6. As a result, people who usually eat canned food are more likely to suffer from heartburn. Fruit water.

The research

The culprit of reflux is an enzyme called pepsin. This enzyme is most active when its environment has a pH value of 2. However, if there is a pH below 5, pepsin can cause damage. You will drink alkaline water from your Water Cooler Grenfell. Scientists researched in the laboratory whether they could limit the harmful activities of pepsin with alkaline water. Does pepsin indeed become less active when the pH value is higher?


Drinking water and losing weight. The research showed that alkaline water with a pH value above 8.8 immediately neutralises the overactive pepsin. Pepsin is no longer active as soon as the pH value rises above 7.4. Drinking alkaline water can therefore provide immediate relief because it affects the acidity and thus the activity of pepsin. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Grenfell.

What does this mean to you?

People who suffer from reflux can benefit from drinking water with alkaline drops. It neutralizes the enzyme pepsin and ensures that the stomach comes to rest again. If you suffer from reflux more often, this may be a sign that you are getting too much acidifying food. Pay particular attention to meat, sugars and processed or canned food. Healthy eating practices.

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Previous years I often did a juice fast in January, just started the year well again by ridding my body of waste products. I am now a bit off that because I just find it torment to drink only juices for three days. I prefer a method that is easier to maintain and that also has a long-term result. Since January is always a good time to reflect on this and many people have good intentions, I share with you some tips for doing a mini detox in January. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water. You don't need a lot of extras except common sense and a little willpower!

Why detox

Can you lose weight by drinking water. Every day your body is exposed to so-called toxic substances, ranging from exhaust gases and cigarette smoke to processed food with artificial e-numbers for non-organic meat, vegetables and fruit. In principle, our body can remove these toxic substances itself, but if the excess is too high, the body can no longer remove it. That is why it is good to do a detox now and then so that your body has the time and rest to remove all waste products. This can be done in a very drastic way to juice fast, but you can also choose to do a detox in a slightly milder way.

Start every day with a glass of lukewarm water from your water cooler Grenfell and lemon

Lukewarm water with lemon is said to help digestion and boost the immune system. It has not been proven at all that this helps, but it does offer a certain mindset; you start your day with a glass of water (good anyway) and start feeling healthy for your feeling. Drink it with a straw, because the acid can build up on your teeth.

Think carefully about what you drink, use your water cooler Grenfell

It is generally known that we have to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day. If you exercise even more if you drink too little, this affects your performance. Especially in winter, this can sometimes be difficult because it is cold and you are not thirsty. Then make sure you drink a lot of herbal teas, for example, fresh ginger tea (also helps with digestion and is anti-inflammatory) or white tea (it contains the most antioxidants of all teas). I drink a lot of fresh ginger tea: a few sprigs of mint, a half slice of orange and three slices of fresh ginger. Hot water on it and you have a delicious drink. Perhaps this is a big step for you, but remove all soft drinks and juices from the pack; I had this a few years ago and spontaneously lost a few pounds. You unnoticed drink a lot of calories through all that soda, and let's not talk about all sugars. It's not boring to just drink (sparkling) water, tea and an occasional cup of coffee because you have a lot of flavor variations. And while we're at it, try scrapping the alcohol this month, another secret calorie bomb.

Your mini detox with drinking from your water cooler Grenfell

Avoid sugar and processed foods

We secretly ingest a lot of sugars. Sugar is not only added to the snacks you eat, even to a package of chicken breast. Try to look at a label more often so that you know what you are getting. When you eat a lot of sugar you come in a circle, your body only asks for more sugar. I noticed this myself during the holidays, after the holidays I felt like sugar-rich products all day long. I was a bit shocked myself. So make your snacks, or choose a piece of fruit or a date to suppress your sugar crush. Also avoid "fast" carbohydrates such as pasta, white rice and wheat bread, because they also provide that so-called sugar dip. I am not in favor of carbohydrate skipping, but choose consciously and choose for example whole grain products, sweet potato, quinoa and oatmeal. In this blog you will find a handy list with products of fast and slow carbohydrates.

Eat a lot of vegetables

All scientists agree that vegetables are very good for you, it is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber and contains a lot of moisture. All things that your body can use to get rid of belly fat and get fitter. Eating more vegetables means you're even better for your body. And then preferably choose dark green vegetables, in addition to all the above, these also contain a lot of chlorophyll. This is a substance that helps your body cleanse your skin, clean your kidneys and improve the composition of your blood. Chlorophyll also helps to strengthen your immune system. Think of leafy vegetables such as spinach, parsley, kale and green cabbage. You can steam, stir-fry, eat raw or use these in a smoothie. I like to start the day with a green juice or smoothie.

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