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TIP: Losing weight, drinking water is important

Water is extremely important when losing weight, because then many toxic substances are released that are stored in the fat cells. Drink plenty of clean water.

Some people drink fat. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. Consuming beer and other alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, milkshakes, fruit juices and other sugar-containing beverages is a good thing. These drinks (including fresh fruit juices) are among the hidden fat makers. Even with a normal, balanced diet, the scale continues to become overweight with excessive drinking habits. We have lost our thirsty feeling through these unnatural drinks. Most people drink too little water from their Water Cooler Gladstone. With a healthy, lean-boosting lifestyle, drinking enough water is the top priority. If you want to lose weight, water is extremely important, because then many toxic substances are released that are stored in the fat cells.

By drinking a lot of water we help to detoxify the body. Our body consists of 70 to 80% water. Water can help even more with weight loss by drinking it cool; that helps to boost body burn.

The best of water is that it does not contain calories. How do you know if you are drinking enough water. The more you drink from it, the more you will love it. Most people have health-impairing drinking habits. In the morning people often start with coffee to get started and to be at the lesson again. Coffee in excess acidifies the body; As a result, the adrenal glands are stressed, you get more appetite and the body starts to retain water to prevent acidification. In the morning the body is still detoxifying (this mainly happens at night, but it continues in the morning until about 12.00). During this detoxification phase, water is the best one can drink because it helps with the process. Eating fruit and raw vegetables also supports the body in detoxing. Then avoid soft drinks, milk and diet drinks. Green tea in the morning is okay, if you drink a lot of water from your Water Cooler Gladstone with it. Also note fruit juices; even freshly squeezed full of fruit sugar, which can also cause insulin resistance, and contain extra calories that you can better avoid. Freshly squeezed fruit juice can be drunk, but in moderation because of the sugar and extra calories. Most non-fresh fruit drinks are chemically prepared and bad for the body with regular use. The routine consumption of alcoholic beverages also contributes to obesity because of the extra calories. It is okay to drink a glass of wine a few times a week, but do not make alcohol a daily habit.

The best thing for a lean way of life is to replace all drinks, except certain teas like green tea and real herbal tea, with water, and limit coffee to after lunch and for dinner (after dinner do not want to drink more coffee unless caffeine-free ). Water stands on a solitary, high altitude, which is vital and healthy. I can not emphasize that enough. The best water is spring water; water from the tap, however, is less bad than coffee, milk or soft drinks. But it is better to filter the tap water in order to detoxify it. There are also special water filters that help the body with detoxification and vitalizing. This helps to become more vital and to lose weight faster.

It is best to change from one day to the next to drinking a lot of water. Healthy drinks instead of water. The body needs about three months to get used to it and to adjust to a healthy water balance. Usually you notice after two to three weeks difference and you feel much fitter. Start the day well with two glasses of water in the morning, immediately after getting up. In the morning you drink at least two glasses in the morning and just before lunch. Another two glasses between lunch and evening meal and two glasses for the evening meal. If it is too much for you to do this all at once, then enter it over a period of three weeks. Drink great tasting water from your Water Cooler Gladstone.

If you have done this for three months, your thirst control center will be fully balanced again and the excess toxins and salt washed away. Then the body can let you know when you are thirsty (shortage of water). The only thing is that you have to go to the toilet more often. If your body retains fluid, then drinking more water is good. Holding moisture with the adrenal glands and drinking more will relieve the adrenal glands. Positive side effects of drinking lots of water are that it will normalize blood pressure and that it is good for people with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, you have a feeling of satiety when eating when you first drink one to three glasses of water in a row. When you are hungry between meals, drink a few glasses of water and you will notice that your appetite is declining. If not, eat some fruit and a maximum of twice a day some nuts. Take your bottle of water with you wherever you go (and also some fruit). Make sure you have water and fruit in the car. Drink regularly. In addition to water, you can drink tea (without sugar or milk) if you want some warm tea, but tea does not replace the water. Fresh, natural fruit juices are the third choice from a distance because they contain calories. Occasionally a diet drink is okay, as long as it does not become a daily habit.

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Healthy drink water from your water cooler Gladstone

Water, everyone knows it's good for you. Water, a super drink. But why do we drink it so little? I am now also busy drinking a lot of water, and I love it! I don't notice any major differences, but I certainly notice that I feel a little fitter from the inside when I drink more water. I also hope that my skin will eventually become more beautiful.

Drinking water from your water cooler Gladstone is healthy

Yet it remains difficult for many people to drink a lot of water. Often it is simply "no time, just forgetting or finding it dirty" the excuses that are made up for it. Drinking water helps with losing some weight. I used to think it was dirty too, but now I love it! I myself have a number of tips for you that can help with drinking water:
  • Drink water with something you like. Of course you have to discover this, but I personally think the combination of walnuts + water is delicious! And this is of course twice as healthy ..
  • Do you have certain medicines that you have to take every day (with a glass of water)? Drink another glass of water immediately after wards. You are already busy!
  • Just don't always grab a glass of coke, but also grab water. Water can also be very refreshing!
  • Only drink water with your food and nothing else. Drink heaps of water from your water cooler Gladstone. This is also better for digesting your food, and your body absorbs the vitamins better.
  • Try to discover which water you like. I myself think that water from SPA is really dirty, so I definitely don't drink much of it.
  • Take a glass of water in the morning. Especially the people who can hardly wake up will notice this. You immediately feel a little more cheerful and fresher.
  • Just drink it when you're bored. Whether you are blogging, browsing the H&M web shop or on the train: you can easily take a few sips of water!
  • Try to find a routine, or make a challenge for yourself. For example, drink a glass of water after every toilet visit.

And what I especially noticed is that you have to learn to drink water from your water cooler Gladstone. What does water do in your body. I myself was never someone who drank a lot of water. I was always more of the Coke. But now that I drink more water, I really start to like it, and I notice that I feel less full inside. You feel a little fresher and healthier inside, delicious!

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