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Should my child drink juice or water?

Water, a super drink. Children today drink a lot of lemonade, fruit juice and other soft drinks. It is said that this is not really good for children at all. What should you consider when it comes to drinking your child (ears) and how can you get used to water? In this blog we provide information, tips and facts. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Emu Park.

Amount of sugar

We start with a picture that shows how much sugar is in different drinks. You see that only water, tea and light soda contain no sugar. Beware of light soda: the sweeteners contained in this are often not much better for your body than regular sugar. Drinks like juice and fruit juice are often referred to as 'healthy', but also in these drinks is a lot of sugar.

What can kids drink best?

Especially let them drink water from your Water Cooler Emu Park. Your child needs a lot of moisture every day. So moisture will get your child to drink water, but also through food, juices, milk products, soda and other drinks. The disadvantage of these products is that there are often other substances, such as sugar and other additives, which are less good for your child's body. Therefore, surprisingly, water is the most effective way to provide your child with moisture. Did you know that: In a pack of Wicky there are five sugar cubes.

Get used to

Drink more water in hot weather. For children, drinking water can be difficult because there is no taste, but it also has the advantage that they can not really find it dirty ;-). It's best to start drinking your water as early as possible, then get used to it [1]. Herbal tea is also a great option to drink. It's hot and has a taste, which can make it more attractive to your child. In addition, cooled tea is often also popular with children! Did you know that: Toddlers drink 2 - 3 glasses of sweet drink daily - especially juices and syrup - versus 1 - 1 glasses of water. There are so many important minertals in the water from your Water Cooler Emu Park.

This allows you to get used to water by your child

Is your child used to drink a lot of soda and you really want to learn this? Depending on the age of your child, you can explain that you are going to drink more water from now on. For example, bring the amount of glass of soda to a daily one. For young children, you can unleash the juice with water, so that they gradually get used to the less sweet taste. This will keep you busy until you only drink water.

Did you know that: a toddler up to four years needs 0.5 to 1 liter of moisture per day. A child older than four years needs 1 to 1.5 liters.

    - Put the water in a colorful bidon, use a cheerful straw or add a slice of orange, slices of cucumber or mint leaves for example. That's how it looks nice and makes your child more attractive to drink. What does water do in your body. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Emu Park.

    - Let your child get used to other flavors, such as bitter and sour. So do not give them sweet fruit juices, but also vegetables, for example. Keep offering if they do not like it for the first time, eventually they learn the food and get used to a sweet taste.

    - Give yourself a good example by drinking water and tea. This way you teach your child that it is very normal not to drink soft drinks anytime. Cold water drinking.

    - Make clear appointments about the times when you can drink soda. For example, a glass a day at weekends. For birthdays, you can of course make an exception.

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Detoxify and drinking from your water cooler Emu Park

The currently more used name is DETOX. Detoxing means that you are going to transport the toxins (poisons) in your body from your body.

Your LIVER has, among other things, the function of getting all waste products (poisons), which are produced during your digestion and metabolism, out of your body. Much of this process takes place at night, several hours after you take your last meal until the moment you start eating again in the morning. This detoxification process, therefore, takes place many hours a night. You can also imagine that if you take your last meal late in the evening, your liver will start detoxing much later. This is at the expense of the total detoxification hours per night. That maybe 3 or 4 hours less per night. In a year, you can easily get 1000 hours less detoxification time compared to someone who takes their last meal between 5 and 6 pm.

Your liver is made to transport the waste products from your body during your nightly detoxification that arise every day during your digestion and metabolism. This way your body stays clean and you don't have to store toxins. Before detoxing, it is certainly important to ensure that you do not ingest any new toxins. Otherwise, you are mopping with the tap open.

Unfortunately, it has been the case for decades that we get additional toxins through the much controlled 'DRINK' WATER, our 'CLEAN' AIR and our 'NORMAL' FOOD. Healthy drinking water from your water cooler Emu Park. Our liver does everything to keep us free of poisons, unfortunately, that does not work anymore. Nowadays we need a 2nd liver to get this done. Everything you do not get detoxified is stored in your body, especially in your connective tissue. This storage of poisons harms your health. Your blood flow is less good where the poisons are stored, the PH (acidity) in these places is lower (ie more acidic) and this makes it more difficult for the oxygen to reach the body cells.

There is an option to FILTER your "drinking" water at home so that you do not get any new toxins. 80% of the waste from our "drinking" water is filtered out. The best filtration from your water cooler Emu Park. That in itself is a necessary achievement. But that also means that 20% remains in the water. It is often written that our "drinking" water is the most controlled, but that does not mean that it is also the best filtered. And it is also best to detox with clean drinking water. Logical! You also do not clean your windows with dirty water. Have you ever tried to clean your windows with coffee. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water.

Through our diet we also get many toxins / additives that do not belong in our body. Here too you can consciously make choices so that you get fewer toxins (look for this in the menu under "info"). You can also easily get toxins such as fluorine, aluminum and refined sugars through your 'normal' toothpaste and your 'normal' deo and the rewarding candy in your body. Can you lose weight by drinking water.

Not only the body regularly needs extra detoxification, but detoxification is also important for the EMOTIONAL and ENERGETIC system. The Bach flowers can be very helpful here. A critical, tidy view of your emotional life has a major impact on your well-being.

After you have taken the necessary steps so that you no longer absorb additional toxins, you can get started with the intended detoxification. You have 2 options for this.
  •  let your detoxifying organs function optimally using herbs (milk thistle, curcuma or solidago) and herbal tea (kidney tea and liver tea)
  • taking natural remedies that already detoxify themselves. They work as a 2nd liver. Such as controlled ZEOLITE and ALGAE (chlorella, spirulina or kelp).
These substances bind waste materials and transport them out of your body. And that is why it is also important to drink enough water during the detoxification. So that the toxins are properly removed from your body. Sports (sweating) and sauna also support this process.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?