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Drinking water helps to reduce fatigue

Fatigue solved by drinking water. It sounds like a home, garden and kitchen advice: "grab a glass of water". But like many opinions from that category, it also has a core of truth. For the simple reason that you even start to feel bad from the least dehydration. Conversely, drinking water is something that you can easily do yourself to feel better. It is sometimes that simple! Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

The importance of water for the brain

The body consists largely of water: about 45 to 75%. We need that amount to function. Water transports nutrients, regulates the body temperature, "lubricates" the joints and organs, contributes to the structure of cells and tissue, and is important for the functioning of the cardiovascular system. You lose water throughout the day, mainly through urine and sweat. That is why it is important to keep drinking well from your Water Cooler Eerwah Vale all the time. One of the organs that will be bothered by the first if you do not? The brain! (Riebl & Davy, 2013)

What happens if you drink too little?

Research shows that mild dehydration has a direct effect on different brain functions. "Mild dehydration" means that someone loses between 1 and 3% of their body weight due to fluid loss. That does not seem like much, but you quickly lose it during your normal daily activities. If you sport more or if it's hot, it goes faster. Research by Ganio et. Al (2011) showed that dehydration after exercise has a negative effect on (visual) attention, working memory, anxiety and fatigue. Armstrong et. already (2011) did research that looked like it. Their participants were more difficult to concentrate, felt annoying, got a headache and saw more against tasks (they put them more difficult). The effect seems to be stronger for men. Also Pross et al (2013), Benefer et. al (2013), Fadda et. al. (2012), Cian et. al (2001), and Suhr et. al (2004) found similar effects in different age groups. Memory problems also emerged during the last two studies. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Eerwah Vale.

Do you necessarily have to drink water?

Cold water drinking. If you are thirsty (a sign that there is too little water in your body) it is most obvious to drink water. That is free, it does not affect your teeth and it does not contain sugar or calories. However, fruit juice, soft drinks, (ice) tea, coffee and other drinks can also help to restore your moisture balance, and fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of moisture. How much water someone needs is not clear enough to say. That depends on his weight and health, what he does all in one day, and how warm it is. The advice from the Nutrition Center is to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. That sounds like a lot, but you'll soon find yourself in the habit of drinking a cup or a half-bottle of water a few times a day, and not just taking the few sips that are the worst of you at that moment. .

Are there drinks that you should not drink?

It is better not to drink alcohol if you are thirsty. Alcohol dries out and the fluid deficit in the brain only gets bigger. Can food influence your sleep. You can also get headaches due to the harmful breakdown products of alcohol and the chemical additives to alcoholic beverages. Also energy drinks are not so good because they reduce the absorption of fluid in the intestine due to the large amount of sugar. That way you dry out faster. So drink heaps of water from your Water Cooler Eerwah Vale.

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