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Why you should drink water

You hear it more and more often, water has its benefits for the body. Actually I should drink more water. It is not only important because by drinking enough water from your Water Cooler Currumbin you remain well hydrated while exercising, drinking water has even more benefits.

5 reasons why you should drink more water now

# 1 For optimal functioning of the organs

Water is necessary for the body to function properly. Water does so much for the body, such as the transport of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it helps with digestion and it discharges waste.

# 2 Water helps with weight loss

Water from your Water Cooler Currumbin does not contain calories, so you do not have to look at that. Drinking water and losing weight. By drinking water your metabolism works 3% faster, so you burn more fat. Often drinking water also creates a "full" feeling and when you drink water you have less need for other drinks.

# 3 You get energy from water

If you drink too little water, you feel tired more quickly, you quickly become forgetful and you may have difficulty with your concentration. A lot of annoying things that you can prevent in a simple way.

# 4 Water reduces the risk of muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness and headaches

Drinking enough water ensures that the waste products are properly removed from your muscles. Many people get headaches from drinking too little water, feel dizzy or tired, or simply do not feel at all.

# 5 Water is good for the skin

Certain toxins in your body can cause you to get restless skin. Water ensures that these toxins are flushed out of your body. As a result, you also have less chance of irregularities.

Do you find it boring to drink water every day? Often it is also a matter of habituation. At home we actually only drink water from our Water Cooler Currumbin and also have no soft drinks or juice or something similar. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the Office.

Three tips to add water to your daily rhythm are:

Tip 1: Drink a large glass of water when you get up and at bedtime.

Tip 2: Add for example some lemon, mint, cucumber or a strawberry to give the water a nice taste. Fruit water.

Tip 3: Make sure that you always have water with you, even when you are on the move or are exercising. Do not reuse a plastic bottle, you better buy a drinking bottle such as the Dopper drinking bottle.

Drink too much water

Of course you can drink too much water again. And nowadays, researchers are not even sure how many liters of water you really need to drink in a day. Drinking a lot of water can be harmful, for example water poisoning and fluid accumulation in the brain.

Do you drink water from your Water Cooler Currumbin daily?

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Drinking from your water cooler Currumbin and detoxing

In this section, you will find answers to questions that customers often ask us about cleaning treatments

What is the best course of treatment to do first?

This question cannot really be answered 1,2,3 since every person is different, but generally, the following recommendations apply:

The most logical order is to start the bowel detoxification course. This is because in this way you prevent waste that is released during one of the other courses can be directly removed through the intestines and thus can cause complaints.

However, if you have complaints that you know have a specific cause, you can also start the relevant course immediately. It is advisable to ensure good bowel movements during those courses. Therefore, if you have a slow bowel movement, use the intestinal formula 1 to improve bowel movements and ensure that all waste products that come off during the treatment can leave the body immediately.

N.B .:

  • before starting the Two Day Liver Treatment it is advisable to kill parasites first (when you are on the maintenance program of the parasite herbal treatment, you are always ready to do a two day liver treatment).
  • before starting the Five Day Liver and / or Kidney Cleaning, it is advisable to first have done the Five Day Intestinal Detoxification cure.
  • if you want to do both the Parasite cure and the Colon Cleanse, it is advisable to start with the Colon Cleanse.

I use medicines, can I do the cleaning courses?

In principle, yes, but we always advise you to first contact your doctor. It is also important to keep in mind that Intestine Formula 2 must be taken at least 45 minutes before or after taking medicines (this also applies to the contraceptive pill). During the two-day liver cure, you may no longer eat or drink after 2 pm, so if you are taking medicines that you should take with meals, you should take this into account. During meals drink plenty from your water cooler Currumbin. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

You may also need to adjust your medication after following one or more cleaning courses. This is because following cleaning courses improves absorption and the body can work more efficiently. So you may need fewer medicines. Keep an eye on this and consult your doctor at all times.

Can I do the cleansing courses while pregnant?

The best order would be to first cleanse the body and then get pregnant. If you are already pregnant, we recommend waiting until you have stopped breastfeeding before starting the cleansing courses. Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus, Echinacea & thyme formula, Energirevive and Slippery Elm Plus can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Below you will find answers to questions that our customers often ask us about our intestinal detoxification cure. Good hydration in the summer.

Do I have to adjust my food during the bowel cure or are there other things to keep in mind?
During the bowel treatment, it is recommended to ensure sufficient exercise (this stimulates the intestines and circulation), drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters per day) and not eat foods that slow down the intestinal function or are mucous-forming (for example, meat, milk products, white bread and other white flour products, etc.). It is also advisable to consume as few toxic and stimulating substances as possible during the treatment (such as alcohol, coffee, black tea and white sugar) to ensure that as much waste as possible can be removed and as little energy is wasted as possible to render harmless such harmful substances. (Incidentally, these measures are only advice and the cure works even if you do not follow these guidelines, but it may take longer to achieve the intended result.)

Can I also juice during the treatment?

Yes, juice fasting is a very good method to loosen and dispose of waste and it can be combined very well following a cleaning cycle. See the included schedule for Raw Nutrition & Juice Fasting (which you get with the cure when you order it).

I have previously taken a detoxification treatment and I felt very weak and unwell then, can this also happen with this treatment?
These types of symptoms are called detoxification symptoms and can occur during a detoxification course when the intestines do not work properly (are blocked) and released waste products cannot leave the body through the intestines in time. They then get back in the blood and can make you feel bad and feel dizzy and tired or get a headache. Make sure you are drinking enough from your water cooler Currumbin. 
Since the intestinal cure actually prevents blockage, you do not have to be afraid of this during this course. Drinking plenty of water promotes drainage even more.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?