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TIP: Facts and myths about water with lemon

Maybe you've read it, maybe you're doing it well every morning; drinking hot water with lemon. About Prestige Water. Drinking hot water with lemon is linked to a number of health benefits. But how much is that true? We got help from Dr. Mike Roussell. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Casino.

Hot water with lemon makes your digestion work better

Three decades ago, a study was conducted showing that citric acid would improve the absorption of aluminum hydroxide. This should ensure that your stomach would work optimally. But this is according to Dr. Mike Roussell complete speculation. According to him, it could have a different effect in each individual. In some people, lemon even causes problems in the stomach. The citric acid in lemons could contribute to stomach pain and cramps.

Tips to drink more water. Drink more water with minerals from your Water Cooler Casino. Lemon ensures that vitamins and minerals are absorbed better in your body
Vitamin C provides an improved absorption of minerals in your body, but you do not need hot lemon water per se. Citrus fruits are known to contain a large amount of vitamin C, but it is not the only source of vitamin C. Also kale, strawberries, broccoli and spinach is full of vitamin C. According to Dr. Mike Roussell might as well take you a bowl of strawberries at your breakfast instead of a glass of lemon water, as long as you have a source of vitamin C with your meal, you think he's good.

Lemon detoxed your body

Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. Lemon is often seen as a fruit that ensures that your body is cleaned, it is the detox fruit par excellence. But according to Dr. Mike Roussell, you should not take this too seriously. According to him, it is almost useless. The human body is a very complex whole, what exactly is being cleaned? What are the toxins that are removed? Where do these toxins go?

In lemon there is an antioxidant called D-limonene, this antioxidant is also found in oranges and there is a high concentration of lemon and oranges. D-limonene activates various enzymes in your body that are needed for the cleansing system in your liver. In this process, toxins in your liver are converted into less harmful versions. The "toxic substances" that we are talking about can be anything from caffeine to ibuprofen. Hot and cold water straight from your water cooler Casino.

But whether a lemon contains enough D-limonene to improve this process? According to Dr. Mike Roussell is not the case. One liter of citrus juice contains on average 100mg of D-limonene. According to researchers, you need at least 500mg to improve the process. 5 liters of lemon or orange juice? It's what a lot ...

So ... Should we all stop drinking water with lemon when we get up? We do not think so, if you feel good about it, why would you change it? If it works for you, why would you stop it? But do you see each morning again against your water with lemon, or do you often bother your intestines in the morning? Then you might be better off with it. The benefits are not proven and there is a chance that your gut problems have to do with lemon citric acid.

Do you drink water with lemon in the morning? What kind of water to drink. Do you feel good about it, or do you have a 'good, good reason to stop it' after reading this?

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Water or sports drinks, what do you choose?

Fables and facts about water and sports drinks

Water, an essential nutrient. Do you always take a bottle of water with you to the gym? Good, because drinking is important if you do a lot of sport. But do you know that sports drinks are a good addition to your sport? Or do you think that will make you fat? We have listed the fables and facts for you.

Fact - Drinking during exercise must

If you sweat a lot, for example during boat camping, but also during strength training, you lose a lot of fluid. That's why you have to hydrate your body. If you don't do that, your performance can quickly decrease. This already happens if you lose 1 or 2% of your body weight in fluid. For example, you can get cramp if you don't get enough fluid from your water cooler Casino. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body.

Fact - You must drink before you get thirsty

It is sometimes difficult to drink while exercising, for example when running. But you still have to drink from your water cooler Casino and even before you get thirsty. Your fluid balance has a major influence on your muscles and performance. Once you get thirsty, you're actually too late.

Fable - Water has the same effect as a sports drink

Water quenches your thirst very well, but you also quickly urinate it. If you sweat a lot, you lose not only moisture, but also minerals (also called electrolytes). A good sports drink, such as the Isotonic sports drink, contains minerals such as sodium and potassium, which supplement the supply of electrolytes in your body. The minerals ensure that you retain moisture better. In addition, a good sports drink provides you with carbohydrates (in the form of easily absorbed sugars) that help you improve your performance. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water.

Fable - Sports drinks makes you fat

An isotonic sports drink contains a sophisticated amount of sugars, which is quickly absorbed by your body. But the quantity is not so high that you arrive. You will not consume more calories than you burn if you exercise for at least an hour. There are 75 calories in 250 ml of Aquarius Isotone Sportdrank Re hydration.

There are sports drinks with extra sugars, the so-called hypertonic sports drinks, but these are more intended for top athletes such as marathon runners.

Myth - You always have to drink a lot

Not always correct. It really depends on how intense your sport is and how hot it is. You can imagine that you lose much more moisture at boat camps at 27 degrees Celsius or running the half marathon in the blazing sun, than at a walk at a temperature around freezing. Drink sufficiently from your water cooler Casino when exercising intensively and at high temperatures. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water.

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